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Paul Barbara

@ Dr. Edd May 29, 2020 at 16:18
Firstly, are you actually a doctor? This is a plain straight-forward question, out of interest.
I do not trust Snopes as a pukka site to check for accuracy, any more than I trust Metabunk.
Nor do I trust the WHO to judge itself when condemned, any more than I would trust Bliar, BoJo, the Clintons or Al Capone.
The MSM in general is supportive of vaccinations, and of governments and Big Pharma (just like here, there is money to be made from pharmaceutical ads, and government perks like ads and access, so they are likely to ignore or belittle stories that go against the government narrative.
4 respected Kenyan labs checked samples of vaccines – they prepared reports. I am sure they did not use pregnancy kits to do the testing, or they would have made a laughing stock of themselves. It is perfectly possible that concerned members of the public used that sort of test. A handy way for the government and it’s backers to try to smear the lab reports, though, by implying (but not stating) that the labs used the pregnancy testing kits for the reports.
Samples were also sent to a South African lab, and also tested positive for hCG.
And you seem to have missed another link in my comment:
‘Ex Prime Minister Exposes Tetanus Vaccine In Kenya As A “Targeted Mass Sterilization Program”.
‘…There are no vaccine ‘watch dog’ organizations out there, and if we truly had ‘vaccine safety’ there would be some in place.
Disturbingly, the polio vaccine in question, was also made by the Serum Institute, and you may remember reading about them in the first part of this article, where it has been linked to the fake hepatitis vaccine in Uganda.
Who is going to hold these companies accountable, or scrutinise the way they are produced? The Serum Institute for example should be under investigation for it’s involvement in a ‘fake’ vaccine scandal and for producing a vaccine that was found to have anti-fertility ingredients in it.
The truth is, no one really knows exactly what is in a vaccine. The labels clearly can lie and if they do indeed lie, then nothing is being done about those lies….’
I have contacted the Kenyan Bishops Conference in an attempt to learn more, and will be contacting other sources as well.
I believe the sources I have already provided are more than sufficient to warrant extreme concern, and the mere denials of the alleged perps do not in my view override the sources I provided.
You may have noticed that another link I provided previously was regarding Gates alleged $10 million bribe to Nigerian Senators to railroad through a Mandatory Vaccine law.
As for Gates’ comments about vaccines and population control, they are ambiguous and can be seen in different ways. I believe his major concern is depopulation rather than saving lives. You can believe what ever you like; maybe Gates really is the best thing since Mother Theresa.