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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA & N – I can see my comparisons between the “Enabling Act” in Germany that facilitated Hitler’s rise to Dictatorship with the frightening consolidation of power under the Johnson/Cummings Tory Government has struck a raw nerve. We should be afraid, very afraid because it was only when I was compiling the information for that post that I realized Hitler had overcome far greater obstacles on his journey towards full dictatorship and how little stands in the way of a rogue Government here in the UK. Yes it is precisely that absence of a written constitution that leaves us so vulnerable here now. We have relied upon a simple ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ in a place where traditionally “an Englishman’s word was his bond.” We can no longer afford to wallow in this blissful ignorance; Johnson, Cummings and the current Tory cabal are not ‘gentlemen,’ or respectable ladies for that matter, and their word is worthless as evidenced by their willingness to break an International treaty that Johnson signed only a few short months ago.

PsyOps allowed Cummings to creep inside the minds of society’s most vulnerable and persuadable, to warn them against thinking of self-preservation and survival in order to establish unquestionable support for the wealthy Tory elite. Do I really believe that this devious con trick was enough to cause a landslide victory for renewed Tory oppression? Obviously not, a massive incidence of Stockholm syndrome was highly unlikely, but the BBC and MSM pumped their propaganda. Cummings relied on stolen data to facilitate his coup without suffering the slightest protestation from opposing ranks. More data provided by private sector Track and Trace, Apps, and more, will help to build a far larger database for potential future exploitation which is covertly designed into the Governments corrupt Track and Trace program requirements. The system requests, not just the data needed for controlling the disease, but information that is saleable to US Healthcare Corporations and useful to those hoping to control all future elections.

In 1991 I was contracted to deliver a sturdy Han Christian cruising yacht across the northern north Atlantic from Ft. Lauderdale to Holland. One on my two selected crew was a young woman who had sailed with me to England on the US Women’s Challenge aboard ‘Inespal’ as we sought sponsorship to compete in the Whitbread round the world race. After a really fast crossing proving competitiveness of the newly designed and built boat, we still failed to secure a major sponsor for the team, but I was able to sail leg two of the 89/90 race aboard vintage Maxi ‘With Integrity’. On the trans-Atlantic my friend brought along a book that we both avidly read, fiercely vying for access when not on watch. This addictive page turner was Margaret Atwood’s haunting book “The Handmaids tale.” In the book it was an emergency situation that allowed the Gilead to seize control, but this scenario is no fluke of futuristic fantasy; it’s a well recognized opportunity for an authoritarian overthrow of legitimate Government to install dictatorship.

In a Smithsonian Magazine Article entitled, “The True Story of the Reichstag Fire and the Nazi Rise to Power; When the German parliamentary building went up in flames”, Hitler harnessed the incident to seize power. It says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s fire, conspiracy theories are sure to follow. At least, that’s what happened in Germany on February 27, 1933, when a sizeable portion of the parliamentary building in Berlin, the Reichstag, went up in flames from an arson attack. It was the canary in the political coal mine—a flashpoint event when Adolf Hitler played upon public and political fears to consolidate power, setting the stage for the rise of Nazi Germany. Since then, it’s become a powerful political metaphor. Whenever citizens and politicians feel threatened by executive overreach, the ‘Reichstag Fire’ is referenced as a cautionary tale.”

The Smithsonian recount that, “Germany’s first experiment with liberal democracy was born of the 1919 Weimar Constitution, established after the conclusion of World War I. It called for a president elected by direct ballot, who would appoint a chancellor to introduce legislation to members of the Reichstag (who were also elected by popular vote). The president retained the power to dismiss his cabinet and the chancellor, dissolve an ineffective Reichstag, and, in cases of national emergency, invoke something known as Article 48, which gave the president dictatorial powers and the right to intervene directly in the governance of Germany’s 19 territorial states.” I find it somewhat ominous that the most worrying segments of the last Tory manifesto, including reinventing our Human Rights, all appear on page 48, but that is probably just a chilling coincidence.

The Smithsonian tell how, “Following a stint in jail for his failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, Hitler poured his energy into attaining power through legal channels. He rose to the head of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis), and by 1928 the group’s membership exceeded 100,000. The Nazis denounced the Weimar Republic and the ‘November criminals,’ politicians had signed the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty forced Germany to accept responsibility for World War I, pay huge remunerations, transfer territory to their neighbors and limit the size of the military. Despite its considerable growth, the Nazi party won only 2.6 percent of the vote in the 1928 election. But then the Great Depression hit, sending the U.S. and Europe into an economic tailspin and shooting the number of unemployed up to 6 million people in Germany (around 30 percent of the population). The sudden slump caused massive social upheaval, which the Nazis exploited to gain further political traction.”

The Smithsonian say, “By 1930, the Nazis won 18.3 percent of the Reichstag vote and became the second largest party after the Social Democrats, while the Communist party also grew to ten percent of the vote. The economic unrest of the early 1930s meant that no single political party had a majority in the Reichstag, so fragile coalitions held the nation together. Faced with political chaos, President Paul von Hindenburg dissolved the Reichstag again and again. Frequent elections followed. The Nazis aligned with other right-leaning factions and gradually worked their way up to 33 percent of the vote—but were unable to reach a full majority. In January 1933, Hindenburg reluctantly appointed Hitler as chancellor on the advice of Franz von Papen, a disgruntled former chancellor who believed the conservative bourgeois parties should ally with the Nazis to keep the Communists out of power. March 5 was set as the date for another series of Reichstag elections in hopes that one party might finally achieve the majority.”

The Great Depression, mass unemployment and political instability increased the vulnerability that allowed Hitler to seize power, but there is no doubt he had a steep hill to climb. The far right was counterbalanced by the far left until the propaganda of the day was able to demonize the Communists by blaming them for the Reichstag Fire. The progressive Left in the UK is not a Communist Party, in fact it is no more radical than some other EU countries. However, the concocted scourge of fantisemitism has been used by the British propaganda spewing rags and the compliant BBC to demonize and discredit the Labour Party in an effort to imply that they are entirely unelectable. This was vital to convince the public that the unfathomable ‘landslide victory’ result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was legitimate, which I sincerely doubt and still requires serious Investigation. The commitment to ‘othering’ is another commonality with totalitarian regimes, the people need an enemy to scapegoat: migrants, remainers, the so called ‘hard left’…

The Smithsonian say that, “Meanwhile, the Nazis seized even more power, infiltrating the police and empowering ordinary party members as law enforcement officers. On February 22, Hitler used his powers as chancellor to enroll 50,000 Nazi SA men (also known as stormtroopers) as auxiliary police.” If we think that here in the UK the Government could not mobilize a significant auxiliary police force we are living in la-la-land because the infrastructure for that force is already in place awaiting deployment right now. Both in the US and the UK there’s been an alarming rise in private security forces and the expansion of their use, companies like G4S that are running detention centres here is just one example. The use of private companies in all areas of public service requirement conveniently separates the Government from responsibility for their conduct which is an extremely serious concern. Privatizing Electoral Services and disempowering the Electoral Commission proved important factors in gaining control of ballots

In the Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) Article entitled, “Britain’s private military and security industry examined” they elaborate on this armed capability. It says,“Britain has led this privatisation of modern warfare. It leads the world in providing armed contractors to ‘hot spots’, be it combating terrorism in the Middle East or fighting pirates off the Horn of Africa. Some of their biggest clients are governments; since 2004, the British state has spent approximately £50 million annually on mercenary companies. The total worth of the global private military and security industry has been estimated to stand somewhere between £69 billion and £275 billion a year. Many of these companies will serve whoever can pay – from wealthy private individuals to faceless corporations. It is easy for them to do so. Despite the size of this mercenary industry, the entire sector is marked by secrecy. Men trained in the arts of subterfuge and counter-intelligence dominate this sphere, and the result is an industry that operates from the shadows.”

The Smithsonian recount how, “Two days later, Hermann Göring, Minister of the Interior and one of Hitler’s closest compatriots, ordered a raid on Communist headquarters. Following the raid, the Nazis announced (falsely) that they’d found evidence of seditious material. They claimed the Communists were planning to attack public buildings. On the night of February 27, around 9:00, pedestrians near the Reichstag heard the sound of breaking glass. Soon after, flames erupted from the building. It took fire engines hours to quell the fire, which destroyed the debating chamber and the Reichstag’s gilded cupola, ultimately causing over $1 million in damage. Police arrested an unemployed Dutch construction worker named Marinus van der Lubbe on the scene. The young man was found outside the building with firelighters in his possession and was panting and sweaty.” While he was tried, convicted and executed at the time there is considerable doubt that he was responsible and 75 years later he was exonerated.

This was the golden opportunity that Hitler needed. The Smithsonian quote his response as, “’This is a God-given signal,’ Hitler told von Papen when they arrived on the scene. ‘If this fire, as I believe, is the work of the Communists, then we must crush out this murderous pest with an iron fist.’ A few hours later, on February 28, Hindenburg invoked Article 48 and the cabinet drew up the “Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State.” The act abolished freedom of speech, assembly, privacy and the press; legalized phone tapping and interception of correspondence; and suspended the autonomy of federated states, like Bavaria. That night around 4,000 people were arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the SA. Although the Communist party had won 17 percent of the Reichstag elections in November 1932, and the German people elected 81 Communist deputies in the March 5 elections, many were detained indefinitely after the fire. Their empty seats left the Nazis largely free to do as they wished.”

We are already seeing significant curbs to our civil liberties applied due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, but many decisions are totally inconsistent with logic. We need to ask why are schools, universities, workplaces, public transportation and places we can spend money deemed safe, while personal contact outside these designated areas is severely limited and criminalized as ‘mingling’? We need to resist volunteering information except on a genuine ‘need to know’ basis. Hitler did not have the massive advantage of our huge modern-day proliferation of security cameras and it is now much easier to keep tabs on people via their mobile phones and the Internet. Our personal and private data has a significant monitory value and it is being pried away from us under the guise of infection control with Track and Trace. For instance the control of Covid 19 does not require access to your credit history and we must resist increasing our vulnerability to the state that is now under the absolute control of this rogue Tory Government.

Although the Covid 19 crisis could not have been anticipated well in advance the opportunity of causing unnecessary chaos by engineering crash-out Brexit had been carefully calculated. There is no intention to strike a deal with the EU because it would involve compromises and limit the chaos. We need to fully understand and be warned that for this Tory Government, the chaos is the end goal. Operation Yellowhammer has already laid out the need to deploy troupes on the streets to control food shortages and potential rioting after Brexit. The negotiations with the EU are a distracting sideshow that will be used to blame the EU for the disaster the Tories know will ensue. Meanwhile, the wealthy elite will be well prepared in advance and will cash in on hedge funds or manage their money offshore. Brexit will work very well for the most wealthy in our nation, but the working poor will become helpless victims of the new slave state under Tory Dictatorship with all the violent suppression needed to keep it in place long-term.

The Smithsonian recount how, “Later that year, a sensational criminal trial got under way. The accused included van der Lubbe, Ernst Torgler (leader of the Communist Party in the Reichstag) and three Bulgarian Communists. As the trial in Germany proceeded, a different kind of trial captured the public discourse. Willi Münzenberg, a German Communist, allied himself with other Communists to undertake an independent investigation of the fire. The combined research resulted in the publication of The Brown Book on the Reichstag Fire and Hitler Terror. It included early accounts of Nazi brutality, as well as an argument that van der Lubbe was a pawn of the Nazis. Hitler’s party members were the real criminals, the book argued, and they orchestrated the fire to consolidate political power. The book became a bestseller, translated into 24 languages and sold around Europe and the U.S.” The controversy over responsibility for the Reichstag Fire rumbled on for many years but van der Lubbe was exonerated in 2008.

The instigation of so many devastating conflicts and upheavals has later been proven to be based on lies. This should be the most important cautionary tale; should we believe the media or question their motivations based on who is paying them? I have no doubt that the fantisemitism smear campaign will be fully exposed in the near future, but will the revelations be enough to question the Tory Government using state funds to create this rabid propaganda? We need to remember that Hitler was also elected. Political prisoner Julian Assange encouraged Whistleblowers to expose the criminal activities of Governments who were working against the interests of their own people; he cannot be silenced as an example to gag investigative Journalists worldwide. There must be people who know the details of what took place in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and who was responsible, but discovering this in a few decades time will not rescue us from the dystopian nightmare of Tory Dictatorship: we need that Whistleblower right now! DO NOT MOVE ON!