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“a smear campaign organised by you-know-who and gleefully amplified and augmented by the MSM, and by Right-wing traitors in the Labour Party intent on bringing him down”

Yes, I know all that, except no, I want you to spell out “you-know-who”.

The thing is, smear campaigns need a grain of truth at their core, or they’re easily seen to be fantasies. You and your ilk provided that grain, just as the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies and collusion of government regulators provide the grain at the heart of all the bullshit you promote.

Two wrongs do NOT make a right, and your promotion of alt-propaganda is not justified by the propaganda you’re opposing. It takes two to tango and it’s time you deprived your opposite number of a partner.

“I asked you to watch the short video interview, and then tell me your opinion of Wakefield, because many people, including myself, can make a pretty sound judgement of watching someone’s interview, as to their character and if they appear to be telling the truth.

Wakefield’s character and honesty have ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING upon the SCIENTIFIC question of whether MMR causes autism. Scientific questions are answered by EVIDENCE, not by trust in some authority. I hoped you’d at least get that much from Bad Science, but I seem to have overestimated you.