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Hi SA,

Thanks for clarifying.
As you say we seem to agree in part and there’s little that is settled yet, so any of us, no matter how much we’ve read, could end up with egg on our faces.

I disagree that healthy people locking themselves up is sensible and although happy to make arrangements for those with valid worries I would not force it on anyone and there really isn’t evidence that it’s anything but destructive(economy/mental health/unhealthy environment).

The one place I would say I’m confident is masks and I’d go as far as saying they perform the opposite of what is claimed(that’s before the psychological impacts are considered).

As for the bit you can’t seem to accept.
It was a comment on the main thing that’s been achieved(deliberate or overwise) and the fear mongering stupidity of what I was replying to.

Anyway my main concern is the overall outcome and particularly what it’s doing to children, so a couple of links to show where my real concern lies(not the virus, it’s done nothing to demand it).