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Kim Sanders-Fisher

A real triumph against the rapidly proliferating power of the far-Right in the EU should have provided much needed reassurance, but instead it should serve as a stark wake-up call to the British people on the urgent need to halt an ominous march towards our own Fascist destiny here in the UK. The violence and corruption were laid bare in a Canary Article entitled, “Greek neo-Nazis provoked civil war, seven years later they’re finally declared criminals.” The Canary reveal that, “A Greek court has ruled that the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn (GD) is a criminal organisation and that GD supporter Yiorgos Roupakias is guilty of the murder of rapper Pavlov Fyssas. But there remain unanswered questions about the role of the police.” The Canary ask, “why earlier warnings that GD hoped to provoke a civil war in Greece as part of a ‘strategy of tension’ went unheeded?” We should be asking the same questions here; why do Tories ignore serious incitements to violence by the far-Right? Are they Johnson’s loyal stormtroupers?

Regarding the situation in Greece, the Canary that, “The trial commenced in April 2015, two years after the murder of Fyssas. Specifically, the charges concerned an attack by alleged GD members on Egyptian fisherman and an assault on 20 trade unionists, as well as the murder of Fyssas. 18 former MPs were also charged with belonging to a criminal organisation – effectively accusing GD of being a criminal organisation. After the landmark ruling, thousands gathered to celebrate: Michalis Goudis Tweeted: The Athens Criminal Court has found the Nazi party #GoldenDawn guilty of operating as a criminal organisation. Its leadership found guilty of running a criminal organization. A historic verdict, a historic day for #Democracy in #Greece with thousands on the streets cheering.” They say, “Anti-racist activist Petros Constantinou commented: ‘It’s official. Golden Dawn is over,’ He added: ‘The mood here today is resonant of the celebrations we saw with the liberation of Athens from the Nazis’.”

According to the Canary, “the criminal status of GD could have been dealt with years ago.” They say that there were clear “Early warnings,” the exact same early warning signs this Tory Government are systematically ignoring or manipulating in their toxic propaganda messaging. They say that, “In November 2012, it was reported that GD led a ‘mob of 150 people’ to attack migrants and their shops. In January 2013, GD supporters murdered Shahzad Luqman, a migrant worker from Pakistan. In September 2013, Giorgos Roupakias murdered anti-fascist rapper Fyssas. In the aftermath of Fyssas’ death, 69 GD members, including the senior leadership figures, were arrested. In November 2013, it was reported that two GD members were shot and killed.”

The Canary report that, “In February 2013, an anarchist blog warned that Greece was experiencing a ‘strategy of tension’ scenario after far-right activists and police were arrested for allegedly conspiring to plot a massacre. It was reported that ‘266,000 euros, 3,000 dollars, 19 guns, a grenade, detonators and police clothing were found amongst what the Police have confiscated from the group’. The money was believed to have been part of the proceeds from bank robberies.” The Canary say that, warnings were confirmed when, “In April 2013, Vice journalist Yiannis Baboulias conducted an interview with investigative journalist Dimitris Psarras, who wrote a book on GD. In the interview Psarras agreed that GD were hoping for a civil war, resulting from a Greek version of Italy’s ‘strategy of tension’.” Has Boris Johnson, under the tight control of his dangerous manipulator Dominic Cummings, under the convenient cover of Covid 19, initiated a ‘strategy of tension here in the UK and will this escalate with crash–out Brexit?

The Canary ask, “Do you think Greece is starting to see a ‘strategy of tension’ enacted? Golden Dawn trying to manipulate the public with fear? I believe it’s already happening. Golden Dawn’s strategy today is exactly that. Ilias Panagiotaros, one of Golden Dawn’s MPs, actually said ‘There is already civil war’ in an interview. They want to force the other side’s hand into committing similar violent acts, just like during the strategy of tension in Italy in the 70s.” They elaborate on the situation by asking, “So what you’re saying is not that it might happen, but that it’s definitely already happening?” Saying, “Definitely. Maybe not with the same intensity as Italy’s blind bombings in the 70s, but let’s not forget that Golden Dawn and Michaloliakos’s heritages both involve the Italians. Even recently, actually, the Golden Dawn magazine, Meandric, which they circulate internally inside the organization, ran a piece on Pino Rauti, one of the leaders of the neofascist Ordine Nuovo, the far-right group directly involved with the bombings in Italy in the 70s.”

According to the Canary, “Vice added how GD leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos had: spent some time in jail in 1979 for illegally carrying guns and explosives. More recently, supporters of the party have been linked with murdering immigrants [link invalid] in the streets of Athens, casual violence against both immigrants and anarchists, and, in the tradition of their leader, arrested on more than one for carrying guns and explosives.” They say this was “GD’s modus operandi,” They report that, “In another interview in September 2013 by Greek Left Review, Psarras describes how GD, also referred to below as Chrysi Avghi (CA) – the Greek name for Golden Dawn, operates: A typical example of a pogrom was the two-week-long attack against immigrants in the centre of Athens in May 2011, using as a pretext the assassination of a Greek, Manolis Kandaris. Dozens of immigrants were wounded, some of them seriously, and one died.”

The Canary report that, “Similar pogroms initiated by Nazis against immigrants occurred throughout Greece in preceding years – in 2004 for example after a soccer competition between Albania and Greece. Dozens of Albanian immigrants living here paid for Greece’s defeat in that case. As for lynching, it generally happens in the evening, with groups made up of many CA members (the ‘Phalanges’ or ‘Storm Divisions’), by isolating one or two immigrants and beating them until they lose consciousness. A very characteristic example took place in June 1998. In broad daylight, a group of 10 CA members armed with clubs and headed by Antonios Androutsopoulos, the organization’s number two man at the time attacked three left-wing student-trade unionists who were sitting in a café. They did not stop until they left one of them for dead. In the end the student survived after fighting for his life for several days. Similar attacks have occurred almost every evening, targeting immigrant workers, but we only hear of them when the victims dare to go to hospital.”

According to the Canary, “Psarras also argues that many GD members avoided arrest because they had support from the police: the vice-head of CA was sentenced to a heavy prison term for the 1998 attack [on left-wing student trade unionists]. However, he had been able to hide out for 7 years before turning himself in to the authorities. The reason for all the impunity is that for years Chrysi Avghi had a special relationship with the police and in particular with MAT, the riot control police. The police used the organization to do its dirty work in repressing mass demonstrations. At the time of the last elections, it was demonstrated that a good part of the police voted for CA. This is also the reason for the authorities’ reticence in investigating Nazi aggression, Collusion?”

The Canary say that, “A forensic study of the murder of Fyssas was conducted and it’s suggested police were present during the killing: In 2014, a leaked video indicated collusion between then New Democracy president Antonis Samaras and GD.” There is always shallow talk of lessons learned’ but in reality it us simply a call to ignore holding those responsive for past atrocities and totally unforgivable mistakes unaccountable for their actions despite greedy self-serving self enrichment on a truly obscene scale. The Canary states that, “Nazis should not be tolerated, but promptly dealt with in the courts… and if need be, on the streets, But that was certainly not the case with the Spectator, which appeared to support GD: Peter Jukes as the shocked Twiterati were notified that the Spectator’s editor Peter Jukes, ‘defends column supporting Greek far-right party Golden Dawn’.”

The Canary report that, “Spectator editor defends column supporting Greek far-right party Golden Dawn” according to the Press Gazette, “The Spectator has come under fire for publishing an article appearing to support the Greek far-right party Golden Dawn. A blog by stalwart columnist Taki Theodoracopulos – titled “A fascist takeover…” They say that, “while the court rulings in Greece are to be welcomed, it must not be forgotten that it took seven years since the murder of Fyssas for justice to be done. That, too, is intolerable.” Sadly, in both the US and the UK far Right extremists are being tolerated and even encouraged by politicians who value their disruptive influence in stoking racial hatred and fear in communities to gain support for a radical agenda. These far-right movements evolve during periods of extreme social deprivation and political unrest when neglected or exploited sectors of the population are offered a scapegoat for their anger and resentment. In reality the fault lies with this Tory Government.

Responding to criticism of the article that was printed in July 2013, on Twitter, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson said: “Our readers like diversity and well-written pieces that they disagree with. We have no party line.” In a later tweet, he added: “Every week, there’s at least one Spectator piece I disagree with so much I’d like it spiked… but the Spectator editor should be the last person in London to reach for the censor’s pen.” Writing on his Liberal Conspiracy blog, left-wing commentator Sunny Hundal asked: “Does the Spectator not have any limits to this broad church at all? Can one write a piece praising Hitler too?” It has taken years for this far-Right hate group, who even managed to get representatives elected to the Greek Parliament, to be called out and stripped of any fake claim to respectability, but that it has finally happened is a triumph for justice that we hope will be emulated elsewhere.

Earlier this year an Article in the Independent entitled. “The far right is on the streets again, but this time it’s deep inside our Tory government too,” pointed to the dangerous escalation in far-Right interventions under the guise of protecting iconic nationalism.
Sean O’Grady highlighted how, “A legitimate proud patriotism in the generation and its leaders who fought for freedom in the last war, including many people of colour from what was then the British Empire, is being perverted and stolen in front of our very eyes.” I detest all this nationalist fervour, prefer to think of myself as a ‘peaceful patriot of the planet’ and decry Churchill as a cruel, war mongering bigot, but I can see why the author found the situation ironic. He wrote, “There is the deepest of ironies in the statue of Winston Churchill, a man who wanted to extirpate Hitlerism from the face of the earth, being ‘defended’ by a bunch of thugs giving the Nazi – or, as they would have you believe, the ‘football’ – salute.”

O’Grady commented cynically, “I note that Katie Hopkins, the Mother Theresa of the hard right, has issued this appeal on Twitter: “If you were paid to chuck Nazi salutes at the cameras yesterday in London, by ANY organisation, I would love to hear from you (and compensate you for your time).” He wrote of the Germans that they, “were quite fussy about the way the ‘Hitler Greeting’ was done – though understandably no provision was made for how it might be later performed beneath a statue of Churchill, ally of the Bolsheviks and corrupted emblem of democratic decadence as he was supposed to be. However, there’s no doubting the scenes of inchoate violent fascism on Saturday. These chaps were looking for a rumble, not a debate about Britain’s past and future. When Black Lives Matter protesters failed to turn up, they had to fight the police instead, WPCs included.”

O’Grady reported that, “According to one eyewitness video doing the rounds on social media, where there were no coppers about they resorted to taking on the clear threat to British identity represented by some people having a socially distanced picnic on a sunny day in the park. Perhaps the young picnic-goers were socialists… in fascistic street-fighting terms, they’d deserve having their day out spoiled.” He noted, “Some say bodies such as the Football Lads Alliance, its splinter group the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, Britain First, and other far-right groups were involved in marshalling this angry mob, using the indignation and anger to infiltrate, recruit and radicalise.” O’Grady writes of “the hijacking by the far right of symbols of British national unity, and those of England” saying, “They are all now being culturally appropriated by people who think Adolf might have had a point.”

O’Grady remarks on how, “if these symbols are allowed to become objects of racism, nationalism and fascism, it is no wonder they are attacked and burnt by anti-fascists. Yet the anti-fascists are taking the bait.” He says, “When Mosley’s fascists in the 1930s, and the National Front in the 1970s, used to march, deliberately and provocatively, through areas with a large immigrant population, they always carried loads of Union Jacks. Their manifestos were plastered in them. The old National Front leaders were such militant neo-Nazis that they’d dress up in Brownshirt uniforms and go on camping holidays together, where, around the fire of an evening, they’d discuss Mein Kampf, racial theories and who’d get what job in a future National Front cabinet.” He said, “Their leader, John Tyndall, like Oswald Mosley before him, used to try to ape Hitler’s oratorical style, with absurd results. When they weren’t being terrorised or beaten up by them, the British people rightly found these fascists quite ridiculous.”

Such escapades sound benign, but the allegiance to a cause focused on targeting the Government’s scapegoats is a dangerous tool easily harnessed by those in power to do the dirty work of repression while the PM to distances himself from accountability for the violence. O’Grady recounts how, “Later on, the BNP and Nick Griffin put suits on and tried to sound more normal, but it was the same old poison, and the people could taste it. They too split and died. Traditionally, Britain’s far right said and did cruel things, but they were never really a threat to our democracy or tolerant way of life. Are they now?” He claims, “There’s no leadership and no political party,” I beg to differ and yes the situation is being politicised. He notes, “Nigel Farage is out and about counting the boats arriving on the south coast, tweeting and crying about ‘Brexit betrayal’. He left Ukip behind because it had become racist, but you wonder what his next gig will be… I wonder if even he could ride the tiger that is modern British nationalism.”

O’Grady warns, “Far more likely, Boris Johnson will be doing the job for him. He is already tacking that way, with appalling remarks about how black people think of themselves as victims, a nasty echo of what he once wrote about the people of Liverpool. He wants to be the statue defender who stands up for Britain’s history, or his version of it. The Tory party today is already a kind of low-fat alternative to fascism which, with the complexities of the British electoral system, has usually managed to subsume the hard right into its own ranks and marginalise the remaining groups. It did so in the 1930s to the Moselyites, in the 1980s to the National Front, and again in the 2010s with the BNP and the atavistic nationalists in Farage’s Ukip and Brexit parties. Which sounds helpful, until you remember that you have to put up with a watered-down version of fascism running the country.” He rightly describes it as, “An elective dictatorship.” I think O’Grady’s ‘low-fat alternative to fascism’ is fast becoming the high Cholesterol killer Nazis!

The Metro Article entitled, “Far-right group Britain First says 5,000 of its members have joined the Tories,” shows that Johnson’s toxic messaging is resonating with this dangerous faction of the far-right. They report that, “Britain First says two-thirds of its 7,500 members have joined the Conservative Party after being drawn in by Boris Johnson’s ‘firm stance against radical Islam’. The far-right group, whose leaders were jailed for Muslim hate crimes last year, added that the mass defection had taken place in the wake of the general election. Spokeswoman Ashlea Simon told The Observer they were attracted by the Prime Minister’s ‘hardline approach’ following the London Bridge attack in November. She added: ‘We will support a party that is willing to take a firm stance against radical Islam and it looks like the Tories are willing to do that. ‘The majority of our followers appreciate Priti Patel’s and Boris Johnson’s hardline approach’.”

The Metro say that, “Tommy Robinson also claimed to have joined after declaring that ‘everyone should vote for Boris Johnson’ during the election. Britain First held a demonstration in Rochdale, opposed by anti-fascist groups. Britain First say they are highlighting concerns about child sexual exploitation in the town. The group said two thirds of its membership had been lured by Boris Johnson’s ‘firm stance against radical Islam.’ The anti-Islam group, an offshoot of the British National Party, reportedly claims that the 5,000 members want to form a far-right contingent within the Conservatives similar to Labour’s Momentum movement. However, Britain First’s actual size is disputed, with extremism watchdog Hope Not Hate estimating it to have a membership of only around 1,000.”

The Metro report that, “A Conservative Party spokesperson previously said: ‘While we welcome new members from a wide variety of backgrounds, we are vigilant against those seeking to join the party who do not share our aims. ‘There is a process in place for local Conservative associations to approve members who apply to join, or to reject those who do not share the party’s values or objectives. ‘We support local associations with this work to ensure they can and do take action where needed.’ Britain First’s leader, Paul Golding, claimed to have joined the Tories before the party announced his membership had not been accepted. In March 2018 he was handed an 18-week sentence following his conviction for racially aggravated harassment, with deputy Jayda Fransen jailed for 36 weeks.” We must continue to expose the violence and decry the hate speech of these groups; the midnight hour for ‘Golden Dawn’ was one more victory against Fascism.

In the US Trump has clearly signalled his approval of the violent tactics of far-right thugs on several occasions, notable in the recent election debate when he told the Proud Boys to “Stand by!” He can use their muscle to intimidate voters while denying any responsibility for the violence. Boris Johnson is taking note of the usefulness of Trumps strategy and we can be sure it will be used here as the country descends into desperate rioting precipitated by the deprivation of crash-out Brexit. In Greece it wasn’t the political agenda of the far-right that got them ousted it was their violence and criminal activity. To remove this Tory Government we will need to expose and Investigate the fraud of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and Tory corruption regarding misappropriation of public funds. Using such funds to pay a Charity to generate propaganda defaming the opposition to remain in power was illegal so was using stolen data to target persuadable voters with weapons grade PsyOps; that alone should have been enough to jail Tories! DO NOT MOVE ON!