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Roy David

In reply to your question regarding Sir Keir Starmer and what he stands for. You are obviously not aware that when Starmer was head of the Crown Prosecution Service (a tenure for which he was knighted) the CPS purposefully delayed justice over the Swedish allegations for five years. Sweden wanted to drop the case in 2013 but the CPS begged and harried them not to do so (much pressure from the US?). The CPS also encouraged Swedish prosecutors not to travel to the Ecuadorian embassy to re-interview Assange as they were willing to do at that time thereby compounding the view of some observers (wrongly) that Assange was ‘hiding’ in the embassy from the Swedish sex allegations when the issue could have been sorted in 2013, not as they were eventually dropped in 2018. Sadly, Assange and his supporters won’t get any help from this Labour leader.