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“I can’t blame Paul for either his or his lack of understanding, for who is there to tell him?”
You have blamed Node, Dave and others so why not Paul?
Paul refuses to answer and bypasses questions posed to him. And it is exactly this that we have to be wary of the MSM as much as big pharma and governments, but not by following discredited scientists like Dr Mikovits and Corvelva group. I have asked him specific questions about this and produced evidence easily available and Dr Edd provided background information of the Italian case but he chose to ignore this. He is not debating he is diverting. I thought that this is the type of misinformation we are against.
And I will not accept that bad science and bad pharma are the be all of everything that is going on. I have my own experiences and know what it is all about. Anti Vaxcers are dangerous and cause death of children whilst pretending to be concerned about children. They are often connected to ‘natural movement’ and websites that practice quackery and profiteer from alternative medicine.