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Paul Barbara

@ Clark
You are also right about Natural News. I have known for a long time it is highly suspect politically, pro-T’rump, anti-Russian and anti-Chinese, but healthwise they seem sound. If I see something on there now, I try to get confirmation from different sources.
The guy who runs it, Mike Adams, seems to genuinely believe what he puts out – when T’rump was waffling about Mandatory vaccines, he openly disagreed and was willing to stop supporting him. But politically he is typical Right-Wing Redneck.
I bought a jug water filter that he recommended on his TV show (Zero Water), not from him but from the UK. I don’t believe he sells them – he did a sophisticated test of about ten jug filters, and that was one of the best. It’s expensive (filters £12.50 each, last three weeks) but it certainly is effective. Way I look at it, it’s the equivalent of a pint of beer a week.