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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The vindictive delusion of John Ware continues apace as we await his next onslaught targeting Corbyn and the Labour Party over their refusal to admit guilt over ‘fantisemitism!’ In an Article he wrote for The Critic entitled, “The anti-Corbyn plot that never was” it misleadingly says, “John Ware looks at the hard facts behind Momentum’s claims of centrist betrayal” Ware attempts to debunk the findings of the leaked 851 page internal Labour Report entitled, “The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014-2019,” which he says, “also has a section on the alleged 2017 election plot.” He claims a devious motivation for drafting the Report but, in reality, the Report was commissioned as the required official Labour Party response to the EHRC investigation as directly requested by the EHRC. For the former Labour Leadership not to commission such a report in defence of the actions taken with regard to anti-Semitism responding to the EHRC would have been a serious dereliction of duty.

Ware’s Critic Article is crammed with far too much nonsensical thinking to warrant more than a few damning quotes here. He pleads, “Don’t be fooled by the portentous title. The report was written by some of Corbyn’s most loyal allies — by a faction for a faction.” It would be truly extraordinary for those working for the Labour Leadership team to fail to support the person who was overwhelmingly elected by the majority of the party membership to represent them on two separate occasions, however Ware tries to make this sound like a perverse form of treachery. He ridicules the Report saying, “It claims to be the result of an ‘in-depth and extensive investigatory work providing a ‘full and thorough account of the evolution of the Party’s disciplinary processes in relation to dealing with complaints of antisemitism.”

In his evidence-free reporting Ware claims, “It’s nothing of the sort, though the report continues to provide ammunition for those who cling to the belief that ‘Jeremy’ was betrayed rather than defeated in the same way that doomsday cult members blame the calendar when the world fails to end.” If only he had been able to add a sinister sound track as he did with his Panorama hatchet job… Ware refers sympathetically to ‘Poison Dart Blower’ Sam Matthews as “an open, intelligent, easy-going 28-year-old who, as an official in the Governance and Legal Unit was responsible for investigating complaints, including those relating to antisemitism.” As with all of the PDBs he fails to mention their strong commitments to the Israeli Lobby with its witch-hunt agenda of targeting the progressive Labour Left by weaponizing fantisemitism.

Ware writes that, “Having spent many hours interrogating Matthews and other party officials ahead of the Panorama broadcast, I regard him as a man of integrity.” Ware desperately wanted to believe the lies because of his obsession in hating Jeremy Corbyn, but I wonder how quickly he will throw the PDBs under the bus as evidence emerges to debunk their leis? Ware is using classic SLAPP tactics trying to dither and delay while building a case in the media that might pressure Corbyn into a truly dishonourable capitulation, but courageous Corbyn is no Starmer style traitor to the cause of Socialism and I doubt he will back down given the massive support of contributors to his Legal Defence Fund. he just doesn’t need to. But will Ware take it to the next stage given he will need to prove an unprovable case in Court. I doubt it, but how will he attempt to wriggle out gracefully without revealing the criminal extortion that was knowingly propagated by his collaborators that he supported in this criminal deception?

Ware has already made a criminal admission with regard to this case regarding the alternative use of Labour Campaign funds. Can you imagine if an exclusive click among the Tory Party decided to divert 12% of Party dnations and membership dues to an alternative agenda during an Election Campaign? There is absolutely no defence that might justify such clandestine manouvers no matter how they might be perceived as somehow beneficial to the Party. The members selected Corbyn and his team to lead the Labour Party, trusting in his judgement as to what was the correct strategy to win an election. Absolutely no other faction or group of individuals, no matter what their intent, had any authority what-so-ever to disrupt this election strategy even if they feared it might result in a catastrophic defeat. Ware’s documented admission that this was exactly what happened is proof positive of unlawful embezzlement of Labour Party funds for which the perpetrators should be held criminally liable.

In his meagre concession to the truth Ware admits that, “The leaked report, however, is correct to say there was a project, which it calls the ‘Ergon House project’, so named because it operated out of Ergon House, the party’s London regional office. The report is also correct in saying that the project was run by Matthews, although it was inspired by more senior officials who, like Matthews, had witnessed levels of ineptitude not experienced with any previous Labour leader and their private office. The project was also secret in as much as it was not disclosed to Corbyn or his office. But beyond reporting these facts accurately, the authors provide no evidence from scouring (they claim) 100,000 emails that the motivation was to sabotage Corbyn’s chances of becoming prime minister.” The motivation of these rogue staff members going out on a limb in support of a personal crusade that they obscured from the official Labour Party Leadership is completely immaterial, because their use of Labour Party campaign funds was illegal.

The above documented admission is evidence of embezzlement; would a Corporation allow a group of employees to wing-it using Corporate funds; no they would face criminal charges as should this group of traitors to the Socialist cause. Ware claims that, “The report’s authors ‘are trying to build a mythical ‘stab in the back’ conspiracy theory to absolve themselves of the consequences of their incompetence,’ one former official told the Guardian.” He states that, “The project was actually called the ‘Bespoke Materials Service’. Unite’s submission to Forde even misreports the amount the BMS spent which was £135,014, just 1.2 per cent of Labour’s reported £11 million election spend. Even if they had won the extra seats, this would still only have brought a ‘Rainbow coalition’ level-pegging with the Tories.” All of this is totally immaterial because there is absolutely no justification for unauthorized use of Labour Party campaign funds. Even those who support the centrist cause need to realize that illegal is illegal!

But Ware is so absorbed in the righteousness of his own warped delusion that despite the depth of the hole he has buried himself in he refuses to stop digging. In further desperate attempts at justification he claims that, “In fact, the rationale behind the BMS was this: with the Tories 19 points ahead when Theresa May called the 2017 election, officials in Labour’s senior management team (SMT) feared for the very survival of the party as a viable opposition. Based on information about where voter sentiment was moving away from Labour, all the party’s 231 seats were graded according to whether they were ‘key’, ‘should be OK’, or ‘not winnable’.” He blathers on in centrist neo-con justification, oblivious to the fact that he just betrayed his clients in print; they could even justifiably try to get him disbarred! Ware’s Layers must realize that without bluffing their way to an out of court settlement they have no chance of winning in Court. They are relying on the hostile tabloid press to push their case in the gutter press.

In a Guardian Article entitled, “Labour was warned antisemitism report was deliberately misleading, leak reveals…” Or not! “The Party’s lawyer said private messages were presented selectively and without context.” However Formby told the Guardian, “she authorised the search of the party’s internal systems, including WhatsApp groups, after the EHRC asked her to do so for its inquiry. Formby told the Guardian she had authorised the searches of emails and WhatApp messages, which were legitimately carried out at the request of the EHRC ‘As general secretary, I authorised the searches which were legitimately carried out. The information used in the internal report into the handling of antisemitism complaints came to light when searches were undertaken in response to EHRC requests,’ she said. ‘The EHRC asked the Labour party to search all its internal systems, including WhatsApp groups where possible, and the party’s staff handbook makes clear that staff communications on internal party systems can be searched in this way’.”

The critical piece of information from Jeanie Formby, exposed here to the dismay of conniving legal teams. is that this action was taken in line with what was permissible within the written contract of Labour Party employees regarding access to their internal communications for normal Labour Party business communications. The fact that these legitimate channels were hijacked by a dissident faction of the Labour Party who were exposed via the internal investigations is massively important. The “we had a better plan” defence is just deeply insulting to all of those who chose the progressive Labour Leadership with a very specific objective and were woefully betrayed by those who illegally embezzled Labour Party finds to pursue an alternative agenda against the will of the electorate.

The evidence of malfeasance is so blatantly obvious that few can have disregarded the call and contesting the evidence became a huge risk. All of the people involved in this conspiracy to subvert our Electoral System should be prevented from any and all future participation in future elections. It is telling that a Report that was directly requested by the EHRC was prevented from being submitted to the EHRC by Sir Keir Starmer the eminently legally qualified man who assumed the leadership of the Labour Party. He then promptly sold Labour Party members down the river in a cowardly capitulation that was against the advice of the Labour Party Lawyers working on the case. The Labour Party is being asked to accept the insult of fantisemitism and move on, accept the betrayal that obliterated Corbyn’s hopeful message and wait another decade to be free of Tory oppression! So as yet another Tory flunky ‘Tallyho Harding’ is appointed to take the reins of our precious NHS do we do nothing or protest? Thankfully Craig Murray made sure that EHRC got an unredacted copy of the Report.

The Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Corbyn legal crowdfund appoints trustees” gave details of the latest update No 7 posted by Carole Morgan the Organizer who first initiated the fund raiser which has now raised over £332,600. They said, “ The successful fundraiser, which like Corbyn has been frequently smeared by disgruntled right-wingers, has announced the appointments in a new update on its page.” Following an informative exert they add, “Any who wish to donate or to view the whole update can do so here,” and the imbed a direct Link. Following the Link the latest information on the fundraiser contains the following update posted the other day by Carole. She writes:

“Hello Everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well as we head towards autumn. The bank holiday certainly seemed to give us a taste of things to come! In spite of the chilly weather, I hope you all had a pleasant holiday weekend. I have received a couple of enquiries about John Ware’s threatened legal action. At this point we don’t know whether the case against Jeremy will proceed.” In Morgan’s update she does not indicate whether Corbyn’s Legal team are considering going on the offensive with a countersuit, instead focusing on how the considerable sum of money raised will be judiciously administered by a new Trust of reliable well known, reputable individuals. If only we could trust the reckless Tory Government to make such carefully chosen appointments in the public interest!

Morgan reports that, “There has been some progress in terms of setting up the Trust for Jeremy Corbyn’s Legal Fund. I can now tell you the names of the three Trustees; Liz Davies, who has known Jeremy for more than 30 years. She works as a Barrister specialising in housing, and will be undertaking the role of Trustee in a personal capacity. The second Trustee is Andy Gregg. He is an experienced trustee and company director and has known Jeremy through human rights activity and community work in Islington for over 30 years. They first met when Andy was the General Secretary of Islington Voluntary Action Council in the late 1980s. Both Liz and Andy have worked with Jeremy in the political sphere over many years . As you might already have guessed, I will also be a Trustee and I am delighted to be joining Liz and Andy to ensure that your donations are kept safely within the Trust until such time as they are needed by Jeremy to fight the legal battles ahead.”

Carole Morgan offers a timeframe of when we might expect more definitive news regarding the Trust that hopefully will give some indication of whether there the potential for this case to go to Court will remain up to John Ware, who might back down, or will become more proactive in clearing the smear campaign that has blighted Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. She writes, “In terms of the Trust itself, as I mentioned in my previous update, this remains with Counsel and I hope to have more information on progress by the middle of next week. The aim is to have the Trust set up before the end of September. Of course the legal process needs to take whatever time is necessary to ensure that the Trust is legally watertight. Given the hostile reception our Fund received from the right wing press and anti Socialists within the various political parties I feel that this is particularly important.”

Morgan requests that we should be patient, writing, “Please bear with me while the Trust is being set up. I promise you that as soon as I have some definite news to report I will not delay in sharing it with you. My love and solidarity to you all, Carole.” I think it is time for people to become a great deal more vocal on the internet regarding the progression of this case so that Corbyn realizes that he has strong support not just to defend himself if necessary, but to force Ware to publically retract the ‘fantisemitism’ lies that continue to cause so much harm. Fantisemitism is extremely harmful to the Jewish community because the public have become weary of hearing the constant petty accusations and smears so really serious threats might go unnoticed. A massive amount of damage could spiral out of control with copycat SLAPP Lawsuits due to Starmer’s cowardly capitulation and this onslaught cannot be countered by continuing on the defensive; trying to disprove a negative is an uphill battle rarely won.

Yesterday David McNiven added this Comment, “I’m convinced Jeremy, given that Starmer was too cowardly, should countersue if Ware is foolish enough to throw away his future, those of his collaborators and possibly the rest of the MSM’s on this futile and duplicitous attempt at self-exoneration by the mere threat of legal action. In Jeremy’s place I’d initiate a suit myself to avoid the weasel weaselling out of his responsibility as his endless delaying tactics suggest is his intention. Admittedly it can take decades but like Grandma always said, ‘Truth will out.’ Anyone with any kind of social media profile should be linking to all four parts of the documentary “The Lobby” on YouTube at every opportunity – and anyone with the skills should be downloading them or uploading them to file sharing sites it in case Larry Page decides to suppress them.”

My comment is still awaiting moderation which can be quite slow with Skwawkbox, but in reply to David McNiven I wrote, “You are so right, these SLAPP cases are only won by intimidating the innocent into paying an out of Court settlement. Corbyn must be encouraged to overcome his, ‘turn the other cheek’ instincts. If he does countersue, refusing to allow Ware and the Labour traitors an easy out, then the lies on which they won their out of Court ransom can be used against them in Court. The staff in question do not have any right to claim victimhood as Whistleblowers; to me they are, PDBs, ‘Poison Dart Blowers’!” It would be great if a few of these more accurate titles, minor ‘adjustments’ and helpful additions to the public discourse could be more widely publicized on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, sadly a task beyond me where I need your help.

I then analysed the legal implication for Ware and the PDBs given that they would have needed to submit the substance of their legal claim as testimony that they would be prepared to swear to in Court under oath risking penalty of perjury. I continued my comment by elaborating on that point, writing, “Just because they didn’t go to Court to secure the huge payout from Labour, does not mean that they did not prepare sworn testimony that I believe would constitute an act of perjury in support of criminal extortion and fraud. This will be exposed if Corby takes Ware to Court and submits all of the factual evidence that debunks the total fallacy of rampant anti-Semitism in the Labour Party that I now call, ‘fantisemitism!’ The leaked internal report would then demonstrate the corruption and treachery that they relied on to fabricate their extortion racket that defrauded the Labour membership.” Are there any Lawyers among our circle of contributors who might be able to advise on this?

In conceding my weakness in this regard I wrote, “I am no legal eagle, but I think this might offer a means by which the Corbyn countersuit could potentially initiate the recovery of funds squandered by Keir Starmer in his cowardly capitulation. This would then call into question the selfish and equally corrupt motivations of the Captain of Capitulation and Starmer could then be forced out. If Corbyn is exonerated in Court and deliberate sabotage contributed to the loss of what I refer to as the “Covert 2019 Rigged Election,’ there should be no reason he couldn’t resume his leadership role or at least enter a new leadership contest which I have no doubt he would win. If you share my concerns about this damage to our democracy please sign my Petition…” I supplied the Petition link and reminded Skwawkbox supporters, “DO NOT MOVE ON!”

I think as the situation in the UK continues to deteriorate further the resistance to increasing Tory oppression will grow and the protests will not be deterred by petty restrictions from Priti Patel. However, I have noted an attitude of fatalistic complacency that must be strongly discouraged so sounding the alarm bells I wrote, “Progressive Labour members need to stop blindly accepting the toxic Tory propaganda that continues to support a fraudulent Tory grip on power that will morph into full-on dictatorship after the self-harm of their crash-out Brexit. Even those who strongly supported Brexit must now understand that once the Tories hijacked the negotiations it spelt disaster for the working poor. The Tories are prepared to break international treaties that will make any future trade deals highly unlikely. The Good Friday agreement and all humane options for a deal will be ignored. Our citizens will lose basic human rights in the emerging dictatorship so it is vitally important that we fight back.”

It is really hard to get any logical message across on the Skwawkbox because the hard core Brexiteers are still clinging to the pathetic life raft of betrayal concocted for them by an efficient Tory propaganda machine under the direction of the ‘Herd Nerd’ Dominic Cummings. ‘Dummings’ unleashed his weapons grade PsyOps on the persuadables who have continued to propagate Tory lies. I have learned to tread extremely carefully around these deluded individuals or they unleash a torrent of abuse that the Skwawkbox moderator is inclined to tolerate making me suspicious of their overall agenda. I then introduced a few nuggets of new wording in the hope the concept might catch on I wrote, “This battle starts with changing the narrative to disarm the Tory lies before the ‘Bromise’ of ‘levelling up’ becomes the cruel reality of ‘Decimating Down.’ For more new language options designed to hook the press with catchy headlines and slogans visit our Elections Aftermath Discussion Forum on Craig Murray’s Blog;”

I posted the Link to my page 8 Post # 58931, my last but one, which was full of alternative language. I then introduced another controversial contribution by saying, “Let’s start by rewording that rousing anthem of elitist imperialism: Land of hope and glory:

Lost hope and past glory, never to be free,
Powerful privilege eternal, breeds Tory cruelty.
Poorer still and poorer, while on the treadmill set,
Work until you – Drop – Dead – forever in their debt!
Wealth made Tories mighty, it makes them mightier yet!”

After adding, “Pause and emphasize ‘Drop Dead’…” I came up with a suggestion for where it could be sung for maximum impact, writing, “Take that to a vocal demo at the Proms or sing it to the PM at his Downing Street enclave. Soon he will wish the song had never been written or he had not made such a fuss defending the cruelty and exploitation of empire. There are my new words to ‘Rule Britannia’ that Boris might seriously object to, so easily learned for use at protests, but I lack the Social Media reach to make these ‘amendments’ go viral. Cruel Britannia! Vile Tories rule the Slaves… Only by ousting Boris Johnson will lives be saved!” It would be perfect if I could get these reworded versions taken up on Social Media; if you have Twitter savvy friends who might help, please forward these lyrics. If I was more tuned into this medium, younger and fitter my campaign ideas would be a lot more effective, but sadly this old sea dog has “swallowed the anchor!” If you can help out, please get in touch and: DO NOT MOVE ON!