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Paul Barbara

How the crooks who run Big Pharma got their ‘Blank Cheque’ and ‘No Liability’ legislation through the Senate and Congress, in an almost exact re-run of the Federal Reserve scam in 1913:
Coronavirus Pt 2: ‘Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste’, Replay
(Scroll down to the box:
‘Rep. Dave Obey (D-WI), Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee made the following statement on the floor of the House on December 22, 2005:)

To circumvent this outrage of the public, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist attached a
shortened version of the bill to the 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, HR 2863,
literally at the eleventh hour, giving sweeping, unprecedented immunity for drug companies.
Called “Division E—Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act,” Frist’s addendum
added 40 pages to an existing 423-page bill at 11:20 on Saturday night, December 17, 2005, well after the House Appropriation Committee members had reached final agreement on the defense bill, had signed off, and most had gone home…..’

And of course, the crook in the White House (George W. Bush) signed off on it.
Even Rep. Obey seemed to forget his ‘outrage’ when the House reconvened in January.
I haven’t had sight of his bank records, but….

Trust us, we’re Big Pharma – we had 600 lobbyists on the case…