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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – The single most important tenant of this accusation about the Covert 2019 Rigged Election remains extremely relevant even if there was no manipulation of the postal vote last December: UK Elections are a wide open invitation to industrial scale fraud. This has been observed and documented by well respected British Judges and politicians going back even further that the ten years the Tories have been in office. A potent combination of the unscrupulous outsourcing of UK wide Electoral Services, without the most rudimentary oversight, the disempowering of our Electoral Watchdog, the wholesale takeover of the BBC and mainstream media, plus the toxic manipulation of PsyOps online propaganda, have resulted in the evisceration of our democracy. My Petition focuses on the urgent need to fully expose and remove these serious ongoing threats whether they were weaponized by the Tories in 2019 or not.

On the premise of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” the refusal to address the serious flaws that have on multiple occasions been clearly identified has now totally obliterated the integrity our Electoral System: we either deal with it right away or we abandon the pretence that there will ever be an opportunity for meaningful public voting again in this country. All of the classic markers of dictatorship are falling into place within a matter of just a few short months; if anything this has been accelerated due to the distraction of Covid 19. The BBC has gone from annoying right wing bias to the official state mouthpiece of the Tory Government with all opposition voices heavily criticized or censored out. Page 48 of the Tory manifesto openly pledged to gut our Judiciary, removing the independent decision making check on Governmental power; this is another key marker of an emerging dictatorship.

The comprehensive surveillance of our citizenry has been enabled by public fear over the Coronavirus and the introduction of a new App ostensibly designed to help with tracking and tracing of infected individuals in the hope of controlling the virus. However, there are legitimate concerns that this App will be used by the Government to control our freedom of association and will target dissidents as the rebellion among the UK population grows stronger with the enforcement of more punitive Tory policies. The Canary Article exposes impending dangers to our civil liberties with, “Claims that GCHQ-advised coronavirus track and trace app has security and privacy flaws”

In this highly critical article the Canary worryingly report that, “The NHS has opted for a version of the coronavirus (Covid-19) track and trace app that reportedly has in-built security flaws that could seriously impinge upon personal privacy. It’s also understood that the spy agency GCHQ has a hand in its development.” They elaborate on the inherent dangers in adopting such a Centralised model that led most EU countries opting for an effective track and trace system that does not infringe on civil liberties or gift an untrustworthy Government free access to a permanent surveillance capability. According to the Canary, “the BBC has reported that the NHS has rejected the Apple-Google coronavirus track and trace app and instead opted for a different, ‘centralised’ model.”

Although the Government is likely to tout the advantages of this model since their App would work even if the device was not active and on-screen with a model where the matching process is via a computer server, but the BBC report that Apple and Google argue such a model will enable hackers to “use the computer server logs to track specific individuals and identify their social interactions.” A number of articles I have linked to in the Daily GasLamp have exposed the full extent of how such information can be maliciously engineered to target the fears and insecurities of disenchanted voters to manipulate election results with the principal malign individual who took advantage of this PsyOps technology now occupying a commanding role as Boris Johnson’s most senior advisor.

In the Daily GasLamp Post entitled, “Big Data and Covid-19,” they highlight two major issues with the newly developed Track and Trace App: “Cronyism” and “the End of Democracy.” The GasLamp went on to elaborate on the specific dangers:
“The privacy concerns have been highlighted by 177 cyber experts. They have written an open letter to the government to stop the app being used as a mass-surveillance tool. Why?
• The UK government stated that it would not use Apple and Google’s built-in privacy protection systems to anonymise data collected from apps on iPhone and Android smartphones.
• This allows the government to create a database that could then be used to de-anonymize users, and just like Cambridge Analystica and other AI/Big Data companies have proven, be used for other purposes.”

In another recent Canary Article entitled, “US surveillance company’s involvement with NHS is ‘crossing a red line’, warns civil liberties group,” there are ominous warnings for the public, a dubious US company comes under fire with growing concerns over the misuse of personal data. The Canary report that, “Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group (ORG) civil liberties organisation has warned The Canary that surveillance and analytics firm Palantir is “not a company you want handling sensitive personal data”. He says that Palantir is already “crossing a red line” by analysing NHS data as part of efforts to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.” If this Tory Government really want to dispel the rumours of stealing votes to accomplish a fraudulent Election victory they should avoid adopting all of the classic tools of a corrupt authoritarian surveillance state.

When you analyse the subject of Conspiracy Theories as Clark has tried to in his Discussion Forum, the overriding principal should always be that the Conspiracy Theory itself does not serve to negate necessary action or detract from the genuine need for robust scrutiny. One Conspiracy Theory about Covid 19 is a typical example of this serious mistake. Would a lab origin for the virus make any material difference to the urgent need to prevent the rampant pandemic spread of the disease? I would say not. However, this theory has been weaponized by Donald Trump to demonize China in a faltering effort to detract from his own failures and massive blunders in US Covid 19 policy that continue to cost countless lives. I refuse to give such a worthless theory oxygen, as it serves no purpose what-so-ever in limiting loss of life to the disease. However, if my assertion with regard to what I call “the Covert 2019 Rigged Election” is proven wrong there will still be a significant positive impact from fully investigating the fraud allegations.

The reality is that we could remain complacent and sink even further into the abyss under the delusion that the specific guaranteed proof of systematic corruption has yet to be validated and doesn’t warrant our attention. The salient point is that the conduct of the Tory Government from their blatant conflict of interest involvement with every aspect of our supposedly free and fair Elections, their crony awarding of contracts to bypass the bidding process, their manipulation of our state broadcaster the BBC and other media outlets in addition to their determination to ignore the repeated calls for electoral reform were bound to strongly implicate guilt. Dubious practices and total lack of transparency imply guilt as surely as running from the scene of a crime! Why would they so determinedly wedge open the door to wide-scale corruption and manipulation of the vote without considering just how much their actions would invite suspicion, unless they were intent on utilizing that weakness to steal power?

Alternatively we can take the opportunity presented by the significant preponderance of a multitude of highly suspicious anomalies in the result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election to make a very reasonable demand for a comprehensive nationwide Investigation. This would either confirm the worrying implications that the unfathomable result was not a miraculous Tory “landslide victory,” but the product of industrial scale fraud… or not. If we continue to allow this Tory Government to dictate our future unchallenged, whether they have earned that right or not, we will guarantee the complete dismantling of our democracy, with a steeply rising death toll under their failed policies of austerity and “Herd Immunity” offering the prospect of decades of dictatorship once the regime becomes fully established. Think about it: Hitler was once voted into power!

Even if the Tory Government were totally exonerated of any wrongdoing, the investigation would fully document the unacceptable lack of safe voting standards within our Electoral System here in the UK. The public would not want the system to be corrupted even further as it would render all future voting meaningless to establish and entrench Governments that have zero public mandate for authority following sham Elections. There would be immediate demands for proper oversight, reduced outsourcing, stronger security for Postal Votes and a legitimate way to challenge dubious results in future, all of which are among established demands of long-postponed radical reform. My Petition is solidly focused on achieving this desperately required reform as we really must “Rescue our Watchdog!” I hope you will agree that this is a worthy end goal and now understand why it is important to encourage people to Sign my Petition by sharing the link.