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Kim Sanders-Fisher

To fight the barrage of propaganda it is an urgent and vitally necessary priority that we change the pervasive toxic Tory narrative to disarm the dangerously hostile rhetoric of hate mongering on the far-right of our perilously endangered democracy. Cummings unleashed weapons grade PsyOps on unsuspecting and vulnerable ‘persuadables’ whose data was stolen by Cambridge Analytica and undoubtedly still remains in his grubby hands. For far too long we have gone into battle in this war of words and fake imagery without even the most rudimentary defence. “Cummings is the grenade; oust him and you pull the pin!” Until the PM’s Machiavellian puppet master can be removed, we must disarm all the deceitful and damaging slogans and false promises with greater creativity in the language that we use and the slogans that we adopt until they become the dominant persuasive speech of our rebellion in the fight to rescue our democracy. As an innovator, there are few things more fun to invent than new words and slogans!

Covid 19 is dominating the airwaves right now, hence the reason I write so frequently of its evil menacing twin as the “Covert 2019 Rigged Election.” We need this alternative description of the corrupt 2019 Election to become so deeply embedded in people’s minds that they no longer question whether there might need to be a full Investigation into the postal votes. As people live to regret the painful consequences of shambolic toxic Tory rule, ‘Get the Tories Out’ must become a national priority. We cannot allow our Electoral System to remain so vulnerable to industrial scale fraud again in future, but only complete exposure and clear realization of this critical weakness will secure change to “Rescue our Watchdog” as people demand that “All Votes Must Count” because: “A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a dog!” The frequent repetition of these slogans might seem tedious, but they make logical sense, they get an important message out there and they are absolutely essential to the new language of our robust fight-back.

The Tory claim of ‘landslide victory’ was in reality the ‘Seismic Sin’ of ‘Industrial Scale Fraud;’ before, during and still long after the Covert 2019 Rigged Election they are desperately trying to legitimize this by manipulating the Tory compliant BBC, tabloid press and alt-right media, utilizing an onslaught of further lies: urgently in need of ‘correction.’ We can no longer accept the grotesque lie about the ‘borrowed votes’ when we know full well that they were in fact ‘Stolen Votes.’ We cannot let the Tories crow about their assault on Labour’s solid and impenetrable ‘Red Wall.’ We must persuade those who will soon discover the extent of this hideous con that, if we do not remove them from power, this Government will turn the north into another neglected ‘Tory Sinkhole!’ The sickening lie of Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda is already being exposed with the targeting of the exam results of disadvantaged students; but how many more examples will it take before the working poor realize that Boris’s real priority is ‘Decimating Down!’

How was the Covert 2019 Rigged Election somehow justified as valid to the point where the public actually bought into the scam? An obscene amount of money bought political influence, enabling Tories to use their wealth to solidify their perpetual stranglehold on power. With all that money came grotesque corruption: it funded the industrial scale fraud of Idox rigging of the postal votes, the PsyOps propaganda campaign to warp minds, deregulation and neutering of our compliance and monitoring organizations that left our democracy defenceless. The single greatest threat to UK democracy comes from malign forces within our current Tory Government who paid a fake Charity to dredge up toxic rumours and relentlessly spew out anti-Corbyn anti-Labour propaganda on the public tab. The Tory contract with the Institute for Statecraft’s misleadingly named ‘Integrity Initiative’ was a criminal misuse of public funds that alone is sufficient to delegitimize the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and oust the Tory Party on corruption charges!

The ‘London Laundromat’ of stolen money was embezzled from ordinary citizens from the former Soviet Union, but also a whole host of other corrupt regimes and Corporations from around the globe who use our secure British tax havens to hide their ill-gotten gains. Dirty oligarch money fed the Tory beast, but as we ranted about unproven ‘Russian interference’ we dismissed the far more obvious threats. The clandestine foreign intervention from the UK Zionist Lobby, on behalf of the Apartheid Israeli Government of Benjamin Netanyahu, was launched in an effort to silence all defence of the deliberately persecuted Palestinians! Fake allegations of anti-Semitism have been weaponized and need to be disarmed. The fabricated and pure fantasy allegation of ‘anti-Semitism are just ‘Fanti-Semitism’ or ‘fantisemitism!’ We can and must defeat the fake news with the new narrative of truth! We cannot continue to totally ignore this insidious Israeli and US manipulation of our elections in favour of a dangerous Trumpist, pro-Israeli agenda.

Why do I call Ware’s band of lying Labour traitors, those who collaborated in the defamatory Panorama documentary, ‘Poison Dart Blowers?’ They have no right to sully the noble title ‘Whistleblower,’ for which dedicated individuals have followed their conscience in the public interest, so often forced to make huge personal sacrifices and suffer career sabotage, destitution or take their own life after exposing genuine corruption, embezzlement, negligence, safety violations or other serious wrongdoing. Those who, out of malicious intent, selfish greed, an attempt to settle personal scores or seize power, deceitfully pose as Whistleblowers to spew their pernicious lies and fabricated allegations are as deadly as the Amazonian natives who blow poison darts to stun and kill their prey! We cannot allow them to bask in heroic victimhood when, by reason of their evil treachery, they have duly earned the title: ‘Poison Dart Blowers.’ We will coax the media into adopting this more accurate title for those who’ve so richly earned our contempt.

I feel my innovative mind is going into linguistic overdrive to tackle this Tory scourge; so while we’re at it there are a couple of those rousing jingoistic songs of Empire that need, ‘rewording’ shall we say. Boris Johnson wants us to sing “Land of hope and glory” as if British exceptionalism will be boundless after he makes a “Titanic success” of crash out Brexit. His words, not mine; did no one remind him that the ‘unsinkable vessel’ sank just as ‘get Brexit done’ will morph into ‘Get Brexit Dung!’ The Brexiteers much touted ‘sunny uplands’ have become the looming ‘Dystopian Nightmare’ of hardship, deprivation and torment for the working poor and the newly unemployed subsisting on Universal Credit. As unemployment rises, more ordinary people in once secure jobs will discover a Tory planed path to destitution and debt purposely built into what remains of our beleaguered social safety net. It is intentionally stressful and cruel, with unnecessary delays, punitive sanctions and paltry, wholly inadequate, provision: no longer fit for purpose.

It is time to give these odiously jingoistic songs a more realistic rewording for our neoliberal vulture capitalist age; to be sung to the distinctive tune of “Land of hope and glory” punctuated by an abrupt pause and emphasis on ‘Drop Dead’ for maximum effect.

Lost hope and past glory, never to be free,
Powerful privilege eternal, breads Tory cruelty.
Poorer still and poorer, while on the treadmill set,
Work until you – Drop – Dead – forever in their debt!
Wealth made Tories mighty, it makes them mightier yet!

I am not a talented lyricist so this was chucked together in a ‘fit of pique’ watching Boris Johnson defend Empire in all its obscene excesses of blatant criminal plundering and subjugation. Just as he defends the memory of Churchill: the man responsible for the Bengal Famine and the first use of chemical weapons in Iraq against the Kurds that he despised as ‘savages.’ Why should we continue to sing “God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet,” when this represents ample reason to become an atheist? How could any merciful God genuinely endorse cruel persecution under British rule? Boris is still trying to make that one fit. I have also reworded the jingoistic song “Rule Britannia;” we sing: “Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rules the waves – Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.” But in a cruel dystopian reality the 99% truly are slaves, due to chronic wage stagnation, zero hours contracts and an even more punitive payment system for younger workers that leaves them trapped unable to leave home. New words please…

Cruel Britannia! Vile Tories rule the Slaves…
Only by ousting Boris Johnson will lives be saved!

The priority must now be saving lives. We know that the discredited eugenics policy of ‘Herd Immunity’ has been exposed as a mass slaughter of the weakest and most vulnerable in our society, the ‘economically inactive’ elderly, disabled, homeless, Gypsies and other ethnic minorities or simply those now out of work, but all surplus to capitalistic requirements and a ‘burden on the state!’ Never mind that this Tory Government destroyed their jobs and forced them into destitution, Tory Government policies are being designed to drive vulnerable sectors into danger as they ramp-up their ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple’. This time Herd Immunity will advance beyond the ‘Holocaust in Care’ using innocent school children as vectors to spread Covid to the vulnerable grandparents that poverty forces them to cohabit with. The rising death toll will be blamed on them, blamed on non-compliance, falsely blamed on obesity and diabetes, anything to deflect from the truth. In reality this is a deliberate Genocide we must call out as: ‘Covicide!’

Tell it like it is: “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s not a giraffe!” The Tories drum home their deceptive messages over and over again until their expansive fake news becomes the latest hot topic news flash and blatant lies become the new truth. In reality a promise made by Boris Johnson is just a ‘Bromise’ that will never be kept; a Tory pledge is just… more “Boris-shit!” The content of BBC news broadcasts is increasingly crammed to capacity with irrelevant drivel, laboriously spun like candyfloss into a voluminous, but handy distraction tool; this neatly obscures the harsh reality of a truly dire situation here in the UK. This pervasive tripe of vacuous spin, masquerading as relevant news, is more appropriately referred to by me as: “Handyfloss!” If anyone ever dares to attack me as unpatriotic, I tell them that I am a “Peaceful Patriot of the Planet” and I will defend the integrity and diversity of this unique “Blue Planet” without fear, favour or fake boundaries of jingoistic nationalism: join me to become a: “#PPP.”

In a perverse constraint on honesty and accountability in the House of Commons it is forbidden for an MP to accuse another of lying in the Chamber, while the actual telling of horrendous lies and expounding on fanciful pledges has become the signature of Johnson and his corrupt Tory Ministers. We do not expect the PM or any MPs to tell “Porky Pies,” we must demand honesty, by criminalizing this conduct, starting with a campaign to get “Porkies out of Parliament” – “Scoop the POOP!” We failed to prevent Johnson from doubling down on the lie written on the side of the Brexit bus and his ‘Bromise’ of huge sums to be reallocated to our NHS. Capitalizing on our lack of resistance he Bromised UK voters “40 new Hospitals;” highly unlikely to materialize unless US Healthcare Corporations fully privatize our NHS. There was that “world-beating” Covid App that was scraped as a component of Tallyho Harding’s ‘world wanking,’ err, ‘ranking’ Test and Trace! We must aggressively call the PM out on his outlandish Bromises.

I created posters for highlighting Johnson’s complicity in the Grenfell Tower disaster after decimating the London Fire Department for cash! I captured a simple message that could have evolved into a Gif to incite the ire of abandoned pensioners; it was entitled: “Get Rid of Nits” and featured Boris Johnson scratching his head in the hope of appearing innocently benign. This message really resonates with older people who remember nit infestation as well as calling very stupid people ‘nits’ back when they were in school. When Boris Johnson was insisting that he would rather “die in a ditch” than postpone Brexit, it was his second shallow pledge to perish in a ditch, but his pledge to protect against Heathrow expansion vanished in a heartbeat because Boris… just lies, has no conscience and no moral obligation to anyone! An imaginative Social Media contributor feminized Boris into a slightly pudgy blond called ‘Diana Ditch!’ It was a great image for my anti-Boris poster campaign, but I still lack the Social Media network to promote it.

Right now most major screw-ups consistently lead back to Dominic Cummings, yet he’s still in post: why? I believe he’s in a strong position to blackmail Boris Johnson and that if he is ousted he will drag the entire Tory Party down with him as he owes no special allegiance to the Conservatives. He is the supreme egotist, who believes that his master plan must dominate and be implemented in full. If he loses control of the PM there is no need for continued loyalty that will no longer revolve around him. He wants us all to know the full extent of his brilliant deception, but that’s the ultimate Tory weakness as he could easily spill the beans: why not if he is excluded from the program? We must continue to demand his immediate removal; “Cummings is the grenade, oust him and you pull the pin!” Mr. D. Cummings, the ‘Herd Nerd’ soft brain behind the ‘hard rain,’ could have his name appropriately abbreviated to ‘Dummings!’ ‘Ditch Dummings’ has a certain ring to it! I’ve created a wee limerick featuring the infamous Johnson/Cummings pair:

Dummings and Diana Ditch,
Insisted on making their pitch,
But the goal they were after,
‘Titanic’ Brexit disaster,
This pair is just too dumb to switch!

It is time to ditch the futile defensive mode that has generated a truly obscene number of humble apologies over what is essentially fantisemitism. The poison of fantisemitism allegations now stands a strong chance of being fully exposed as a cruel hoax that does nothing to protect the Jewish community from genuine prejudice or persecution and potentially incites both while sidelining other areas of ethnic and religious targeting. For this reason, if for no other, Jeremy Corbyn must be persuaded to go against his natural ‘turn the other cheek’ instincts and aggressively countersue John Ware. Lawyer, Mark Lewis of Patron Law is expecting to rake in megabucks with multiple large out of Court settlements, but he is in for a rude awakening when Crowdfunded support for justice sees defendants robustly fight back: his ‘no win, no fee’ will become a no fee financial drain! When legal insurers are no longer prepared to accept the considerable financial risk of losing SLAPP cases this risk free back up plan will become untenable too.

The well funded broad public support of defendants like Jeremy Corbyn who has raised over £332,000, Paddy French at Press Gang, the Jewish Voice for Labour and Mark Sivier at Vox, will make fewer and fewer cases rich pickings for the out of Court settlements so necessary to avoiding any challenge to the unsubstantiated fantisemitism evidence. The pro-active battles need our support too because we do not want them to drop their cases due to lack of funds. Chris Williamson fighting EHRC to expose corruption and bias is one; another is the ‘Mark Howell for Justice,’ a case to expose misuse of Labour Party election funds and resources. Corbyn’s battle to expose the truth about ‘fantisemitism’ might also become a proactive fight if Ware’s Lawyer Mark Lewis realizes that the case is unwinnable in Court. SLAPP cases only win by avoiding Court and eliminating risk, but they still succeed by shutting down public scrutiny, investigative reporting and open public debate: we must not let this happen.

Even without the SLAPP cases, rescuing free speech and restoring the integrity of our democracy face significant challenges. Keir Starmer’s lurch to the right has been noted approvingly by the vulture press, but the ‘Captain of Capitulation’ has proven himself a dangerous Trojan horse. Hopefully Starmer and his destructive faction of the Labour Party will be exposed and promptly ousted when the truth of the leaked Labour Report is validated in Court cases. Unjust legal attacks on investigative Journalists and honest publishers who hold Governments and Corporations to account are seriously worrying. Craig Murray will be travelling to London to try for a place in Court in support of Julian Assange at his hearing, while he too is still under attack from trumped up charges. Craig Murray will need funds to fight his own case and Assange requires our ongoing support. In the horrendous event the UK were to allow the US to extradite Julian Assange it would set a precedent for America to intimidate the free press into compliance globally! DO NOT MOVE ON!