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SA. Thank you for taking the trouble to respond so usefully, and for pouring some soothing balm upon a what had sunk into a rather silly discussion!
I understand exactly what you are saying about the dependence upon an unproven theory. This seems to be where we are at though, to some extent. But that Iaonnidis paper to which I linked bases its argument on many studies, over 60 I think, and is at pains to explain some of the problems and reasons for inclusion. This is, of course, Iaonnidis’ forte and why I like to hear what he has to say. He does go to some lengths to highlight the wide discrepencies in infection rates between different populations, and makes some suggestions (note suggestions not assertions!) as to why that may be the case. I don’t think that Yeadon, whatever his motives might be, is wholly incorrect to use Iaonnidis to further his argument.
Thanks again!