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“it doesn’t seem right to expose your children to be guinea pigs for a new vaccine”

That depends how dangerous you think vaccines are. There have been countless billions of vaccinations. Occasionally something goes wrong, but with so much vaccination, the proportion is small.

But the anti-vax sites gather this all up from over decades, and present it over and over again to make it look like there’s a major problem. They also claim all the problems are covered up, yet their examples of problems link to public sources!

Then the right-wingers link it all to the supposed UN “depopulation agenda”. Agenda 21 is a UN sustainability initiative, so no wonder the right are spreading fear of it; it opposes big business’s wish to do as it likes, trample rights, trash the environment and make billions. Did you get this link from Iain Orr?

RealLifeLore2 – Why Diego Garcia Is America’s Most Controversial Military Base (YouTube, 10m 28s)

See the bit about the International Court and the vote at the UN General Assembly. The UN isn’t all bad. The major problem are the five Permanent Members of the Security Council.