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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Clifton – In a week where our part-time Prime Minister has gone from lauding the spin show in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” to shamefully skulking off in dirty skivvies after the football hero scored a major success, it’s great to welcome another activist. Who could possibly believe this rabid Tory Government really meant to follow through on Johnson’s empty promises about “levelling up” when it took such a monumental effort to secure free school meals over the summer holiday for the poorest kids? The public are becoming increasingly disillusioned due to Johnson’s shambolic leadership and they have demonstrated that they are not afraid to protest. If we can expose enough data anomalies the public are ready to ditch Johnson’s Brexit sirens song now they know first-hand how seriously their jobs are at risk. Not ousting Cummings for rule breaking has offended people across the board; and defending statues of bigot’s panders to the far-right extremist thugs during a time when the message is “Black Lives Matter!” We cannot afford to let Johnson remain in post; he is costing lives and livelihoods even before he starts “decimating down” in earnest.

You say you are “a Mathematician who specialises in statistics,” and you, “have compiled the data of the 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019 elections together into one document in an attempt to be able to compare the results between both the elections and also the constituencies that had Idox (or one of its subsidiaries) counting the vote compared to those that did not.” This is great news, we have had a number of people on this discussion thread trying to collate reliable data to help uncover the truth. I have spent the day scanning through all of the past posts, and other contacts I have tracked down, to identify which ones have the data you can use, so watch this space. I will email the contacts I have so far and post on this again in the coming days. It is interesting to note that it was statistical analyses that clearly demonstrated fraud in the Scottish independence referendum by compiling data that exposed highly improbable numbers in the postal vote returns as reported in an Article in the Scottish Standard.

Fantastic that you are putting together this cache of evidence and you are not alone; I know one person who has the data on Raab’s constituency which looked really dodgy. I have discovered that there are others who are engaged in similar activities and sometimes the stumble upon the forum. We need to create a repository for this information so that it is all collected in one place. The space to exhibit all of this data extends beyond the capacity of this Forum, but there are other possibilities as outlined by our Moderator. I am not a very Tech savvy person when it comes to the capacity of Blogs, connectivity or Social Media, but the advice of the Mod is very valid and offers us a way to display the data collected direct from a Link on this Forum.

My concern is that the greatest failure of this effort so far is the ability to keep all of the various activists who are diligently working on this issue interconnected through one universally recognized hub. How many of the people reporting their serious electoral problems and unexplained anomalies in sporadic posts on Facebook or Twitter are connected to one another and working together towards a common goal? The connectivity issue is a particularly serious weakness for me personally because I am not prepared to launch on Facebook as I am even less trusting of the site now than I was years ago when everyone else was so eager to join. I find it equally frustrating trying to keep track of what is posted in brief blips on Twitter. The information shared seems to appear and then disappear just as rapidly and I am not sure that if I joined in the random tweeting on a twitter account that I would be any the wiser or even be able to keep pace.

We need to create a broad cross-section of different types of Internet spaces, social media platforms, alternative news outlets and Blogs that can come together to focus on one purpose: to bring accountability to our electoral process by challenging the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and potentially other flawed votes. People who can connect through a number of different Internet platforms will be essential to keeping the information current and widely disseminated for maximum exposure to get the general public on side.

In a time where most people do not even divulge their real name, let alone provide a contact email address or a phone number, it is has become very difficult for me to get in contact without membership access to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, these spaces are so cluttered and diffuse that it is just by random luck that one might attract the attention of that key person that there is a dire need to get in touch with. The most valuable tool that social media savvy supporters can provide is to help direct those key people to our campaign so that they can decide if they want to take on the challenge and get involved.

WHO DO WE NEED TO CONTACT? I have tried attracting the attention of the team from “Led By Donkeys” to see if we can interest them in publicizing this issue as the natural successor to their amazing public awareness campaign that garnered so much newsworthy attention nationwide. Paul Barbara did try to contact the “Led by Donkeys” team for me, but I have not got through to them yet. We need to contact a number of very high profile social media icons like Rachael Swindon and all the Alternative News promoters from across the spectrum like Aaron Bastani, Michael Walker, Kerry Anne Mendoza, Carole Cadwalladr, John Pilger, Owen Jones to name but a few. We need a major post in the Canary and other Alt News outlets; that means persuading Skwawkbox to stop apologising and making nonsensical excuses for the catastrophe hoax being promoted by the Tory party.

Much of this has been posted before but is best restated; What else am I trying to achieve with my relentless posting on this Forum?
A) Inform people of the high probability that the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was a fraudulent vote by constantly publicizing information about it.
B) Encourage everyone to demand information and electoral data from their local authorities.
C) Maintain a Forum space where information and strategies can be shared that might prompt a Whistleblower to feel safe and supported enough to emerge from the shadows.
D) Decisive Action: Accumulate enough evidence with the help of a professional Investigative Journalist to make this a front page news story and an unstoppable demand for justice from both UK authorities and potentially the EU Courts too.

I have tried to post Links to other Blogs, Websites and Articles that elaborate on the situation to help build this wealth of evidence that will hopefully become so overwhelmingly compelling that it cannot be ignored. One blog that I found, “the Daily GasLamp” is dedicated to the issue of our rigged elections especially in the area of Cambridge Analytica’s PsyOps technology and how even now “weapons grade” PsyOps brainwashing is being deployed to manipulate the electorate. I am monitoring this Blog very closely so that each time they post further information I can offer a brief summary of the new content and a Link to visit the site. It is a good idea to check out sites like this and post a comment that links back to this forum. We also need well established organizations like Open Democracy and the International Consortium of Professional Investigative Journalists to deploy a team of investigative journalists to start sifting through the data that has already been collected, filling in the gaps, collating the evidence and demanding answers so that we are ready to expose the truth and demand action.

At that point a police investigation, an Electoral Petition Challenge and even an appeal to the EU demanding justice could become a genuine possibility. Pressuring the PM to fire Cummings is a priority; in a fit of rage he could reveal the crucial evidence to bring down the Government as he knows exactly how they committed industrial scale fraud and he has no special allegiance to the Tory Party: he could be the perfect Whistleblower. I know everyone is very distracted right now by just trying to survive Covid 19, but we should capitalize on the social unrest to oust this toxic Government. They tell me that correcting the injustice of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election will have to wait until after the virus is under control, but the two are inextricably linked as Johnson is using Covid as cover for his authoritarian takeover and to cull the “economically inactive.” There is so much to be done and no time to waste as by the end of this year the window of opportunity will slam shut. People tend to drift onto this Forum and then drift away again, but we need all of you to let us know what you might be able to realistically work towards accomplishing and then please keep us posted… DO NOT MOVE ON!