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Kim Sanders-Fisher

After hours of trying to post a comment every which way, I have had to put the material on hold. I am trying a new post with no Links to see if it will post. I hope so…

When I wrote, “In his arrogance and greed John Ware has unwittingly opened Pandora’s Box, thinking he can just bluff his way to even bigger payouts from anyone who challenges his warped perspective,” it reminded me of a fitting title Ware is by far the prize winning champion of: ‘Presstitutes!’ Ware was fully supported by Murdoch at the Sun who believe having to pay damages for their reporters abhorrent lies was, and still is, an acceptable cost of doing business in the gutter press. If we thought the BBC held their reporters to a higher standard, that era has long passed, if it ever really existed. Ware has taken the ‘Journolynching’ to a whole new level where the smear campaigners and fake news pedlars are prepared to literally pervert the course of Justice by committing perjury, lying under oath, in our High Court to extort money out of anyone daring to refute such filth in trying to clear their name. Ware scored a major win by getting Starmer to capitulate, but we absolutely cannot allow this devious tactic to succeed ever again.

Ware must be wishing he had not threatened Corbyn with Legal action to try for another big payout. Jeremy’ Legal Fund is over £330,000 and Williamson’s fighting fund has £24,000 for a case that will blow a truth bomb through the vile EHRC Zionist instigated anti-Corbyn smear campaign. I have highlighted in previous posts that, Ware also has form as a dishonest Journalist who has cost the BBC who have paid damages for his past smear style of reporting. Here in a Skwawkbox article entitled, “The background of the man behind the Panorama ‘hatchet job’ – or ‘jobs’ – on Labour Party” they reveal the details. They describe John Ware as a: “pro-Israel former Sun journalist and maker of libellous output condemned as Islamophobe and already subject of complaint by Labour over earlier ‘hatchet job’” in their assessment of “The journalist behind this week’s Panorama ‘exposé’ of Labour’s handling of antisemitism complaints has a history that will raise questions in the minds of neutral observers. Below are details.”

In providing background information the Skwawkbox report that, “The Murdoch Times has run a series of attacks recently on Labour’s handling of antisemitism complaints based on emails and data taken from the party by former employees.” They say, “Some of those former employees destroyed the same data and more when they quit after the resignation of former general secretary Iain McNicol – thousands of documents – drastically impeding the party’s ability to deal with those complaints and allowing the media to claim Labour had been lax in resolving them. Now, former Sun and BBC journalist John Ware – who has written for a number of other right-wing publications – has made an episode of the BBC’s Panorama programme, claiming to examine the question, ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic?’” This article was posted prior to the now infamous Panorama hatchet job screening.

As stated before it’s hard to imagine what exactly the BBC expected from Ware given his reputation: a controversial reporter who came to them from the Sun Tabloid rag? Skwawkbox condemned the presentation saying that it was, “expected to be largely a regurgitation of the Times attacks.” Looking at past unwarranted attacks from Ware they cite, “Déjà vu – even before Corbyn was leader” and recall how, “In 2015, before Corbyn’s victory in his first Labour leadership contest had even been confirmed, Corbyn’s campaign was forced to complain to the BBC about a ‘hatchet job’ by Ware. Prefiguring the latest attack, the hatchet-job took the form of a Panorama programme. So extreme and transparent was the attack that it led even some of the mainstream media at the time to report that the usually-respected Panorama was being compared to Murdoch’s right-wing US propaganda outlet Fox News.” It is difficult to understand why the BBC would willingly do such serious damage to their reputation, except if they were leaned on by the Tories.

The Skwawkbox report that “Ware has a long history of articles that have outraged and offended Muslims, leading to descriptions of him as a ‘notorious Islamophobe’ ‘desperate to discredit Muslims’. So profound and widespread were the criticisms that in 2006 commentators were questioning the continued viability of the programme even as it was promoted to a prime viewing slot.” Then they detail the time it cost the BBC a significant settlement for damages with another broadcast saying that, “In one Panorama episode, Ware had accused a pro-Palestinian charity of being a front for terrorism. The following year, the BBC was forced to pay undisclosed damages to the charity’s former general manager for libel and to issue a public apology. ‘The BBC apologises for any distress caused to him as a result of including his image in the programme. It is happy to confirm that there are no grounds to investigate whether Mr Yacub was a colleague or an associate of Dr Yusuf in relation to the funding and supporting of terrorist activity in breach of the Charity Commission rules’. The BBC’s public apology for Panorama episode ‘Faith, Hate and Charity’.”

You would really think that the BBC would have learned a lesson from supporting such toxic programming as it has discredited the journalistic standard of Panorama. However Skwawkbox say the, “Accusations of Islamophobia did not end there. In 2015 – the same year as his first anti-Corbyn programme – he was heavily criticised for a Panorama episode accused of ‘othering’ Muslims as a threat to the UK. The programme led the Islamic Human Rights Commission to nominate Ware for an ‘Islamophobia award’, noting that he: claims that anti-Semitism is ‘entirely irrational’ however Islamophobia ‘is reactive,’ and therefore also justifiable? Ware had already ‘won‘ the award in 2005, after making a film attacking the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) just after the ‘7/7’ London bombings. In 2015, he was nominated for treating Islamophobia as a reaction to something about Islam and Muslims, in contrast to ‘irrational’ antisemitism.” Ware is a ‘Presstitute’ determined to cash in on hate mongering: we need to shut him down.

The Skwawkbox describe Ware’s “Anti-Palestinian – and anti-Orthodox – polemics,” but his characteristic widely recognized bigotry has become the pervasive acceptable norm and a growing cancer in UK society from the early 2000s right up to this day. They say, “Ware’s libellous attack on pro-Palestinian charity Interpal led the MCB to describe him as ‘an agenda-driven pro-Israel polemicist’. However Skwawkbox point out that it, “does not mean Ware automatically defends all Jewish people. In a 2013 film for the BBC, Ware referred often to ‘jihadists’ and ‘Islamists’ as a threat on Israel’s ‘hostile border’, but also found time to look askance at Ultra-Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism. In an article for the Jewish Chronicle, Ware described such Ultra Orthodox Jews – who make up around a quarter of the UK’s Jewish population and are expected to represent more than half within fifteen or so years – as ‘marooned on Judaism’s farthest fringe’.”

Skwawkbox report that, “The 2013 documentary led to accusations that Ware had downplayed the scale of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and attempted to demonise an Israeli Arab activist.” They also say, “Ware has also written articles targeting Muslim peer Baroness Warsi, including one from last December that accuses her of ‘beating [a Muslim appointee] with a stick ever since her appointment last January’.” While stating that they were, “unable to reach John Ware for comment,” they conclude that, “The BBC will present its Panorama programme as an impartial piece of investigative journalism – its impartiality obligations require it – and the rest of the ‘mainstream’ media will no doubt push it vigorously as such. But viewers will be justified in questioning whether the background of the reporter at the core of the programme makes such framing credible.” That Panorama episode generated 1600 complaints to the BBC that were rejected; many people also complained to Ofcom who also ignored the public outrage.

Ware has no credibility. He started off from a very low point working for Murdoch’s gutter press Sun and instead of progressing with work for the BBC on Panorama documentaries he morphed his gutter press mentality into his new role and dragged ‘Auntie’ into the gutter. Once bitten twice shy the BBC failed to learn from their last contentious experience with Ware and it will further tarnish their flagging reputation. Perhaps it’s the last straw for the public chocking down obscene levels of BBC bias propping up the Tory Party. The Court cases could fatally discredit the Tory propaganda machine and expose their racket with stacking so-called independent regulators and watchdogs with Tory yes-men when EHRC is exposed in Court. We must derail the Tory agenda for eliminating scrutiny and accountability by “Dominating, Deviating, Defunding, Disempowering or Dissolving” our checks and balances. Our Electoral Commission should have the power to investigate the Covert 2019 Rigged Election to kick out the Tories.