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The dialogue above reminds me of medieval maps of the outer oceans, territories demarcated: There be monsters.
Oh really the world is a scary place with big pharma not really out to profit by making effective medicines but by actually marketing crap products that not only don’t work but are positively harmful, and guess what? Through regulatory capture they do it because they have their men in the regulatory bodies through the revolving door.
I am not saying that there is a lot of sharp practice in medicine production but there is really no evidence for this world of vaccines fraught with chemical contaminants, gunk and viruses. You have got to be paranoid to believe this rubbish.

I haven’t had time to go back and find the vaccines that Corvelva has had tested, they tested more than 4 (each multiple disease) but only used info re 4, because they didn’t yet have the results from the labs for the others. They found a host of gunk in them which shouldn’t be there, but acknowledged that these were only preliminary results, and more specific and rigorous testing was needed to confirm or negate their preliminary findings.

Really Paul? Have you read through what you are trying to sell us here, and in your own admission you have not had time to verify? I tell you a friendly piece of advice, you just go and do that before disseminating misinformation, go and verify, your acute sense of duty to publish before verifying is reflected in the sources you also quote, they to have not verified their findings, nor published it in any proper venue. To have suspicion about something does not make it true. In fact I am very surprised that Paul continues to write this, having been challenged above, by both me and the Mods about Dr Mikovits, and having failed to answer the questions I posed to him? And what we get is: have you read bad science, oh no I have more important things to do for the service of the vaccine doubting fraternity.

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