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Paul, the Chinese government carries a lot of responsibility for covid-19. First the local authorities suppressed the doctors who were reporting a new type of pneumonia; they closed down their chat group. By doing that instead of assisting them, the authorities wasted time and the Chinese New Year kicked off, with people travelling all over china, spreading the virus. When things started getting bad in Wuhan the government finally started taking it seriously, but they lied and lied; they told the WHO that it didn’t transmit between people, and although they restricted travel in most of China, they only ever admitted to a big outbreak in Wuhan. The Chinese death toll is probably five times what the authorities admitted to. They wouldn’t permit the WHO to inspect at will; instead the WHO representatives were permitted only to certain places that they were taken to, like the west ’embeds’ reporters with the military.

But other governments are responsible for the outbreaks in their own countries by not preparing and leaving restrictions too late. The worst government responses that I know of are Brazil, the US and the UK. So instead of taking responsibility for their own negligence, they blame China.

Paul, science is very different from politics, and particularly foreign policy. Most political decisions are made in private if not secrecy, and foreign policy is made on information from “intelligence” agencies. Science is far, far more open. Healthcare is the case in point. There are big problems with pharmaceutical companies withholding data, but the effects of pharmaceuticals occur in the public, and most countries perform public health monitoring.

You think MMR causes autism because you believe Wakefield, but that’s so utterly, provably wrong that you clearly have no clue how to investigate such matters. You claim to reject the “MSM” (and I do wish you wouldn’t call it that, because the corporate media being mainstream is one of the things we need to change), but it was only the MSM that turned Wakefield’s paper into a massive hoax.

Honestly Paul, on scientific matters you haven’t a clue. Wakefield, Mikovits, Wiggington; these people are shameless charlatans, and it is so sad seeing you fall for their lies.

I e-mailed Chandler. He blocked me; called me a troll. Won’t discuss with me, no.