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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Last night I posted a Link to the Crowdfunding page for Jeremy’s Defence Fund, to which I felt really strongly motivated to make a donation yesterday. When I was first alerted to the existence of the GOFUNDME page the donations had already surpassed the modest £20,000 ask, but now the total is over £200,000! Why champion this cause? I respect the man, but I am not a fanatical ‘Corbynista;’ I actually vote for the Green Party. But, this isn’t just about Corbyn; it goes way beyond that. We might finally have an opportunity to fully expose and discredit all of the poison propaganda press, dirty tabloid rags and the biased BBC in the High Court while we still have the remnants of a justice system left in place. This might, not only obliterate the fake anti-Semitism attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, and the Witch-hunt targeting progressive Left, Palestinian supporting, Labour MPs and other influential public figures, but this could also have amazing consequences for reducing the sheer volume of rabid lies spewed at us on a daily basis.

Crying wolf will not prevent anti-Semitism or genuinely protect Jewish people from potential persecution. The Zionist lobby have, through the Board of Deputies, forcefully imposed rigid restrictions on our Freedom of Speech just to prevent valid criticism of the atrocities and persecution being committed by the state of Israel. We are conveniently encouraged to forget that in fact Palestinians are also a Semitic people; so their persecution and the theft of their land by the Israelis is equally anti-Semitic! If South Africa could achieve a peaceful solution after the horrors of Apartheid, this must be possible in the Middle East. It will never be accomplished while powerful foreign Governments arm and equip the Israelis to encourage the subjugation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. This is a unique opportunity to eliminate the powerful stranglehold over our politicians exercised by the Zionist Lobby as their toxic manipulation of both major political parties will be fully exposed in Court and we can finally demand a radical change of direction.

In a recent Skwawkbox Article entitled, “As BBC prepares unprecedented smear-fest, here are 40 ‘Labour antisemitism’ facts it may not mention,” they attempt to disseminate the real facts on the much maligned former Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. They say that, “This article was originally published in February. As the BBC’s Panorama programme prepares what is expected to be a regurgitation of Murdoch press smears against Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn, it is being republished. Labour members and supporters will be more than familiar with the scale, intensity and sheer volume of Establishment smear campaigns against Corbyn, but the latest campaign is expected to plumb new depths. The information below will help to correct the record. To correct the imbalance caused by poor mainstream journalist, below are forty facts about the issue that will rarely, if ever, appear in the so-called ‘MSM’:” I have taken the liberty of republishing the Skwawkbox list in full with all of the evidentiary Links.

1. In October 1936, Jeremy Corbyn’s mother participated in the battle of Cable Street indefence of British Jews after British fascists had staged an assault on the area. Corbyn was raised in a household passionately opposed to antisemitism in all its forms.
2. In 23rd April 1977, Corbyn organised a counter-demonstration to protect Wood Green from a neo-nazi march through the district. The area had a significant Jewish population.
3. On 7 November 1990, Corbyn signed a motion condemning the rise of antisemitism in the UK.
4. In 2002 Jeremy Corbyn led a clean-up and vigil at Finsbury Park Synagogue which had been vandalised in an anti-Semitic attack.
5. On 30 April 2002, Corbyn tabled a motion in the House of Commons condemning an anti-Semitic attack on a London Synagogue.
6. On 26 November 2003, Jeremy Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion condemning terrorist attacks on two synagogues.
7. In February 2009, Jeremy Corbyn signed a parliamentary motion condemning a fascist for establishing a website to host antisemitic materials.
8. On 24th March 2009, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion praising British Jews who resisted the Holocaust by risking their lives to save potential victims.
9. Nine years ago, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion praising “Jewish News” for its pioneering investigation into the spread of Antisemitism on Facebook.
10. On 9 February 2010, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion calling for an investigation into Facebook and its failure to prevent the spread of antisemitic materials on its site.
11. On 27 October 2010, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion praising the late Israeli Prime Minister for pursuing a two state solution to the Israel/Palestine question.
12. On 13 June 2012, Corbyn sponsored and signed a motion condemning the BBC for cutting a Jewish Community television programme from its schedule.
13. 1 October 2013, Corbyn appeared on the BBC to defend Ralph Miliband against vile antisemitic attacks by the UK press.
14. Five years ago Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion condemning antisemitism in sport.
15. On 1 March 2013, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion condemning and expressing concern at growing levels of antisemitism in European football.
16. On 9 January 2014, Jeremy Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion praising Holocaust education programmes that had taken 20,000 British students to Auschwitz.
17. On 22 June 2015, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion expressing concern at the neo-nazi march being planned for an area of London with a significant Jewish population.
18. On 9 October 2016, Corbyn, close to tears, commemorated the 1936 Battle of Cable Street and recalled the role his mother played in defending London’s Jewish community.
19. On 3 December 2016, Corbyn made a visit to Terezin Concentration Camp when Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis. It was Jeremy’s third visit to such a camp, all of which were largely unreported in the most read UK papers.
20. Last year, a widely-endorsed 2018 accademic report found ninety-five serious reporting failures in the reporting of the Labour antisemitism story with the worst offenders The Sun, the Mail & the BBC.
21. On 28 February 2016, five months after becoming leader, Jeremy Corbyn appointed Baroness Royall to investigate antisemitism at Oxford University Labour Club.
22.On 27 April 2016 Corbyn suspended an MP pending an investigation into antisemitism.
23. A day later, Corbyn suspended the three times Mayor of London after complaints of antisemitic comments.
24. On 29 April 2016, Corbyn launched an inquiry into the prevalence of antisemitism in the Labour Party. In spite of later changes in how the inquiry was reported, it was initially praised by Jewish community organisations.
25. In Corbyn’s first seven months as leader of the Labour Party, just ten complaints were received about antisemitism. 90% of those were suspended from the Labour Party within 24 hours.
26. In September 2017, Corbyn backed a motion at Labour’s annual conference introducing a new set of rules regarding antisemitism.
27. In the six months that followed the introduction of the new code of conduct, to March 2018, 94% of the fifty-four people accused of antisemitism remained suspended or barred from Labour Party membership. Three of the fifty-four were exonerated.
28. When Jennie Formby became general secretary of the party last year, she appointed a highly-qualified in-house Counsel, as recommended in the Chakrabarti Report.
29. In 2018, Labour almost doubled the size of its staff team handling investigations and dispute processes.
30. Last year, to speed up the handling of antisemitism cases, smaller panels of 3-5 NEC members were established to enable cases to be heard more quickly.
31. Since 2018, every complaint made about antisemitism is allocated its own independent specialist barrister to ensure due process is followed.
32. The entire backlog of cases outstanding upon Jennie Formby becoming General Secretary of the Labour Party was cleared within 6 months of Jennie taking up her post.
33. Since September 2018, Labour has doubled the size of its National Constitutional Committee (NCC) – its senior disciplinary panel – from 11 to 25 members to enable it to process cases more quickly.
34. Under Formby and Labour’s left-run NEC, NCC arranged elections at short notice to ensure the NCC reached its new full capacity without delay.
35. Since later 2018, the NCC routinely convenes a greater number of hearing panels to allow cases to be heard and finalised without delay.
36. In 2018, the NEC established a ‘Procedures Working Group’ to lead reforms in the way disciplinary cases are handled.
37. The NEC adopted the IHRA working definition of antisemitism and all eleven examples of antisemitism attached to it.
38. A rule change agreed at Conference in 2018 means that all serious complaints, including antisemitism, are dealt with nationally to ensure consistency.
39. Last year, Jennie Formby wrote to the admins and moderators of Facebook groups about how they can effectively moderate online spaces and requested that any discriminatory content be reported to the Labour Party for investigation.
40. Since last year, no one outside Labour’s Governance and Legal Unit can be involved in decision-making on antisemitism investigations. This independence allows decisions free from political influence to be taken.

It is entirely incomprehensible to me that so many fellow MPs who attended debates in the House of Commons all failed to notice that Jeremy Corbyn had signed over a dozen Early Day Motions on behalf of the Jewish community specifically to protect their rights and interests. One can understand why Tory MPs might jealously try to denigrate a charismatic opposition Leader, but the oafish insults from Labour MPs like John Mann warranted official legal action. Did long standing verbally abusive Labour MP Margaret Hodge suffer selective amnesia when she aggressively defamed Corbyn in the Chamber? It was a disgusting rant that many believe should have seen her suspended from the Labour Party. I have embedded all of the original included Links with the exception of ones that go to the exact same source document, Labour Link on Jeanie Formby’s transformational efforts in tackling the ‘anti-Semitism problem’ as General Secretary: 29 – 37 and the last three points are all covered by the Link at point 28.

The Skwawkbox Article, “Crowdfund started by supporter Carole Morgan rockets,” will undoubtedly get the word out to well beyond just the Labour Left supporters, as so many fair minded people in the UK are sickened by the relentless vile propaganda and hateful messaging that has sabotaged Corbyn’s progressive team with unsubstantiated vicious lies. They report that, “A crowdfund started by a Jeremy Corbyn supporter to fund any legal costs faced by the former Labour leader has raised more than £120,000 in less than its first twenty-four hours – in spite of initial uncertainty whether it was genuine. Thousands of donations of £5, £10 or £20 quickly built momentum and more continue to come in. Carole Morgan set up the fundraiser, but was not widely known – but Islington North Labour Party has confirmed that Corbyn’s team is now in touch with Ms Morgan and everything is in order.” It really is high time to draw a line in the sand and say absolutely no more of this Far Right filth.

John Ware and co must honestly believe that, not just the media, but the public as a whole are behind them to take such an extraordinarily dubious gamble. It is one thing to bluster through a documentary segment or cry crocodile tears in a TV interview and quite another to tell boldface lies under oath in Court risking the severe consequence of jail time! Are these thoroughly selfish people so completely detached from reality that they didn’t hear about the massive Corbyn support rallies up and down the land? Were they so brain-dead that they totally bought into the Corbyn hatred propaganda and thought vast swathes of the exploited working poor really voted for the moronic toff when he crawled out of his refrigerated hiding spot to parrot three meaningless words, like a robot with well charged batteries? People are angry; they have been cheated and lied to for far too long and the blatant abuse of our court system for personal gain and to demonize an honest charismatic Labour Leader through this case is the very last straw.

As I have said before, appeasement doesn’t work, “Each time Labour back down and concede to these escalating false allegations they embolden the perpetrators. Ware and the sham Whistleblowers involved in the Panorama Documentary will continue chasing after Labour for more and more money until they bleed the Party dry. Starmer should have known this gross injustice would backfire, but he has brought this mayhem upon himself. He has awakened the lion from slumber and they are many in their number! Starmer will soon regret his vindictive actions trying to decouple from an exceptionally popular progressive former PM in this futile attempt to make his own mark: Starmer could easily be reduced to a dirty smudge on the Chamber floor! This is a unique opportunity to unpick all the toxic lies that lend a crutch of legitimacy to the Covert 2019 Rigged Election result; remove that crutch with a full investigation of malign influences, foreign and domestic, that manipulated Brexit and the last election and this Tory Government could fall. DO NOT MOVE ON!