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Paul Barbara

@ Clark
I did reply at length to your ‘Littlefuse’ business, but perhaps understandebly my post was nixed by the mods – probably for 9/11 content.

‘…Governments and corporations do many evil things…’

Yes, indeed they do. Governments make war on other States, because they lust after their resources and the governments don’t kow-tow and allow the US and other Western Multinationals to come in and plunder them, and take a bribe to allow it. Tens, hundreds of thousands or millions DIE because of these wars.

‘…but they also do good things, neutral things, misguided things and stupid things too..’

PLEASE explain to me what good things governments do, that balance those abominations? Abominations might seem like an extreme word to you, in Essex, but to an Afghan, Iraqi, Syrian, El Salvadoran, Guatemalan, East Timorese, or countless others, it hardly covers their suffering.
Then there are the barbaric crimes against children in their own countries (which I don’t believe you have an inkling of the true scale, or of it’s Luciferian ramifications.
Remember, Hitler loved dogs – does that exonerate him?

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