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Paul Barbara

‘No Polio in the Philippines Since 1993, But Mass Polio Vaccination Program Targeted for 500,000 Typhoon Victims Under Age 5’.
I know you touched on the dangers, but shouldn’t UNICEF and the WHO also be aware of the dangers in the oral Polio vaccine?
And again, the same in Syria. I mentioned it before, but had forgotten how long Syria had been free of Polio. Their last case was 1999; then 10 cases suddenly appeared, yet 20 million were vaccinated with the Oral Polio vaccine in 2013:
‘…While Syria has been reportedly polio free since 1999, the discovery of 10 new cases of polio inside Syria has prompted UNICEF to begin vaccinating over 20 million Syrian children under the age of five with the live oral polio vaccine. The aggressive campaign also targets Syrian children outside of Syria in neighboring countries where numerous refugee camps exist.
As Al Jazeer is reporting, “We’re never going to know how exactly how it arrived in Syria.” Guesses are that it originated in Pakistan…’
Yeh, whatever…my guess is it was a deliberate ploy to ‘justify’ the massive Oral Polio vaccination drive, and that the headchoppers or ‘White Helmets’ brought it in – par for the course for them.
Are UNICEF Live Polio Vaccines Causing Polio Among Syrians? 1.7 Billion Polio Vaccines Purchased by UNICEF

And will we hear of new Polio cases among Syrian children? Doubtful; we only hear what fits the US/NATO ‘narrative’, and Polio cases after a Western mass vaccination program hardly makes for good propaganda. Same goes for the Philippines.