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Quoting Paul Barbara:

“I made it plain that the link between doctors who dispute the ‘Consensus’ narrative get demonised, as do whistleblowers and others who upset the PTB.

– I would not be surprised if [anti-vaxxer Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk] too have been demonised, seeing as they both disagree with the ‘Medical Authorities’.”

And June 2, 21:30 comment #54570 on the previous page:

“The fact that doctors, scientists, nurses or researchers who counter Big Pharma, government or MSM (often all three) get hammered in the press, lose their licence to practice and/or get ‘discredited’ – goes with the territory.”

Ben Goldacre has written two whole best-selling books disagreeing with and criticising governments, pharmaceutical companies, and government regulatory agencies of the pharmaceutical industry, and he’s absolutely scathing of the so-called MSM. They are exquisitely well researched and detailed books. I suppose the reason that Paul Barbara won’t take Goldacre’s work seriously is because Goldacre hasn’t lost his medical licence or been demonised, and various quacks have made mostly empty threats to sue him – one libel case cost half a million to defend.

So this seems to be an argument against any kind of regulation of people claiming medical or technical expertise, or even an inversion – people may only practice medicine if they can demonstrate sufficient incompetence, though how they’d get started seems a bit mystifying; perhaps simple thuggery would suffice.

It is interesting to note that those who constantly warn us of an impending One World Government seem to be advocating merely a dictatorship of their own entrenched beliefs.

The Doctor Will Sue You Now by Ben Goldacre.

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