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Another Britain-wide lockdown is imminent, but with schools left open. Crazy, or what? But no, it’s not crazy, and it requires cool observation. They know what they’re doing. It just isn’t what most people think. What will probably happen next is that they force most children to live in schools (or in accommmodation run by those who run schools) over Christmas.

This is basically war against the population. This is already clear in France.

My guess is that a few spectacular bombings and stabbings will also be used, as well as biological means on a much larger scale than hitherto. (The actual physical effects of the current SARS strain have been at a very low level.) The minds of the population are exactly where the rulers want them. Sorry but the rulers will press ahead. Things won’t stay the same. We are at an early stage of fascism. It’s a stage that won’t last long. Stage Two will be underway by Christmas.

The reality is that millions used to go to work for half the day and pick their smartphones for the other half. Now they will grab the chance to pick their phones all day every day, even while they starve and evemn while their children get kidnapped.

The rulers have broken many people’s care for elderly family members.
They have pratically abolished dating.
Next in the target sights is people’s love for their children.
It woouldn’t surprise me if they try to smash love for pets too, especially those who are man’s best friend and who need to be walked every day, i.e. dogs.

We need an anti-lockdown popular front, in which all who are against the lockdown set aside their differences and work together to remove it. But sadly that’s not going to happen.