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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Clark – Thank you for picking up on that truly disquieting revelation about increasing morgue capacity while announcing the easing of the lockdown as we have supposedly passed the peak. I doubt a shameless and intimidated Tory MP will call out Boris Johnson on this issue, but it is important for the potential of future accountability for us all to create such credible paper-trails. Another point that has not gained much critical attention in the media is the huge amount of money that was focused on the rapid creation of the Nightingale Hospitals, stocked with costly high-end equipment, that have remained virtually unused. While vulnerable patients were forced to return to Care Homes to die, community testing was abandoned and PPE remained in distressingly short supply, all the funding and the resources were being channelled in the wrong direction, but you can bet certain people were turning a profit!

When looking for corruption start by following the money. The Tories have treated this Pandemic as a money making bonanza for their wealthy Corporate donors; fast tracked procurement with no bidding process and no questions asked because it was a dire emergency. But the Tories would never let a good crisis go to waste and we need to start exposing the people who are making large sums of money on lucrative Government contracts while urgently required basics are being ignored. More and more will emerge over time, but this Article from the Institute for Governance targeted a few of the right questions: “Five questions the government should answer on coronavirus contracts.” It is vital we discover who is abusing the procurement process; so what made the list?
1. What has the private sector agreed to run and deliver for the government?
2. How much are companies being paid?
3. How did the government decide to outsource these services?
4. Why did the government choose these suppliers?
5. What are the Key Performance Indicators for these contracts?

In the news yesterday, the UK Cross-Party Science and Technology Committee has said that, “testing capacity was not increased early or boldly enough when the outbreak began… a lack of capacity had driven the decision in mid March to scale back contact tracing and largely restrict tests to Hospital patients.”

The BBC Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith commenting on the subject said: “Well the criticism focuses on one of the key decisions taken during this outbreak which was the decision very early on to cease community testing and as it were to retreat into Hospitals and to focus all testing in Hospitals and the commission want an explanation of who took that decision and why it was taken? Because the consequences, as we know, are that Care Homes were deprived of adequate testing with devastating consequences for them. It made it much harder for the scientists to model what was going on in the community and how the infection was spreading and it also pushed back the roll-out of test, track and trace which is now seen as our way out of the lockdown.”

Smith continued, “The committee pretty much point the finger of blame at Public Health England who they say were too secretive, too restrictive….. tried to get testing within their labs rather than encouraging others, Universities, other health laboratories, to get involved and roll out mass testing. Public Health England have hit back saying not us, not our job to provide the logistics for mass testing, we simply test for new Pandemics in our Laboratories, the people who should have been rolling out mass testing was the Department of Health, in other words Mat Hancock. And I think we are now seeing the shape of the blame game, which I think is going to unfold now between some at Westminster, who clearly believe public officials, and Public Health England, who dropped the ball, and others who take the view that it was the Government.”

The Government is tentatively admitting that Care Homes account for a quarter of the Covid 19 deaths when in reality there are strong suspicions it has been almost double that amount. Now the BBC are focusing on telling us, or highlighting Mat Hancock telling us, that the number of deaths in Care Homes is on the decline; so just forget the damage already done and the people who have paid the price. The clearing out of our Hospitals moving the elderly back into Care Homes, to make room for Covid patients, while at the same time building additional spare capacity that was barely used, was inexcusable. In April there were around 40 people in the London Nightingale that was hastily converted to accommodate 4000. The horrific combination of elderly patients sacrificed when they were denied access to the massive unused NHS capacity can only be viewed as deliberate negligence.

We cannot ignore these huge injustices and allow this Tory Government to keep on their genocidal track. If we do not demand full accountability with an Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and we let the forgotten report on foreign interference in our elections remain under wraps too, we are reinforcing the message that there is never any need for transparency or scrutiny and the Tories can continue to deny the need for any investigation and it will never happen. Examining the international comparisons in data that are so embarrassing for the Government right now will be totally banished from the news cycle in an effort to cover for the Tories gross ineptitude and negligence. We cannot let up on the pressure as we have far too much to lose; think of that increased morgue capacity. “We’re all in this together,” sure, the Tories have reserved space for our dead bodied after the “Slaughter of the Sheeple;” we must stop the genocide!