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Fair enough. I promise not to post a link to anything lengthy which I find interesting again! But surely participation in a discussion is voluntary? Why should you feel ‘bombarded’ by counter opinions, whatever their source? I almost daren’t ask, for risk of being accused of wasting your time again. It is as though there is one ‘Truth’ and you have appointed yourself staunchless guardian of it. You kindly took the time to respond constructively to the link I posted re. Mike Yeadon, conceding some points and refuting others. But then you subsequently commented you wouldn’t have bothered had you had prior knowledge of the guy interviewing him!
I too have followed Craig’s blog for many years, occasionally posting if I have a period of inactivity. The really good thing about it is the different viewpoints that are made. I really don’t understand why you should look upon participation as some kind of exhausting duty which necessitates a sort of ‘filtering’ process to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do.