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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – You are absolutely right as this represents one of the major hypocrisies exhibited by the self-serving Tory Government during this crisis. They cannot on the one hand claim the pressing need for extensive data mining while on the other totally abandoning the collection and analysis of the single most crucial data set necessary to determine location and prevalence of the disease through comprehensive widespread community testing. The warped misdirection of funding away from the vitally necessary testing and provision of PPE, towards superfluous intrusive technology and costly high-end projects like funding Dyson to reinvent the ventilator is nothing short of obscene.

The ongoing Cummings scandal represents the third of the most striking hypocrisies of this shambolic Tory exploitation of the Covid 19 crisis; but despite the PM pleading for us to “Move On” it has become the poster child of his diabolical and dangerous ineptitude. The glaring hypocrisy of Boris Johnson’s personal weakness is laid bare as he continues to deviously duck and weave, reinventing the circumstantial conditions, as he desperately tries to justify his insane, totally arbitrary, support of his chief miscreant Dominic Cummings after the lockdown breach was exposed. Far from dismissing the episode and moving on, the fallout is getting worse. A Guardian Article reports the alarming development that a Cardiology Registrar at a major London teaching Hospital has decided to quit the NHS in protest over Dominic Cummings’ refusal to resign despite allegedly flouting lockdown rules.

The Guardian revealed that, “Dr Dominic Pimenta has decided to resign because he fears that the behaviour of Boris Johnson’s chief adviser could help trigger a second wave of coronavirus and is angered by the government’s handling of the pandemic.” In explaining his protest Pimenta said, “his decision was driven by the “laughable fairytale” explanation Cummings gave for his trip from London to Durham and nearby Barnard Castle, as well as by the adviser’s continued presence in Downing Street and cabinet ministers’ support of him.” Described as a, “high-profile critic of ministers’ attempts to get to grips with the Covid-19 crisis,” working in the Hospital’s ICU Pimenta, who hadn’t seen his parents since January, tweeted: “…Frankly, Cummings spits in the face of all our efforts, the whole #NHS. If he doesn’t resign, I will.” According to the Guardian, “Doctors’ leaders said Pimenta’s decision was “very sad” and “a tragedy” and warned that other medics who have been battling the virus in recent months may follow.”

Sky News reported that, “Protesters staged a “die-in” outside Dominic Cummings’ house over the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Holding signs and wearing face masks, about 20 campaigners lay on the street outside the north London home of the prime minister’s controversial adviser on Thursday evening. One of the placards read: “Over 50,000 dead while you’re playing king of the castle.” Apparently near neighbours of Dominic Cummings obligingly joined the protest, they said “the response from the street was “largely positive”, with about 15 neighbours joining them…” In solidarity with the George Floyd protests in the US and recognition that the Covid 19 impact on BAME communities in the UK deserves urgent action one lead a chant of “Black Lives Matter.” Sky stated that, “The protesters called on the government to sack Mr Cummings and implement a strategy to tackle the pandemic based on World Health Organisation recommendations.”

A Canary Article has reported on new analysis that indicates, “BAME staff account for 60% of coronavirus health worker deaths and faced the greatest PPE shortages.” Citing PA News Agency they quantify the verified “deaths of 166 frontline UK healthcare workers with coronavirus (Covid-19) since the start of March this year with 100 of them from BAME backgrounds, 39 (23%) were white and 27 (16%) were of unknown ethnic origin. Care Home staff were not included due to unreliability of the available data.” They report that, “In England, BAME staff make up 20% of the NHS workforce. By comparison, 62% of the health workers who died in England were BAME.”

The Canary report, “The government has been investigating why BAME communities have been disproportionately affected, with social, cultural and economic factors all thought to be possible contributors. Joan Saddler, director of partnerships and equality at the NHS Confederation, said BAME staff appeared more likely to work in lower-level jobs on general wards, where there might be less PPE provision than in high intensive critical units. Almost half (49%) of BAME staff whose deaths were verified by PA worked as nurses or healthcare assistants, while 30% were doctors.”

In response to the question why the staff who were dying were not working in critical care environments, Sadler described the jobs on wards as entry-level Band 4 and 5 jobs, understaffing was an issue and it was hard work that a lot of people don’t want to do. According to the Canary, “A survey from the Royal College of Nursing found that BAME staff have experienced the greatest PPE shortages. Less than half (43%) of respondents from a BAME background said they had enough eye and face protection — a stark contrast to 66% of white staff who said they felt properly equipped. NHS staff survey data also consistently shows BAME staff report a higher level of discrimination and harassment. Staff have also reported they do not feel confident making demands for PPE and testing for coronavirus.” Staff are reluctant to speak out as they are so worried that we will lose our jobs.

In 2009 during a ten country tour of the continent, doing a “needs assessment of Anaesthesia Care in sub-Saharan Africa,” I saw firsthand the damage we are inflicting on fragile Healthcare systems with our morally bankrupt policy of scavenging Medical personnel from countries who cannot afford to train them. The strategy for post Brexit recruiting of Medical staff will put this critical brain drain into overdrive. Once we are out of the EU the European staff who currently enjoy a level playing field in terms of pay, benefits and workers rights will be gone. The Tories dropped the Nursing bursary and hit new Nursing students with huge tuition fees because they have no interest in investing in UK training; it is so much cheaper to scavenge from the developing world. All the Medical recruits will need visas to work on fixed term contracts for lower pay and zero benefits; that is who UK grads will need to compete with for jobs. This race to the bottom is the dystopian nightmare future we have to choke down under the Tories.

The greater the distance from home the more insecure migrant workers feel about their job and their temporary working status. The do not dare report safety issues and they are ripe for serious exploitation. Patient safety is put at risk when staff feel compromised as they remain compliant, hard working and obedient in fear of losing their jobs. That exact phenomenon is what is being exposed right now with their higher susceptibility to Covid 19 and poor prognosis fighting the disease. During my Africa tour I discussed a mutually beneficial alternative strategy with a Nurse Anaesthetist who was from Malawi, but had spent time working for the NHS in the UK before returning to join the team in Blantyre. The proposal involved training both UK and local staff in paired teams based at the Hospital in Blantyre where it was cheap to live and more affordable to train; it was the first of my Collaborative Circular Migration proposals that I might as well bin now with this toxic Tory Government in control.

I design concepts like this and I design pieces of kit, but none of that will ever see fruition now after the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; this prospect has left me feeling extremely depressed. I have another concept I was working on to combat malnutrition in the elderly with a nationwide business incentive plan to handle the logistics of providing meals. That is another plan dead in the water because this Government is committed to accelerating a massive cull of our elderly population. I design products for the “Silver Sector” to help facilitate dignified independent living, but the Tories have planned a “Holocaust in Care” so they will not need such items. I don’t really care about business success I just want the achievement of having my designs out there, but there is no hope anymore. I wish I didn’t have creative ideas as they just torment me now; I might as well stuff my brain in a matchbox, I feel so decimated. I am lucky in that I do not have the huge worries that many young people will now be burdened with for decades; I feel guilty that I have had such an interesting life of adventure that would not possible anymore.

My one great hope is that we can dislodge these parasites who stole our future in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; they become less tenable by the day, but we are stuck with them for decades. There will never be an option to vote them out of office in a fair democratic process so we must fully investigate and expose their fraud. I can rarely tolerate watching the daily Tory propaganda presentations that masquerade for “press briefings,” but it was widely noted that the Scientific and Medical advisors had deserted their “human shield” duties; perhaps because they can no longer be counted on to stay on message blindly supporting the Tory Government’s chaotic plan. The minutia of the Government’s increasingly misleading messaging has got steadily worse and is severely compromised by the Cummings scandal and Boris Johnson’s catastrophic failure of leadership in fear of firing him. But there is still a slim chance that if he were ousted he might turn Whistleblower and bring down this retched Government.