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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – Track and Trace are for the purpose of data mining, but effective quarantine would sabotage the Tory ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple” agenda! Despite my strong personal interest in “Disruptive Concept and Design Innovation,” I wasn’t aware of the ‘think outside the box’ Tech experiments launched by the likes of Google under the name ‘Moonshot.’ Indeed, it is the selfish, narcissistic and ultimately ‘evil’ motivations of the Johnson/Cummings dictatorship that seriously discredit their latest project’s assignment to this category. In reality the teams at Google X do not wildly grasp at a fanciful idea to hijack as a deceptive publicity stunt for disguising the wanton plunder of massive amounts of state cash to be greedily absorbed by the Corporate entities least capable of delivering anything tangible at all, let alone technology for the public good! It is their sinister goal of nationwide data mining to increase the vulnerability of the entire population that makes the Tor-Ment’s ‘Operation Moonshot’ such a perverse object of well deserved criticism and derision worthy of crude ridicule capitalizing on the most base interpretation of a desire to ‘moon’ those still intent on exploiting us!

The name ‘Moonshot’ wouldn’t have attracted sneers, jeers and sleazy comments of cheekily exposed bare bums were it not for the overwhelmingly shambolic track record of failures sabotaged by the staggering levels of self-serving Tory greed that spawned the idea. But, it’s only fair to present the original thinking that motivated their seemingly bizarre choice of name; In a Wired Article entitled, “Inside X, Google’s top-secret moonshot factory” they explain the evolution of this concept. Revealing that, “X – formerly Google X – aims to pursue technological breakthroughs by taking crazy ideas seriously. When will its bets pay off?” They say, “X does not call itself a corporate research lab (it uses the term ‘Moonshot Factory’), but when it was founded in 2010, its remit wasn’t entirely clear.” Wired describes a visit to X on the most outlandish of days when those involved with the project were stretching their imaginations even further to arrive in costume on Halloween which is well observed in the States.

Wired report that, “X originally grew out of Chauffeur, Google’s self-driving car project, then spearheaded by the Stanford roboticist Sebastian Thrun. Page and Brin admired Thrun for his work on Streetview and turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps, and at X they offered him free reign to pursue similarly offbeat ideas. “Initially, the title was called ‘Director of Other’, Thrun is quoted as saying, “We wanted to push technologies in many different directions, including self-driving cars.” They report that, “For at least a year, X’s existence was a closely guarded secret. Other Google employees were denied keycard access. Even within Google, where bottom-up management is a founding principle and employees are allowed to spend 20 per cent of their time working on their own ideas, X had a free-wheeling, intellectually anarchic style.”

Wired reveal how, “Engineers from Project Chauffeur worked alongside those from Google Brain, Loon and a handful of other equally audacious projects.” They quote Thrun saying, “I wanted to get no bureaucracy, no PowerPoints, no financial reporting, no oversight, so that the people in charge could focus entirely on the challenge,” Thrun says. “Most of the early project ideas came from Page and Brin themselves, who took a close interest, and eventually moved into X’s building. (Teller once described X as Brin’s ‘batcave’.)” You can see how their model of “no bureaucracy, no PowerPoints, no financial reporting, no oversight” would fit perfectly with the Johnson/Cummings ‘wild west’ direction of zero accountability politics to abscond with public funds in support of absurd PR stunts with no determination driving follow-through of successful completion. The delivery of any tangible public benefit is immediately undermined by the Tories zero-tendering selection of serial failure profiteer Corporations and grossly inappropriate leadership.

The public still question the actions and policies of Google, but we are reminded of an earlier ethical commitment made by the company by Wired after describing some of the areas of innovation abandoned by X. They say, “These events have reignited debates about the responsibility that Alphabet has, in Google’s once famous phrase, to not be evil. Although these projects did not come under X, Teller says he thinks deeply about the ethics of his team’s work. His grandfather, after all, worked on the Manhattan Project. ‘There definitely have been things people brought up [at X] that are like, ‘Nope, that’s evil’.” That must be an extremely tough legacy to live with considering the catastrophic destruction and loss of life of the Atomic Bomb that resulted from the ‘Manhattan Project.’ Sadly in the UK, a huge amount of the available funding for groundbreaking innovative design supports the top engineers in the country focused of lethal weapons systems for our rapidly expanding arms industry. Where should we focus?

Wired highlight Kathryn Zealand’s novel idea to, “build a pair of assistive trousers that might help the elderly and immobile walk independently.” They quote Zealand, who is Australian, saying, “The space of ageing in general hasn’t had enough investment. The demographics mean it’s going to be a big thing in the future. The trousers, code-named Smarty Pants, are inspired both by recent advancements in soft robotics and Zealand’s own experience with her 92-year-old grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s.” I have tried to promote ‘Silver Sector Design’ myself as a member of the Seas2Grow collaborative initiative that spans several EU countries, that we hope won’t be jeopardised by crash-out Brexit. My despair over the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was driven in part by the callous attitude that led Cummings to declare that he was OK with old people dying as a consequence of his warped eugenics ‘Herd Immunity’ strategy. How can you promote innovation to assist the elderly to Tories intent on their annihilation?

One of the concepts that I have been working on targeted combating malnutrition in the elderly, which I identified not so much as one of poverty, but primarily a logistical problem. The program I called [email protected] would have signed up a wide variety of local businesses, restraints, pubs and take away outlets, as well as grocery providers large and small right across the country to focus on catering to an elderly clientele, offering the option of smaller portions of well balanced meals and easy to prepare grocery items. Due to existing morbidities there would be strict standards for sugar and salt content for participating businesses offering a special [email protected] menu or entre and recyclable packaging standards too. Pensioners would receive an [email protected] card to manage their payments and a visit from a coordinator to help them create a custom shopping matrix for call in of orders. The logistics of home delivery of meals, groceries and also carers in green-tech vans would be a coordinated service for all participating businesses.

Concerned elderly and compromised individuals were the first to remove themselves from the threat of infection; the last time I got on a bus was March 7th when I went into the city centre to cast my vote in the US Democratic primary. Fear of shortages caused by crash-out Brexit had already caused me to stock up on a few basics so, I was well prepared. Sadly many vulnerable people were the least well prepared and they really struggled to shop online. Computer savvy young people grabbed the delivery slots while those without family or neighbours were abandoned. Imagine if my [email protected] program had been in place before Covid hit! Ideas for compassionate governance that put the Health and welfare of ordinary citizens first are not a priority for this Tory Government The ‘Holocaust in Care’ and culling of the ‘economically inactive’ will no doubt trim down the demographic that I have focused on designing for to help maintain dignified independence. I feel compelled to stuff my brain in a matchbox until we get the Tories out!

As someone who is truly passionate about disruptive innovation and design I am not impressed by the squandering of funding on Moonshot. Wired admits that, “It’s also possible to see moonshots as something more cynical: attempts to dominate industries that don’t yet exist.” Never more true that the hairbrained scheme announced by Boris Johnson to distract from his most recent string of life threatening failures in tackling Covid 19! Wired report that, “The concept of moonshots is now used widely by both startups and governments. Massive venture capital funds, such as SoftBank’s Vision Fund, are enabling startups to take moonshot-sized risks of their own.” Wired cautiously warn that, “Genuine breakthroughs require both immense capital, creativity and, perhaps most important, patience.” I do not recognize ‘patience’ as one of ‘bull in a China shop’ Boris’s qualities, but then he has precious few qualities to choose from. His entertainment value as comic relief is overshadowed by the seriousness of the disasters he creates.

Wired report that, “‘If we define moonshots as trying to create something really radical… that’s really hard. The really big things, it’s tough to see who’s going to do it,’ Nathan Myhrvold, the former director of Microsoft Research and founder of Intellectual Ventures, told me. ‘But the flipside is if you’ve got those resources and you don’t do it, then we’ll never know if there was some fabulous technology that took that kind of effort’.” While certainly Government has the capacity and funding to take on radical ‘moonshot’ thinking, it is not an excuse for launching dubious vanity projects in a time of National crisis. When those who will ultimately pull together and implement the ambitious Moonshot testing program announced with such fanfare by heading up the team in charge gets thoughtlessly assigned to serial failure Oxford chum Tallyho Harding there is zero public confidence in any hope of success. There is also the sinister undercurrent of Dominic Cummings obsession with data mining and weapons grade PsyOps to consider.

Wired describe how, “Sitting in front of Teller-as-Gandalf, it’s hard not to think of an even earlier moonshot factory: the labs of Thomas Edison, known as the Wizard Of Menlo Park. It may be that the self-driving car, or one of X’s many other moonshots, will end up transforming society in ways we can’t yet foresee. It might save the world, or it might just help Alphabet grow ever richer and more powerful.” I have always been a huge admirer of the Menlo Park model of collaborative effort driving innovation, but while the innovators at X are focused on the public good, the bean counters are unlikely to be thinking of anything beyond power and money. Teller is quoted as saying, “The real test is 15 to 20 years from now, when the dust is settled and we look backwards. Then how are we doing?” Teller says. “Until then, there will always be more crazy ideas worth chasing. The world’s got more than enough problems, sadly.” The wealthy global elite are not focusing on funding support for those intent on solving the world’s problems.

The extensive Wired Article focusing on the origins of noble ‘Moonshot’ thinking is lengthy, but I found it reassuring and well worth reading as it elaborated on exciting future possibilities at a time when my on creative projects have ground to a standstill drowned out by the grotesque injustice of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. However, we shouldn’t confuse this area of disruptive innovative technology with the deliberately destructive cherry bombs that appear to emanate directly from Dominic Cummings in his unelected position of power dictating to the PM and the Tor-Ment. He remains a credible theta to the future of our democracy as he continues his agenda of dismantling every bit of it brick by brick. The technology of the App that failed to provide security for our data has been replaced by a new scheme potentially allowing Cummings access to mine and manipulate our data for sinister purposes of unleashing his weapons grade PsyOps. But, Cummings is the grenade; oust him and you pull the pin!

With an appalling track record of the huge data privacy debacle at Talk-Talk plus the failure and abandonment of the much touted ‘world-beating,’ track and trace App to the controversy over the current handling of track and trace Tallyho Harding is without doubt the absolute worst person to be placed in charge of the new body about to replace Public Health England. The toxic combination of Harding’s careless regard for privacy, the sinister undercurrent of Dominic Cummings’s warped obsession with data mining and weapons grade PsyOps and powerful private Corporations with a vested interest in selling of this precious NHS data goldmine should alarm us all. Boris Johnson is setting this project up for abject failure right from the start; sadly the demise of Operation Moonshine will harmfully taint and discredit other project that share this innovative concept. Shame on Johnson, Cummings and the whole corrupt Tory cabal they thoroughly deserve to be called out with ranchy pictures of bare bums as we vent our rage.

In the Canary Article entitled, “Moonshot or moonshine? Experts sceptical about government’s latest coronavirus plan,” they criticize the lunatic program and the unjustified massive spend. They say, “Boris Johnson’s government is considering shelling out up to £100bn for a mass at-home coronavirus (Covid-19) testing programme. But experts are sceptical about its ability to deliver. Known as ‘Operation Moonshot’, if it worked, up to 10 million tests could be carried out every day from the comfort of people’s own homes.” In explaining how Operation Moonshot would work they say, “Ministers and health officials are hoping for a test that doesn’t need processing in a lab. It would mean users get their results in a matter of minutes rather than days. The saliva test would mean people don’t need to travel to testing centres or wait for their result. Health secretary Matt Hancock says he hopes people can have ‘a happy and loving Christmas that people yearn for’, if a vaccine or mass testing becomes available.”

The Canary cautions that, “it doesn’t exist yet… The first problem with this is that, as yet, a reliable at-home test has yet to be developed. So it will be some time before we can rely on it to help us return to normal. Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said on Thursday: There are prototypes which look as though they have some effect, but they’ve got to be tested properly. We would be completely wrong to assume this is a slam dunk that can definitely happen.” They also question the massive price tag asking, “how much will it cost? Operation Moonshot would cost £100bn – almost as much as NHS England’s entire £114 billion budget in 2018/19. That’s according to documents seen by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).”

The Canary report that, “Last week, the government pledged £500m for a community-wide repeat testing trial in Salford, Greater Manchester, as part of pilot scheme for a no-swab saliva test. A number of residents will go for a weekly test, with up to 250 carried out each day. Meanwhile existing trials of tests in Southampton and other parts of Hampshire will also be expanded.” The Canary ask, “why are they doing it? After limiting groups meeting indoors or outdoors to just six people, the government needs some good news. The hope is that, with widespread home testing, society can reopen fully and the economy can get up and running even before a vaccine has been developed. Prime minister Boris Johnson said the programme would allow Covid-negative people to ‘behave in a more normal way in the knowledge they can’t infect anyone else with the virus’.”

The Canary want to know why we are not building on what is in place right now, asking, “What are the problems with the current testing programme?” They say that, “The current testing programme faces considerable criticism for struggling to meet demand. On 8 September, NHS Test and Trace’s director of testing apologised to people who were unable to get a test. And many people who tried to access a test on Wednesday got an error message telling them to try again, and warning them not call the helplines. There are also numerous reports of people having to travel long distances to get a test, only to discover they don’t have an appointment. One man, from Maidstone, Kent made a 400-mile round trip for a test. Then his results were lost. On Wednesday, Hancock also blamed the shortage of testing slots on symptom-free people attending for a test. But people can be symptom-free and still spread the virus.”

The Canary point out Tory Government failures citing, “Not the best track record.” They report that, “Separate information, also seen by the BMJ, suggests Operation Moonshot will include plans for 10 million tests to be processed each day. But figures the government proposes and those they deliver tend to differ significantly. This has been the pattern since the start of the crisis. On 25 March, Boris Johnson said the government was ‘massively ramping up’ testing and hoped that ‘very soon’ 250,000 tests would be carried out each day. The government no longer publishes daily testing figures. But the latest available figures say 175,687 tests were reported on 2 September.” The Canary say that, “on the same date, the estimated total capacity reported by laboratories was 369,937. So almost six months later, the government has still not met its March targets.” Given the consistent failures it would have been wise to select a really competent person to head up the new project, but Tory cronies won out!

They report that, “in April, after intense scrutiny over failures in testing, Hancock set a target of achieving 100,000 daily coronavirus tests in England by the end of April. At the time, only about 10,000 tests were being carried out each day, but the health secretary remained confident that the government would meet its target. Around 80,000 tests were carried out on April 29. Then numbers jumped by 40,000 in the final 24 hours to just over 120,000. The government said it met its target, with Hancock heralding it as an ‘incredible achievement’. But there were plenty of questions over how those tests were counted, with last-minute changes meaning newer home test kits were counted as they were sent out. The overall total also included tests dispatched to ‘satellite testing locations’ – such as hospitals that had a particularly urgent need – but did not detail whether the tests were actually used. So the government figure was for the number of tests known to have been delivered. The number carried out in the 24 hours was only 81,978.”

According to the Canary Operation Moonshot is probably just, “Another bit of moonshine? On Wednesday 9 September, Johnson said officials are: working hard to increase our testing capacity to 500,000 tests a day by the end of October. But by Thursday morning, when transport secretary Grant Shapps was sent out to defend the plans, he declined to give a time frame on Operation Moonshot. And he admitted the technology does not yet exist. He told Sky News: This is technology that, to be perfectly blunt, requires further development – there isn’t a certified test in the world that does this but there are people that are working on prototypes. Taking everything into account, it’s quite a jump to assume we can go from the current scenario to one where millions of tests, which provide a result in between 20 minutes and 90 minutes, are carried out daily.”

The way forward is fraught with danger; as stated before: “Data is the new gold, the single most valuable resource of the future and Dominic Cummings has a veracious appetite for stealing, abusing and maintaining control of our data. I have no doubt he is the driving force behind these drastic changes designed to grab our data so his removal remains an urgent priority.” The App failed, but, if Cummings loses access to that data goldmine altogether by being ousted, “his power over us is extinguished. Bumbling Boris has offered us a perfect opportunity to ridicule this latest plot as the rude and ridiculous ‘moon shots’ posted online will help us to inform the public of the underlying danger of allowing a suspect private company unfettered access to all of our contact and healthcare data that they can sell off to US Healthcare conglomerates. We must demand proper scrutiny and an Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, because the only way to derail the deadly Tory Government agenda is to force them out of office.” DO NOT MOVE ON!