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Paul Barbara

@ Clark May 30, 2020 at 18:21
I appreciate that you believe you are right, and your attempts to put ‘oil on troubled waters’ re SA.
But I am just as sure I am right, and the fact I can get fewer ‘Respectable’ sources is, perhaps, because ‘Respectable’ sources have been progressively compromised, just like the MSM and indeed the Universities.
T’rump and the Pompous Pirate are increasingly putting the blame on China, and as you will see (I have a crystal ball, but not nearly as good as the one the PTB have) they are going to come out with the ‘claim’ that the Chinese weaponised the coronavirus. They are going to be able to roll out quite a bit of ‘circumstantial evidence’, to back up their narrative.
I believe the Chinese have been set up, just like OBL, and over a considerable length of time.
I think a month, at most three, and you will see I’m right about the stitch-up being perpetrated, though you won’t necessarily see how the set-up was organised.
China owns a lot of property and government bonds in America – long before this Covid business, I thought that was an extremely dicey behaviour on the part of China.
We shall see. Don’t expect a regime run by Mega Crooks (as in War Criminals) to play by the book; I’m referring to the US, but it is also applies to the UK.