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So it is well known that companies that work say on heart disease will fund research in heart disease.

Companies who have drugs that treat certain cancers will fund research in these cancers. Moreover experts within the field are the obvious choice for expert committee.

And so on, it is not really surprising, is it? Do you expect companies that produce vaccines to stand aloof and boycott vaccine research funding so as not to have a conflict of interest? And if you do, do you apply this principle across the board to arms research and manufacture, agrochemicals, automobile manufacture and energy? The world would come to a standstill wouldn’t it? In fact I sort of agree that these things should not happen, but not by targeting one aspect of the neoliberal capitalist system, but by examining the whole model and its political and influence revolving door.

OK let us take Ferguson’s predictions of 500000 deaths if nothing is done. We now have 50,000 deaths, 10% of predictions. Is Dr Harcombe seriously suggesting that this figure would have remained the same if no measures were taken? What evidence does she have? Also if the motive behind the lockdown was merely to promote a vaccine, then how many vaccine promoting conflicts were also competing with each other?

That, I am afraid, is not a very useful blog to follow.

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