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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – This bid to break an International Treaty bears all the classic signs of a horribly disruptive Dominic Cummings cherry bomb!
Whoever suggested Boris Johnson call his latest harebrained PR stunt “Moonshot” gave him a really ‘bum steer!’ It’s incredulous, he can’t instantly have recognized the potential for a seriously disgruntled population, with a strong reputation for course humour, to take this opportunity to post rudely exposed bums on the internet just to demonstrate their utter disgust with this new excuse to siphon state funding into elite Corporate coffers. It seems consultancy firm Deloitte will be trousering most of exorbitant 100 Billion budget for a hypothetical rapid testing system, still yet to be invented. Johnson’s promoting it with all the effusive positivity that he hailed the “Titanic success” of Brexit: now careening towards a crash-out disaster iceberg that will sink the UK economy into the depths of a prolonged recession! After a deprived decade of ideologically driven austerity that has forced millions into destitution and despair this corrupt Tory Government is set to squander untold billions on another worthless fantasy project doomed to failure.

It seems I am not the only one to cotton onto the potential for raunchy pictures being posted on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere on the Internet, that will make an absolute mockery of Johnson’s exceedingly poor choice of project name: Boris’s bare bum peeks out above his dropped trousers as pictured in a Canary Cartoon. The ‘cheeky’ cartoon title, “Operation moonshot laid bare,” also points to a Canary Article entitled, “Find out more about operation moonshot.” An image description of the cartoon says, “Boris Johnson is depicted standing on a podium with the words ‘operation moonshot’ on it. He’s holding a document with the words ‘100 billion on untested tech’ on the front. His trousers are down and his bare bum is exposed to a group of photographers. Johnson is depicted saying ‘Austerity was a lie we always have cash when we need it’. To the side of the podium, Dominic Cummings is depicted wheeling a wheelbarrow full of cash through a doorway marked with a sign that reads ‘secret tendering process’!”

The Open Democracy Article entitled, “Operation Moonshot could be the biggest NHS privatisation in history, and civil servants are shaking their heads in disbelief,” exposes the delusional project. They say, “The British government had plans to test everyone in the country for coronavirus every week by October – and it’s handed most of the work to the global accountancy firm Deloitte, openDemocracy can reveal. Labour MP Clive Lewis has dubbed the deal ‘potentially the biggest NHS privatisation in history’. Last week, civil servants were instructed to carry out the plan for all 68 million people in the UK to be tested weekly, according to a senior civil service source familiar with the conversations. The ambitious cross-departmental plan, dubbed Operation Moonshot, anticipated a second peak of COVID-19 in the winter.” The Tor-Ment’s warped decision making on Covid 19 restrictions strongly indicate that this resurgence is a purposely driven eugenics cull of the ‘economically inactive,’ a ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple!’

Open Democracy report that, “Civil servants greeted the scheme with widespread incredulity, given the government’s previous record on testing and tracing, which has lagged well behind most other leading economies. Those tasked with implementing the plan expressed doubt that it was even possible. One senior source told openDemocracy: ‘We all double-checked the figures,’ and they described the plans as ‘crazy’. The source also informed openDemocracy that Deloitte was being given the contract to deliver more than half of the work. Clive Lewis said: ‘Why not give the contract to the NHS?’ adding: ‘It’s too easy to get the impression that this government will hand out contracts to whoever happens to be mates with the right minister’.” Probably all these contracts have been awarded without tendering, as the Tor-Ment no longer feel the necessity for any level of accountability with regard to how public money is spent. This reckless allocation of contracts faces a Judicial Review, but Tories pledged to curtail this scrutiny.

Open Democracy say that, “In the week since civil servants were instructed to make plans for weekly testing, the government has already seriously scaled back Project Moonshot, from testing 10 million people a day to 4 million a day – a reduction of over 40 million a week. It has also pushed back the plan’s target delivery date to February 2021, in recognition of the incredible scale of the challenge: ‘Timelines have already slipped,’ conceded one source. Whilst there is widespread support for more aggressive action against the pandemic, openDemocracy understands there is considerable cynicism across government agencies at the resources being ploughed into ministers’ ambitious, headline-grabbing targets, which are widely seen as unrealistic. The original plan required UK testing capacity to rise from 326,000 tests a day at present to nearly 10 million. It would have involved the UK’s already overstretched labs multiplying their capacity by 31 times, within six to ten weeks.” The Tories will find a way to fudge the numbers.

Open Democracy say that, “Even the revised target involves completing twelve times as many tests a day. Asked about this capacity problem, a senior government planner sarcastically replied to openDemocracy: ‘Capacity is somehow solved by reducing the accuracy of the test’.” This is worrying enough without the Tor-Ment deciding to reinvent the wheel at the same time. They point out that, “All this comes in the midst of a major reorganisation of health authorities, with plans leaked in last week’s Sunday Times for Public Health England to be scrapped next month, and replaced with a new National Institute for Health. The new institute, designed by McKinsey consultants on a £563,000 contract, is likely to play a leading role in delivering the testing plans.” All this under the dubious leadership of serial failure Tallyho Harding who must be held responsible for the current shambolicly unreliable mishandling of track and trace that has seen infection rates skyrocket especially in newly reopened schools.

Open Democracy also warn that, “The scheme also raises questions around compulsion. Health secretary Matt Hancock has already said he does rule out compulsory testing, but the sheer scale of the new plan comes as a surprise, and there are serious concerns around forcing groups such as children to be tested. There are also huge uncertainties around how enforcement would work, what any new legislation would say, what criminal penalties could be applied for non-compliance and whether police forces have the time or inclination to enforce the scheme.” This project could see significant pushback from independently minded individuals in the UK. What it will effectively enable is the opening up of private data and personal health details to a private company who will then own a goldmine of data for sale to giant US Healthcare Corporations and that Johnson’s evil manipulator Dominic Cummings will have at his disposal for targeting with weapons grade PsyOps in future rigged voting opportunities.

Open Democracy remind us that in recent weeks they have “revealed a string of controversies around companies linked to the Conservative Party leadership being handed major contracts. There are currently fifteen workstreams within Project Moonshot. Eight have been handed to Deloitte. Other workstreams are in the hands of the Ministry of Defence, plus at least one other well-known private-sector consultancy.” This is an extremely concerning development in the race to privatize the NHS with an excuse to gather data during the Covid crisis that will compromise our future access to healthcare and the integrity of our rapidly fading democracy as we move ever closer to full scale Tory Dictatorship. They say, “Two days ago, Matt Hancock likened population-wide testing to a ‘moonshot’ – an acknowledgement of the government’s codeword for the plan.” How soon before people start baring their bums and posting ‘cheeky’ shots on the Internet along with gleeful salutation to Mat Hancock, Johnson and Cummings?

Open Democracy state that, “Deloitte didn’t provide a comment for this article, referring us to the Cabinet Office.” They include the following update, “22 Aug: the Cabinet Office passed our inquiries to the Department for Health and Social Care, who have now said ‘we will continue to challenge capacity, and have routinely set and met ambitious targets’, and that they have announced a series of testing pilots.” There is no excuse for this massive spend on a support system to deliver technology that has yet to be invented! Are the current delays in testing, and the phenomenally lengthy journeys people are expected to make to get a test, just a result of the continuing poor management and total incompetence of Tallyho Harding or a pretext to help justify this obscenely costly fantasy project that will invade our privacy to steal our personal healthcare data? It will be simply impossible for these private companies to test every person in the entire country without obtaining crucial contact and healthcare data at the same time.

This huge spending commitment comes at a time when children are being forced to return to school so that their parents are free to return to workplaces whether either of these spaces are Covid secure or not. This is driving the working poor onto public transport in unsafe numbers where the virus can easily spread. The token announcement of restrictions that will come into effect on Monday offer an equally nonsensical distraction from the reality of how and where Covid 19 is being openly encourage to spread within the population. There is an obvious priority for the Tor-Ment to reduce the contact, communication and support between families and friends, a modern take on a British tradition of divide and rule, with sectors of the population targeted for ‘othering’ to assign blame. Children studying together in class will be prevented from playing together beyond the school gates; those sharing a commute to the same place of work will be prohibited from meeting to socialize outside work except in the vicinity of a functioning cash register!

The Tor-Ment know that many poor families are forced to live in cramped multigenerational households where grandparents will be extremely vulnerable to children newly infected by Covid 19 in school. This is a deliberate strategy to cull ‘economically inactive’ pensioners who they know are more susceptible to the disease and have a poorer prognosis for survival. At the same time as elite executives and more affluent managerial staff will continue safely working from home, the poorly paid drones are being forced back to work, but the logistics of how ‘Social distancing’ can be enforced in a lift have yet to be explained! The UK will experience ‘social cleansing’ of epic proportions in line with the original eugenics policy of ‘Herd Immunity,’ pushed by Herd Nerd Cummings that has never been abandoned by his compliant puppet Boris Johnson to effect their ruthless ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple’. As the NHS becomes overwhelmed, privatization will accelerate, and more people will be blamed and denied treatment in this Covicide.

A Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Well-distanced Johnson and advisers take press briefing questions by VIDEO – but it’s ‘safe’ for kids and workers to be back in classrooms and workplaces,” exposes the blatant Tor-Ment hypocrisy. They say, “Boris Johnson and his chief science and medical officers still took questions from journalists by video link in his press briefing on Wednesday afternoon – despite ample room for ‘social distancing.” They expose the incomprehensible lack of logic that treats the public as if we were all too stupid to realize we are getting duped by the pathological liar who stole votes to become our Prime Minister.

Skwawkbox point out that despite the obvious reservations of the presenters, “we’re supposed to believe that he thinks it’s safe:
• for kids and teachers to be un-distanced in tight classrooms, where outbreaks are happening too fast to keep track
• for workers to return to workplaces with the sick joke of ‘covid-secure’ to protect them, as the rate of infection turns exponential
• for people to eat indoors in busy restaurants or drink in busy pubs – as long as its with more strangers than friends or family – even though Matt Hancock has admitted that pubs act as epicentres of outbreaks.”
They remind us that, “Actions speak louder than words, Bozo. You’re heaping guilt onto the already towering pile atop your head.”

Another Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Number of schools hit by virus passes 500,” is one of a growing number of alarming reports from them regarding the skyrocketing incidences of Covid 19 outbreaks hitting our UK schools. They warn that, “The number of schools hit by coronavirus outbreaks has reached 501 – up from 347 just yesterday morning. Reaching 347 after just a week of English schools opening was frighteningly fast, but an increase of 45% – and likely to beat 50% before the end of the day – in just a single day demonstrates what SAGE scientists have already termed the exponential growth in the prevalence of the virus in the community. Keeping schools open while the government tightens restrictions elsewhere is politically-driven madness that flies in the face of scientific knowledge. They must be closed and not re-opened until Boris Johnson’s boast of millions of instant at-home tests per day is a reality.” This insane discrepancy is not being challenged by the compliant BBC or the Mainstream Media, YET!

In another Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Exclusive: Dept of Health denies tests being withheld from children – but parents are told otherwise when they try to book and insiders say it’s true,” it includes a number of twitter posts from concerned parents that verify the phenomenon. They say, “Parents are reporting that they are being told that children are not being tested when they try to book a coronavirus test for their child. A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson told the SKWAWKBOX that it is not true that children are being denied testing. However, health insiders say that it is true that many children are being turned away and that the rationing is driven by the government’s desire to reduce its widely-condemned backlog and delays – and to mask the incidence of the virus among children.” This is obviously motivated by the desire to drive the working poor back to their jobs while deliberately putting older family members in multigenerational households at risk in a call of the ‘economically inactive.’

Skwawkbox remind us that, “More than 500 schools have now been hit by coronavirus outbreaks, with England far in the lead in spite of its schools returning later than other UK nations. Children have been shown to carry the same viral load as adults and to transmit the virus within the school environment. Public health officials have also reported that children over ten are now as at risk as adults, while SAGE scientists say that the second wave is rapidly becoming exponential.” They say, “Parents are responding to the SKWAWKBOX’s article with their own experience of being denied tests for their children.” Visit Skwawkbox to see the reports from these parents and to get a true picture of the alarming trend of infection in school children that the Tory compliant BBC and Mainstream Media has endeavoured to keep hidden from the public.

Students will be heading to colleges and universities all over the UK with a predictable spike in cases that the Tor-Ment will blame on reckless youngsters partying, as if contact during lectures and in halls of residence would be completely irrelevant. Tor-Ment determination to intentionally ignore the blindingly obvious unexplained discrepancies and scapegoat young people to hide their consistent incompetence will only work if the public neglect to call out their repeated failings. The dramatic increase in grotesquely inappropriate outsourcing of contracts without tendering, under the guise of emergency necessity, is being challenged in Judicial Review. But the Tories have pledged to remove this essential curb on obscene Government excess severely restricting the checks and balances so vital to what remains of our vanishing democracy. The sudden replacement of Public Health England with a new, vaguely defined entity under the leadership of Tallyho Harding who has a track record of inappropriate data loss should alarm us all.

Data is the new gold, the single most valuable resource of the future and Dominic Cummings has a veracious appetite for stealing, abusing and maintaining control of our data. I have no doubt he is the driving force behind these drastic changes designed to grab our data so his removal remains an urgent priority. Cummings is the grenade; oust him and you pull the pin! If he loses access to that data gold his power over us is extinguished. The plan to steal our data with an App failed miserably and had to be abandoned. Bumbling Boris has offered us a perfect opportunity to ridicule this latest plot as the rude and ridiculous “moon shots” posted online will help us to inform the public of the underlying danger of allowing a suspect private company unfettered access to our contact and healthcare data that they can sell off to US Healthcare conglomerates. We must demand proper scrutiny and an Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, because the only way to derail the deadly Tory Government agenda is to force them out of office. DO NOT MOVE ON!