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Node has been temporarily banned for sock puppetry.

John, you may find some comments of mine in the Spam folder at your blog. There seems to be something wrong with my WordPress account that causes most of my comments to instantly disappear upon posting, at most blogs hosted by WordPress. I assume they’re disappearing into Spam.

John, I consider there to be a world war in progress. I doubt I could explain the severity of the situation to you, because I expect you’d react against and reject nearly everything I’d have to tell you. Our world is changing, thank the godess. The comet is coming. Do you like spiritual jazz, like John Coltrane?

Blood of the Past

All the many corpses begin to speak
What ignorance is cannot be argued over anymore
It is too late for pleading white picket dreams
Pull you off the fence, the world is shrinking
Rooted in a trivial concern, in interconnectedness
In the need to make face and keep up
And drown out the many voices within…

Denial, business as usual
So roll your eyes, shake your head, turn away and call me names
I’m okay with that, too proud
Unable to listen, we keep speaking
Moted by blood, unable to notice ourselves
Unable to stop and unwilling to learn