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Great sources Node. The Guardian twice; the right-wing, friend-of-the-landowners Spectator (I thought you were above being brainwashed by the “MSM” Node?); some obscure private Washington “non-profit” think-tank-cum-consultancy that seems to have written its own Wikipedia page as an advert; one apparently genuine research institute; and a YooToob by… Wait for it…

UK Column again!!!

…and it was only uploaded since the covid-19 pandemic; axe to grind perhaps?

The chairman of PRB is Amanda Glassman of the Center For Global Development and writes for the Guardian. The PRB’s home page is all about how serious covid-19 is. Their CEO appears to be venture capitalist Jeff Jordan, investing in Belly, Circle,,, Instacart, Lookout, Twice, Walker & Co., 500px, Accolade, Pinterest, Fanatics, Julep, and zulily.

“The Population Reference Bureau receives support from a number of foundations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. Examples of such funding include the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the United States Census Bureau, and the World Health Organization

Node, these are the very people and organisations you claim to be creating a fake pandemic!!! This is why conspiracy theory is so useless; you can “prove” anything with it.

Wanna talk to me about evidence yet, what sort I find convincing and why?