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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Just yesterday we had a perfect opportunity to go in hard against the Boris Johnson and put this corrupt Tory Government under serious pressure over the Russia Report. They were literally on the ropes, terrified of an attack on their precious crash-out Brexit project via a delegitimizing inquiry into Russian interference in the vote. The timing was perfect with potentially several days worth of scathing news coverage; a chance to dominate the news cycle with questions swirling over why the PM deliberately buried this document for ten months and what he might be trying to hide, all dredged out of him in a final scorching Prime Minister’s Questions before the Summer recess. But no! Starmer the enabler had other plans, focused on placating his Zionist minders by dredging up the fake anti-Semitism smear again. Just what we all needed, another ten rounds of self-harm from Starmer’s massive own-goal by capitulating in a defamation case that Labour was poised to win as the evidence would have debunked the defamation case.

The alarming signs of Starmer’s deceitful lurch to the right are coming thick and fast. He is wilfully abandoning pledges that he made only months ago when he was running for election. Unashamed of tricking Labour members with false promises of unity he had no intention of sticking to; by stealth he is eliminating all the popular Labour policies voted for at conference. He has tried to further sully, vilify or totally erase all traces of Corbyn from the Party whose membership rose to 500,000 under his transformative leadership. The Biased BBC and far-right media are being as supportive as possible to try to normalize his deception and lack of integrity. They keep pandering to his ego with compliments like dressing up Starmer’s pathetically repetitive “who’s been a naughty boy” stunts at PMQs as “forensic questioning.” He is the perfect bland Blare clone to con the public into thinking Labour will stand a better chance in five years time, while compliantly enabling the Tory Party during their progression to Elective Dictatorship.

Starmer has launched an all out purge of the Labour Left. After granting a shadow cabinet position to his nearest rival in the Labour Leadership election; Rebecca Long-Bailey had barely got her feet under the desk before Starmer found a lame excuse to fire her from the post. On what grounds? More of those handy, all-encompassing, anti-Semitism accusations as the pretext for her sacking was a supportive tweet about o pro-Corbyn article by Maxine Peake that Starmer managed to obscurely misinterpret as containing an ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.’ Kerry-Anne Mendoza put it best in her video expose in the Canary Article: “Keir Starmer Unmasked” where she rips into the new Labour Leader for his unconscionable betrayal of Long-Bailey other Labour Left MPs and the entire Labour Membership. So volatile is the subject of exposing the teaching of Israeli aggression tactics that the Canary had to offer a correction to the original video due to determined efforts by Zionists to reinterpret the truth of her statement.

In Kerry Anne-Mendoza’s video message in support of Long-Bailey she refuted the so called ‘trope’ that had been incorrectly labelled “fake news!” Starmer is caught on camera making the following statement about when his staff make mistakes how he takes responsibility, he said, “I never turn on my staff, you should never turn on your staff that is how I will lead our Party and our movement.” I did not take him long to ditch that firm assurance as he dedicated himself to weaponizing a tired rehashed of the fake anti-Semitism ‘problem’ to eliminate Left leaning MPs from the Party. Despite an apology and Maxine Peake’s unnecessary retraction of a truthful statement, the freight train of vindictive injustice had already left the station; Starmer was just looking for an excuse. For the people caught in this Labour witch hunt there is no grovelling apology or admission of inadvertent wrongdoing that can serve as a defence; such false admissions to not appease they just pour petrol on the excoriating fire.

Was there any other reason for Starmer’s the harsh and unforgiving overreaction that shocked so many of Labour’s supporters? In the Skwawkbox Exclusive: “Long-Bailey sacked after massive row over schools return – as news emerges that Starmer’s support for return has seen infection rate double;” exposed the real reason for this popular MPs removal. Starmer backed Boris Johnson’s push to get children back to school while Long-Bailey supported the Teaching Unions with their legitimate resistance due to lack of preparedness, unsafe conditions and lack of a promised Track and Trace system to decrease risk. Skwawkbox included a Link to evidence and a graph that fully justified the Teachers concerns noting, “Howard Beckett, whose union Unite had warned both the Tories and Labour that it was too soon, tweeted the new figures: 44 Coronavirus outbreaks in schools in England, a doubling of the infection count. We warned the front bench of both main parties that this would happen.”

Keir Starmer wanted to make his mark not just by demoralizing and purging the Labour Left, but also by embracing and pandering to the Israeli Lobby and the powerful Board of Deputies who demand zero tolerance on criticism of their Zionist ‘apartheid’ project of persecuting the Palestinian people. However when Keir Starmer read the leaked Labour Report containing shocking evidence of Party Members who had deliberately tried to sabotage Labours electoral chances, faced with real traitors to the Socialist cause he decided he should, “never turn on my staff!” In the Canary Article entitled, “MPs demand Keir Starmer publishes the leaked Labour report ‘officially’ and ‘in full” serious alarm was raised. They say, “A group of Labour MPs has called on the party to publish a ‘truly shocking’ leaked document. It allegedly throws light on internal processes and communications from former senior Labour staff members about Jeremy Corbyn, key shadow ministers, and pro-Corbyn Labour members.”

“The Canary has seen a copy of the leaked document, which party lawyers have said is a draft. The 851-page report is detailed and extensive. It also includes material from what seems to be a cache of WhatsApp messages and emails from former senior Labour staff members. The document suggests sustained, open hostility to Corbyn’s leadership and Corbyn-supporting MPs and members. It indicates that internal ‘factionalism’ may have played a ‘critical’ role in the investigation of antisemitism allegations under Corbyn’s leadership. The summary states: This report reveals a litany of mistakes, deficiencies, and missed opportunities to reform, develop and adapt a clearly failing disciplinary system.” They claim that, “According to Sky News, which reported on the leaked document on 12 April, Labour lawyers ‘intervened’. They reportedly blocked submission of the report to an ongoing Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHCR) investigation into antisemitism.” Thankfully Craig Murray corrected this omission.

Acting swiftly, “On 13 April, the Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) of Labour MPs issued a statement calling for Labour to publish the report “in full officially”: Here the Canary have placed a copy of the letter sent by MPs to Starmer details their demands for the urgent action he should take in response to the report. Sadly, his disgraceful response in a joint statement with Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, shows a far stronger commitment to determining who leaked the report and who initiated it in the first place than addressing the incredibly toxic content! According to the Canary, “Labour mayor for the North of Tyne Jamie Driscoll issued a response to challenge Starmer, stating: We don’t need an inquiry into why the report was published, or how it found its way into the public. The case has been made in its quarter of [a] million words. The accusations stand in need of answer. All those who stand accused must be brought up on charges. They should get a fair hearing, with representation. But we must know the truth.”

The Canary list a string of dirty tricks and unconscionable behaviour that the report uncovered including genuinely toxic comments that are far worse than the tangential false assumptions and tenuous connection that have been used to expel Labour Members on fake anti-Semitism charges. They report that, “Driscoll also highlighted further allegations in the report, which, he notes: ‘cites a vast amount of primary source material’.” I believe this refers to the WhatsApp messaging. The Canary clarify that, “The SCG, which includes former shadow cabinet members Diane Abbott and John McDonnell, also makes a similar point, saying that there may be ‘cases to answer on bullying, harassment, sexism and racism’ within the document.” Diane Abbott has received more racist and sexist abuse than any other MP in Parliament and was the target of many of the attacks, but, although they contacted Starmer, Rayner, and the Labour press office for a response prior to publication; answer came there none!

The Canary lament that we were “Denied us a Labour government” documenting that, “According to Lavery and Trickett, the report: shows that some of the most senior employees of the Labour Party held its elected leadership in contempt, despised their own party members and even acted in a conspiratorial manner that undermined our 2017 general election campaign. These were people at the top of the party with extensive knowledge and experience of elections. Their jobs were paid for with party funds. Yet, they entered the 2017 election hoping we would lose and setting up a shadow operation to protect their chosen sons and daughters… In the end, we lost the 2017 general election by just a handful of votes. It is possible that the actions of these party staff denied us a Labour government that would have transformed millions of lives.” There were rumours at the time over the deliberate misdirection of funding toward safe Labour seats that almost exclusively belonged to right wing of the party.

“Allegations which The Canary has seen in a copy of the leaked report include those referred to by both Driscoll and the SCG on “the role of Labour Party factionalism. The report uses this context to highlight internal relationships ‘critical to understanding’ the handling of antisemitism complaints between 2015 and 2018. It also notes that this is crucial to understanding how the ‘disciplinary process functioned’ and Corbyn’s actual role in those processes.” While Labour’s former general secretary Iain McNicol suggested that “trawling 10,000 emails rather than challenging antisemitism in the party is deeply troubling,” this was exactly the tactic used to bogusly ensnare members with indirect connections to an aberrant follower in a Labour Left witch hunt. In contrast the threats of physical violence towards Corbyn: ‘hanging and burning’ are tangible death threats. The Canary contends that, “It is telling that the party’s own lawyers appear to have ruled that this information was unsuitable for submission to the EHRC’s ongoing investigation.”

Starmer appears to be learning lessons from the Tories: if you promise an ‘urgent investigation,’ but stall for long enough people will forget about it and move on. Another Tory tactic has been employed: engage the wrong team to avoid the correct answers. Despite the toxicity of the conduct exposed in the report the Skwawkbox Article, “Excl: leaked report whitewash continues: Starmer using forensic computer investigators – on those who compiled report,” reveals the deliberate cover-up. They say, “Such conduct would normally result in suspension of membership – and employment for those still employed – pending investigation at the very least. However, the party has instead spent a large sum on forensic computer investigators – to examine the machines of the staff who ordered and compiled the report. The name of the firm is apparently CMP – and the amount is in six figures.” In reality the report was compiled as a direct legal response to the EHRC investigation, but EHRC cannot ignore its submission by Craig Murray.

This Skwawkbox Article documents how you can submit evidence, “The ‘Forde Inquiry‘, into the leaked Labour report alleging racism, abuse, misdirection of funds, obstruction of complaint processes and undermining the party’s election campaigns by former senior party staff, is now calling for evidence. Labour staff have been asked to make their submissions to the inquiry, but members can – and must – also do so, to ensure that the impact of the actions exposed by the report are on the record. Labour members and activists should contribute whatever evidence or testimony they feel is appropriate, but the SKWAWKBOX recommends that particular emphasis should be given to:
• the impact of senior staff conduct on the results of campaigning efforts
• resources withheld or letters into HQ ignored
• treatment of/response to BAME members
• members suspended for years, while staff allegedly delayed cases for political ends
• deprivation of voting rights in leadership and other elections resulting from suspension
• ‘stitched up’ candidate selections
Along with any other allegations made in the report. Submissions must be made by email to [email protected] no later than 5pm on Friday 24 July.”

The most recent Skwawkbox Article on the Inquiry states that, “‘Forde Inquiry’ into leaked Labour report fatally compromised by ‘grovelling’ apology in court case Labour’s lawyers said it would win – NEC members.” They say, “Party’s ‘unreserved’ withdrawal of ‘bad faith’ comments means Starmer’s inquiry into revelations of leaked report is meaningless, according to senior elected representatives. Some of the most senior elected officials within the Labour Party’s governance structures say that the party’s ‘grovelling’ apology this morning to ‘whistleblowers’ who feature in the infamous leaked internal report is so fatally compromised as to be meaningless. Labour has made an ‘unreserved’ apology for suggesting that ‘whistleblowers’ involved in last year’s widely-criticised Panorama programme were not reliable: We unreservedly withdraw all allegations of bad faith, malice and lying. We would like to apologise unreservedly for the distress, embarrassment and hurt caused by their publication.”

Skwawkbox relay how, “The apology comes after the party’s lawyers said they were confident of winning the case brought against them, but Keir Starmer was determined to issue the apology – and agree a settlement said to be in six figures with the former staff. Members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) directly elected by Labour members are furious about the decision…” One told Skwawkbox, “how can anyone think the Forde Inquiry isn’t fatally compromised when we’ve ‘unreservedly’ withdrawn any suggestion of wrongdoing against some of the people mentioned in the report it’s supposed to be investigating?” In agreed another added that, “at least one of the union representatives on the NEC had fought against the move,” describing it as “a disgrace when we’re still supposed to be investigating the revelations of the [leaked] report. Howard (Unite’s Howard Beckett) argued forcefully against it [during yesterday’s NEC discussion], but Keir was determined to ignore everyone regardless.”

Now for me this last disastrous act of party-sabotage by Starmer, functioning more as a Tory Trojan Horse that as Labour Party Leader, is personally extremely distressing due to past experiences that have devastated my life after I blew the whistle on negligent practice in surgery that I witnessed during my retraining. This was the final straw for me and I have started drafting a letter to my Labour MP who is a member of the Shadow Cabinet. I will also try contacting Jeremy Corbyn to urge him to Crown fund for a defence as John Ware and co are now coming after him. I have been so deeply affected by this it will take a few days to draft my letter but here is what I want to say on the matter.

As a genuine Whistleblower who had my retraining and my entire career sabotaged by retaliatory lies, it was excruciatingly painful to hear today that the Labour Party has decided to reward John Ware for his disgusting smear documentary on Panorama. I took my own defamation case to the High Court Queens Bench in London seeking to remove the false allegations made by the John Radcliffe Hospital in order that I could complete my training and resume my career. My case was thrown out, not because it lacked merit or evidence as it never got that far. Few students realize that Universities have ‘Absolute Privilege” plus there was a similar level of protection that permitting the Hospital to lie under oath defaming me.

That was when I realized that there was absolutely no recourse to Justice in this country unless you are excessively wealthy “might is right!” It has been a stark reminder of that fact watching the Johnny Depp strut in and out of the High Court dragging out his personal feud with his ex-wife and airing his dirty laundry in the public limelight at a leisurely pace due to a worthless Sun Article that was gone and forgotten the next day. Rich people get longer than a solitary day in court, feathering their nest is a serious priority; in my case they said “the candle wasn’t worth the wick” because I had not demanded huge sums of money. I didn’t even get cease and desist rights! I faced lawyers representing the NHS Trust and another five from Oxford Brookes completely alone and representing myself. They must have been so proud of their work, especially when I was ordered to pay all £36,000 worth of their expenses. They destroyed my life and if not for the need to care for my mother I would have ended my life that day.

Now after watching the Labour Party despicable campaign of self-sabotage bending over backwards to grovel over every insult and chunk of fake news hurled at Jeremy Corbyn by his own MPs parroting the far-right Tory manipulators, Keir Starmer the enabler commits the most grotesque own-goal in recent history with the worst possible timing that will undoubtedly take the heat off Boris Johnson and the revelations of the Russia Report. The Panorama program from John Ware, a man with a serious axe to grind, has been thoroughly debunked with well documented evidence available on Labour Friends of Israel Website and elsewhere. Rewarding him and the lying Labour saboteurs for this thoroughly biased evidence free ‘Fakeumentary’ makes me want to vomit.

After my case was thrown out I tried to fight back. I stood alone outside the High Court in London, wearing my OR gown, with a Petition protesting the gross injustice that criminalized me, with a sign that said, “When is a law not a law? When it’s a colander!” To this day a University still has the right to lie about a student’s conduct, reliant on ‘Absolute Privilege’ to thereby abort their training, demonize them and destroy their career as they did with me. The Labour Party is sending a strong signal to genuine Whistleblowers who like me have had their career sabotaged and lost everything to abide by a solemn duty to the public to tell the truth and expose wrongdoing. Many Whistleblowers have taken their own life in despair as they are rendered destitute by this gross injustice. These charlatans posing as heroes will be exposed and when they are their testimony under oath will constitute perjury for which they could go to jail and I very much hope they do.

Each time Labour back down and concede to these escalating false allegations you embolden the perpetrators. Ware and the sham Whistleblowers involved in the Panorama Documentary will go after Corbyn as if they have not done enough to break the man. They will screw the Labour Party for as much money as they can extract with Starmer draining the coffers to burnish his pro Zionist credentials. Meanwhile Boris Johnson can breath a huge sigh of relief that Starmer came through for them delivering a mortal blow not to him over the obscene funds drenching the Tory Party or interference in the Brexit vote, but to his own Party. The Russia Report could have pealed the Tory Party wide open like a can of anchovies, but Starmer foiled that. He needs to go as he is destroying the Labour Party. Bad enough the we suffer the huge setback of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and cannot get an investigation under way, now we will fail to get the interference during Brexit investigated and we do no even have an opposition. I despair; Please DO NOT MOVE ON!