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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Just in case you personally feel that the row over the need to remove Dominic Cummings from his post is just a party political spat that has got way out of hand, sucking up too much opposition oxygen in a time of crisis and we should let it go; please think again. This is a perfect opportunity to extricate the single most toxic influence in Government who as an unelected Chief Advisor has been permitted to exercise extraordinary powers never before designated to a Government Spad, from any political party in the entire history of our democracy. This extremely dangerous man is single-mindedly dedicated to obliterating democracy in the UK, a process that started with his military grade PsyOps manipulation of Brexit and progressed through the meticulously crafted Covert 2019 Rigged Election, to seize control of Government.

Cummings met his projected target of delivering exactly 80 seats to create the miraculous fake “Tory landslide victory” that ensconced his servile puppet in a cosmetic role as part-time Prime Minister, but just as he does not want Johnson to interfere with his clandestine plans for governance he will not tolerate being leveraged out of his role as chief puppet master. The Cover 2019 Rigged Election was I believe almost entirely his brainchild and his victory and there is no way he will relinquish the stranglehold he now enjoys over Boris Johnson and the Tory Party. Johnson was his perfect choice, the consummate narcissist with an insatiable ego and a ruthless appetite for power. He could maintain control over the PM and the Tory Government through his unique insider knowledge of the industrial scale fraud that brought these usurpers to power or he could take bitter revenge if they oust him.

Cummings believes he can blackmail Boris knowing that he holds the key to exposing the corrupt mechanism of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election in its entirety; leverage Cummings out and he could bring down the Government in a “my way or the highway” act of supreme revenge. While you might suggest that the exposure of this massive violation of UK Electoral law would hit Cummings harder than anyone else leading to the risk of significant jail time, think again. First of all the UK Electoral Commission has been rendered totally powerless with regard to issuing penalties of any kind and secondly we cannot assume that Dominic Cummings would not have made sure that he could distance himself from the most blatant criminality. No one in their right mind would actually trust Boris Johnson with regard to loyalty or keeping to his word; he would throw his own grandmother under the bus and I am sure Cummings realized that and factored it into his back-up plan.

The second major consideration then becomes why would Cummings consider such a radical backup plan that involves exposing the whole truth about how the Tories managed to steal the Covert 2019 Rigged Election with the inevitable consequence of bringing down the Government? Cummings probably believes that this threat will be enough to force Boris Johnson to defend his position and keep him in post. He may have seriously underestimated the public outcry over his rule breaking and the increasingly difficult dilemma faced by any MP trying to justify his retention. The media backlash has reflected the genuine mood of the public fpr a change and at last asked tough questions of those who attempt to defend him, with each interview looking even more farcical that the one before. His press briefing did not help him at all and the underlying question of Cummings unnatural hold over the PM is starting to be raised and examined.

However, if they succeed in ousting Cummings, his entire warped eugenics dream is no longer within his power to promote and control and he knows it. All of his warped plans for radical changes to Government that he could have coerced his pathetic ego-driven puppet PM into making would be seriously jeopardised or completely jettisoned with his departure, so his sole reason for supporting the Tory Party with his scheme for the Covert 2019 Rigged Election would evaporate. He did not offer his extraordinary fix out of love for Boris Johnson, Gove or anyone else; he will hate them and seek revenge if he is tossed out. It is really important to understand that Cummings constructed the corrupt plan to install the Tories in order to pursue his own agenda and that agenda is dark to the point of sickening with much of his motivations fully exposed on his blog. Akin to the boastfulness of a serial killer, Dominic Cummings’s intense pride over what he has accomplished manipulating his way into power is something i believe he is itching to share.

Cummings is derided in a Byline Times Article highlighting the threat he poses to this country that digs a little deeper than his determination to dodge Parliamentary scrutiny and accountability or his more recent display of utter contempt for rules, regulations and UK law. He is aptly described as “a man who wants to rule – but to do so in the shadows.” They state that. “according to a Financial Times report last year, Cummings does address the issues of Government through WhatsApp. It was reported that he even lists ‘Get Brexit done, then ARPA’ as priorities on his account’s status.” Apparently both Cummings, the PM, Ministers and senior staff have switched to an “even more secure encrypted messaging app – Signal”

The article states that, “Cummings has almost certainly breached the Freedom of Information Act.” It quotes directly from the ICO website: “You may be breaching the Freedom of Information Act if you… fail to respond adequately to a request for information [and] deliberately destroy, hide or alter requested information to prevent it being released”. The article states that, “Clearly, denying that he uses encrypted software to a Cabinet Office civil servant tasked with establishing if he did or not, and shifting to even more encrypted software, fit these criteria.” Secret messaging when dealing with Government business and policy making, with the zero publically accessible paper trail, offers huge potential for dodgy deals, conflicts of interest and widespread corruption for which the Government can never be held to account or prosecuted in future.

Why should we want Dominic Cummings to go? Byline have a more expanded take on the transgressions of Dominic Cummings reminding us of the dangers his modus operandi pose to our democracy. “…we are left with a situation where the Prime Minister’s right-hand man – one who clearly considers himself to be above the law – is deliberately operating in the shadows. A man who is rarely held to account and appears to lie so as to prevent this from happening. A man who flouts the Government’s own regulations and is held in contempt of Parliament. And a man who has the Prime Minister’s ear.” Going beyond the current scandal they say that his, “…hoped-for resignation shouldn’t just be about him driving 270 miles across the country with symptoms of a deadly virus during a pandemic. It should also be about his total disregard for transparency and truth – because this is a disease that could be far more costly to the health of this nation.”

In the first of a pair of early January Byline Times Articles, Otto English attempts to discover what motivates Dominic Cummings and what his end goal might be writing, “In any analysis of theatre and cinema texts, there is always much discussion of something called the ‘super-objective’ – what a character wants more than anything else; their end goal if you like.” He poses the question, “But what of Dominic Cummings, the Tory party wunderkind and power behind Johnson’s throne? What motivates him and what does he actually want?” The author offers a potted history of the influences that shaped Cummings early career and documents his rise to prominence.

A notable mentor at University may have significantly impacted his thinking when, “At Oxford, Cummings studied under the historian Norman Stone and his meeting with this notoriously rude, thin-skinned, ill-tempered, supercilious, right-wing Svengali seems to have been a turning point in his life. But he did have an effect on Cummings. Stone was an arch manipulator who specialised in malice, abuse and dismissiveness of those with whom he disagreed. He was a man lost in his own self-absorbed myth, who had an over-arching belief in his intellectual prowess over those of others. In some ways, that template seems to have set the course for Dominic Cummings’ future life.” After Oxford, “In 1994, Cummings graduated with a first-class degree and arrived in Moscow shortly afterwards with the ambition to set up an airline and a bond desk from a table in Liam Halligan’s flat.” In the three years he was there he learned Russian, but his business aspirations went nowhere so he has dealt with failure in the past.

After returning to the UK a couple of years are unaccounted for in his CV, before he got his first shot at campaigning to keep the UK from joining the Euro Zone. He acquired one of his strongest talents creating a simple, memorable slogan – “Europe Yes. Euro No.” He had found his niche in campaigning, working on other projects with equal success. The author notes that, “Cummings was swiftly proving himself to be an effective campaigner when it came to getting people to vote ‘No’ to things that might improve their lives.” This is the horrific manipulative talent that has astounded everyone; PsyOps put it into overdrive. But the author points out, “Here is the paradox that lies at the heart of this self-styled anti-establishment figure: for all his talk of taking a sledgehammer to government and institutions, Cummings has proved time and again in his career to be an arch Conservative who opposes change.”

Following another successful 2004 referendum campaign he appears to have gone into a period of virtual hibernation, but did this and possibly those missing years between in 1979 and 1999 in fact a mark period of serious depression? Certainly there are periods in his working life where his behaviour could legitimately be described as manic; so is he just a deeply thoughtful, whacko maverick or is he a classic manic-depressive character? The writer found his conduct rather strange noting that, “Cummings then did something deeply weird. With his father’s help, he constructed a concrete bunker at the family farm and retreated there for two years to read science and history books in an attempt to better understand the world. The result of this Buddha-like contemplation, as he sought to find his super-objective, would come to reshape the fate of Britain and put his mark on posterity.”

In the second part of Otto English’s Byline Times analysis of Dominic Cummings he continues his exploration of what drives the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor. He describes his work with Education Secretary Michael Gove, “The Coalition Government came to power in 2010 and soon Gove’s department went to work, ripping up the national curriculum… Shortly after that, a mysterious but officially endorsed Twitter account called @toryeducation began to churn out pro-Gove tweets and troll any opponents who dared to criticise the direction the Education Secretary was taking. The account was characterised by an aggressive and belligerent approach, coupled with a child-like petulance.” I would add that this was a dark art Cummings was to continue to cultivate!

The author revealed that, “An investigation into the account by The Observer accused two of Gove’s advisors of being the culprits. One of those was Henry de Zoete, the other Dominic Cummings. The Department for Education swiftly – if belatedly – distanced itself from the Twitter account and, shortly after that, it was closed down. But the affair was a telling insight into the dysfunctional signature style of the Department for Education during the Gove years.” Was this penchant for maliciousness learned from Stone? In describing the damage done the author says, “Gove, with Cummings at his side, took a hand-grenade to education policy. To push through his changes, he and his advisors had from the start set about playing an extended game of ‘good cop, bad cop’ of which the Twitter account was but a part. The Education Secretary himself would appear reasonable and charming, while his special advisors went on the attack – aggressively championing his policies while dismissing out of hand those of everyone else.”

Describing the fall-out from Gove drastic policy changes the author states a shocking fact, “Whatever the pros, cons or otherwise of his educational agenda, there was one clear impact: faced with a vastly increased workload and a constant fiddling at the controls, a record 50,000 teachers quit in a single year.” In what appears to be a quixotic change of allegiance the author notes that, “under increasing pressure, Cummings joined the teachers in throwing in the towel in 2013 – but not before he penned a 237-page thesis entitled Some Thoughts on Education and Political Priorities.” Will current public opinion and mounting pressure within the Tory ranks force him to fall on his sword? I doubt it, but he may be forced to switch priorities if he is eventually fired and he certainly has a strong propensity for malicious and vengeful behaviour when things do not go his way.

The author then warned of the disturbing content in Dominic Cummings’s thesis on education stating, “More worryingly, buried within the thesis, he controversially claimed that 70% of a child’s academic performance is genetically derived, arguing that ‘there is strong resistance across the political spectrum to accepting scientific evidence on genetics. Most of those that now dominate discussions on issues such as social mobility entirely ignore genetics and therefore their arguments are at best misleading and often worthless’. This bizarre and disquieting assertion caused outrage. Gove was called upon by Kevin Brennan, the Shadow Schools Minister, to condemn what his advisor had written. But with Cummings leaving his department, the news cycle moved on and the story was quickly forgotten.” This should not be ignored as Cummings, who is now in a powerful position in Government directing our part-time Prime Minister, was expounding the debunked, thoroughly repugnant pseudo-science of eugenics.

His dubious writings and warped philosophical outlook did not hold him back in his next venture, if anything they were assets. The Byline author writes that, “Cummings made the Vote Leave campaign all about saving money for the NHS, immigration and ‘taking back control’. The message was kept simple and effective and while the official Remain campaign, Stronger In, tied itself in knots, Cummings and his team indulged in all means necessary to get the message across.” In criticism the author points out that, “For a self-professed fan of Thucydides, the father of evidence-based thinking and impartiality, to have such a reckless disregard for truth leaves one wondering what Cummings was reading in his bunker during those lost years in Durham.” Cummings has gone from strength to strength, “Since then, and since the Tories swept back to power in December, Cummings has been at the heart of the Johnson administration.” I fear it is a lot worse than that, as I see it, following the successful Covert 2019 Rigged Election he has been in an exceptionally powerful position manipulating and controlling the whole Tory show! The author acknowledges that, “Cummings now has the chance to fulfil all those fantasies he has long harboured about getting rid of the Civil Service and…” And a whole lot more besides with a few dangerous excursions into the realm of eugenics if he is not stopped in his tracks. But will his latest arrogant abuse of power bring him crashing down?

In summing up Otto English asserts that, “Cummings is a public schoolboy who doesn’t want public schoolboys on his team; an anti-establishment figure who has spent his life working for the establishment; an unelected bureaucrat who rants and raves against unelected bureaucrats; a fan of evidence-based thinking who runs campaigns that throw evidence out of the window; an idealist committed to stripping back and cutting down on excess even as Downing Street takes on 108 full-time employees and 44 taxpayer-funded special advisors – far more than during Theresa May’s administration.” While we are only familiar with a few of his spectacular victories and his meteoric rise to an unaccountable position of political influence, Cummings has sometimes got things catastrophically wrong and experienced crushing failures in his life; is he heading for another serious failure?

The author admits he is still trying to figure out what Dominic Cummings “super-objective’ is, but I am more interested in how his track record and weird objectives so far will be accommodated if he is thrown out on his ear? From the torturously complex posts on his blog I remain convinced that above all he will want to tell his story even if those revelations cause the public to despise him all the more. His utter distain for our compliance and gullibility make him the ultimate con artist whose gratification is incomplete until he shares the details of his triumph over us all. If removal from his current privileged position renders him unable to direct Government in the direction of his choosing he has no special sentimentality over preserving the power of those he leveraged into power in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. He could be the crucial link in our investigation into the result if he turned Whistleblower.