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Kim Sanders-Fisher

After fighting like rats in a sack the hard core crash-out rats are deserting the sinking Brexit ship as we careen full speed towards the ‘Titanic success’ iceberg! These vermin will not want to be around to suffer the acrimony or the consequences of the almighty mess they have inflicted on the people of this country. However, despite his sudden exit earlier today Dominic Cummings, the vilest of those insidious rodents will still continue to satiate his veracious appetite for power and wealth from a privileged position, while distancing himself from the impending Tory Government fallout. The Dom will have had this eventuality all mapped out just in case. The country will suffer, ordinary working people and their families will experience severe hardship, but there will be a highly paid assignment for Cummings to continue sopping up the gravy train of cash with all of the other wealthy Tory elite. The Covid crisis has been a real money spinner for the rich; crash-out Brexit is designed to consolidate absolute power and protect their wealth.

In the FT Article entitled. “Johnson tells Cummings to leave Downing St immediately Fears in Number 10 that PM’s former aide and Brexit architect will turn against him,” they picture “Dominic Cummings leaving 10 Downing Street on Friday carrying a cardboard box containing potentially dangerous secrets.” It would certainly have been possible for Cummings to exit the building in a more discrete fashion, so we should see this highly publicized image of the former Chief Adviser for what is was, a stunt engineered by Cummings rather than by the PM. With the armed police escort of Sonja Khan, it was Cummings himself who set the precedent for the US style ‘walk of shame’ exit that’s designed to intimidate and strike fear into fellow employees. Now the instigator of the non-colligate, ‘my way or the highway,’ dictatorial work environment is hitting the road, probably still in possession of all his electronic devices. That dramatic press photo was a deliberate attention getter, the picture trailer for what Cummings intends to do next.

The FT say that, “Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s chief adviser and architect of Britain’s exit from the EU, left his desk in Downing Street for the last time on Friday carrying a cardboard box and a trove of potentially dangerous secrets.” The cliff hanger, “what’s in that box?,” is purely symbolic, because the real dirt Cummings has on the PM and the Tory Party will have been carefully preserved on Dominic’s Laptop, backed up on memory sticks and a secure hard drive. The press are salivating over what type of sleaze they can coax out of the disgruntled former Spad, because that is there bread and butter to feed to the public. However, I doubt titbits like that would have constituted a sufficiently serious enough concern for Johnson to go out on a limb to keep his Chief Adviser in post after lockdown violations that severely compromised public trust in the Government’s messaging and damaged the PM’s own credibility. Johnson knew Cummings had critical Kompromat on him; we could well find out what in the next few days.

The FT report that Johnson had, “told Mr Cummings to leave Downing Street after a week of acrimony at the heart of government, marking the end of an era in which Vote Leave officials dominated Mr Johnson’s operation. Mr Cummings’ decision to walk out of Number 10 after what one official called ‘a day of tantrums’ raised concerns that the adviser might turn against Mr Johnson and lift the lid on a chaotic administration. One government insider said: ‘I won’t be surprised if there’s an explosive stunt between now and Christmas.’ A colleague of Mr Cummings said: ‘It’s not Dom’s style just to quietly drift away’.” They say that, “Mr Cummings declined to comment but he has never shied away from using his private blog to seek revenge on those who have crossed him.” We should consider far more that Dominic’s vindictive nature, as, like Johnson, he is a supremely egotistical individual who will be driven to expose the extent of his own brilliance regardless of the fallout; that is what could bring down this government.

According to the FT, “Lee Cain, Mr Johnson’s communications director, also quit his job on Friday. Mr Cummings resigned after Mr Johnson indicated that he was going to cut loose the Brexit campaigners who had sustained his rise to power and helped him win an 80-seat Commons majority in December last year. Mr Johnson held a 45-minute meeting with Mr Cummings and Mr Cain on Friday to discuss their ‘general behaviour’ this week, according to individuals with knowledge of the conversation.” They say that, “In tense exchanges, Mr Johnson accused his aides of briefing against him and his partner Carrie Symonds and criticised them for destabilising the government in the midst of tense Brexit negotiations. Mr Johnson showed the aides text messages that had been forwarded to Ms Symonds, who opposed Mr Cain’s appointment as chief of staff, to show they had briefed against her. He told them to get out and never return.”

Several important points should bother us here, the fist being that this sounds more like a schoolyard spat than a Prime Minister directing his underlings. Another major issue to emerge from this sorry mess is the prominence of Carrie Symonds, the young girl friend of the PM. Although she has held communications roles in the past it is highly irregular for an unelected love interest of our Head of State to exert significant influence over his decision making. Apparently Symonds has been sending the PM quite literally dozens of texts every hour on various issues she has decided to input on. We do not need one unelected puppet master replaced by another inappropriate unelected influencer who will drag Boris around by his ‘Johnson!’ If Boris wasn’t such a thoroughly selfish misogynist, who has shown complete disregard for women, then I might believe that he had courageously rode in like a knight in shining armour to defend the honour and integrity of a damsel in distress, but Johnson is totally devoid of such noble motivations.

Worryingly, the FT report that, “Tory officials said Mr Cummings and Mr Cain would continue to do some work for Number 10 until mid-December but were expected to operate from home.” It is concerning that this shambolic team will continue to exert residual influence for some time to come; a totally clean break would have been a severe jolt, but a less chaotic way forward, The FT say that, “Mr Johnson, who refused to make Mr Cain his chief of staff, is looking to usher in a more consensual style of politics in 2021, more in tune with the conventional politics returning to the US under president-elect Joe Biden.” The timing for this might give more of a clue to what has just occurred. The election victory of Jo Biden will have been a blow for Johnson who felt far more at ease when the US was governed by a reckless populist just like himself. Trump will not be the only one expected to “put on his big boy pants,” as Biden will have little tolerance for Johnson’s unruly style of diplomacy and chaotic governance.

According to the FT, “Mr Johnson’s remaining team inside Number 10 is braced for Mr Cummings’ revenge. Vote Leave advisers have complained privately about the prime minister’s inability to make big decisions and his lack of grip on detail. ‘I’m told there is a blog coming. Spads [special advisers] are preparing about how to respond,’ said one official. ‘It’s really the last days of Rome in here.’ Some say that Mr Cummings, who became frustrated at the slow progress in implementing his own agenda of civil service reform, defence reforms and science projects, will seek to blame Mr Johnson. ‘Dom is going to have to face up to the fact that after spending years writing millions of words in his blogs, he has achieved nothing in government,’ said one ministerial adviser.” Why was a Special Adviser allowed to become so powerful that he was able to dictate policy to the PM, fire people and dissolve whole departments? The real issue is can some of the catastrophic disruptions instigated by Cummings be stopped in their tracks or reversed?

Brexit hangs precariously in the balance this week and political commentators are reading a lot into that aspect of the timing of these key Vote Leave departures. The FT report that, “Downing Street has insisted that Mr Johnson is not going to back down in trade negotiations with the EU, in spite of the acrimonious departure of Mr Cummings and other Brexit hardliners. Mr Cummings’ resignation comes ahead of a crucial phase in Brexit talks in Brussels next week, prompting speculation that the prime minister might have more political space to make the concessions needed to close a deal. But Mr Johnson’s allies rejected any suggestion that he would soften his stance, saying that while the prime minister wanted a deal, it would only be concluded if the EU fully respected British sovereignty. ‘Policy will not change on this,’ Downing Street said. The prime minister fears that Brussels might misread the bitter power struggle in Downing Street as a sign of a weakening resolve in the trade talks.”

I am convinced that Johnson is as firmly committed to crash-out Brexit as Cummings was. The FT report that, “’The PM is always the toughest voice in the room on Brexit,’ one official said. Philippe Lamberts, a member of the European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordination group, said the ructions in Downing Street were a positive sign that Mr Johnson wanted a deal with the EU. The post-Brexit transition period ends on January 1. ‘I do believe indeed that he’s making the choice of a deal,’ Mr Lamberts told the Financial Times. ‘This puts him on a collision course with hard Brexiters such as Dominic Cummings’.” I do not share Lambert’s optimism regarding the PMs intentions in the Brexit negotiations. It will be interesting to see if Johnson reinserts the controversial wording removed by the House of Lords from the Internal Market Bill, his stand on that may indicate his true intentions.

The FT report that, “Kim Darroch, Britain’s former ambassador to Washington and Brussels, said any ‘weakening of the hold on policy’ by Mr Cummings and his Vote Leave cadre of advisers would be a good thing. Lord Darroch said that, if there were no trade deal, Britain could enter 2021 at odds with the US, the EU and China. US president-elect Joe Biden thinks Brexit is a bad idea and could harm the Northern Ireland peace process. Speaking at the FT Global Boardroom event, the former envoy said: ‘Where exactly are our friends in this brave new world? That ought to worry us.’ Many Conservative MPs celebrated the departure of Mr Cummings, who has publicly spoken of his contempt for many Eurosceptic Tory MPs. ‘Rejoice,’ said one MP, while another added: ‘Good riddance.’ Edward Lister, Mr Johnson’s longstanding ally from his days as London mayor, will be the new chief of staff in Downing Street for an interim period, pending a permanent appointment.”

Cummings, the unelected manipulative Chief Adviser to our narcissistic PM has functioned as a totally unrestrained chaos creator, wrecking ball while not even being a member of the Tory Party! The Dom is ruthless; so with zero allegiance to the Conservative Party he could very easily scupper the ship if his vindictive, control-freak mind is offended by an untimely or humiliating departure. I continue to believe that Dominic Cummings has a tranche of very serious Kompromat on Boris Johnson and the Tories regarding engineering the Covert 2019 Rigged Election that delivered the miraculous fake Tory ‘landslide victory,’ despite the deplorable track record of massive failures in governance and a truly disastrous election campaign. After suffering a decade of conscious Tory cruelty, exploitation and being deliberately driven into destitution, we are expected to believe that the working poor voted to extend their misery because the new Brexit fantasy was so much more important than whether their children were forced to starve: really?

Sure there was a huge amount of negative propaganda defaming Corbyn, but Boris is an acknowledged serial liar leading a party of naked opportunists. One major red flag for me was the lack of attention paid to the supposed victorious winners. This was highly irregular; a news reporter’s attention should be focused on the victors with interviews zeroing in on why they won. Look at the huge attention being paid to Joe Biden and the Democrats in the US; we aren’t overwhelmed by incessant interviews with Republicans demanding that they must explain why they lost! In reality the result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election never was credible, but the biased BBC helped the Tories sell the deception by not asking Johnson or other Tories to explain the key to their shock victory, but instead forcing multiple Labour MPs to grovel in contorted explanations of why they suffered a humiliating defeat! The press took a megaphone to this fake news. Asked how in hell they managed to win Labour seats Tories invented the ‘borrowed votes’ lie”

There are two major reasons why evidence might suddenly emerge from an ‘anonymous source’ to fully reveal how the UK postal votes were stolen in some cases and blocked in others. The first is that Cummings in a venomous rage turns Whistleblower. As the strategist who informed them where they needed to gain a lot more votes and exactly how many votes it would take to win marginal seats, Cummings could then still take credit for his claimed ‘genius’ while denying any real involvement in the actual operation to rig votes. The Dom was smart enough to realize right from the onset that he could not trust Boris Johnson or Gove not to toss him under the bus once he had outgrown his usefulness; he would have covered his tracks extremely carefully when he planed how to blackmail the PM to stay in post. The extraordinary lengths the Johnson went to in refusing to fire Cummings when he clearly broke the law over lockdown was a solid indication that a force stronger than the PMs nonexistent sense of loyalty was at stake.

The second possibility is liberated due to Cummings removal ending an era of intense, very threatening, intimidation that kept all number 10 staff, who might have had access to vital evidence, from speaking up. The likelihood of any Whistleblowers coming forward is also controlled by whether they would be believed or not and unfortunately that is swayed by public opinion in general which is in turn is driven by the vested interests within our predominantly right wing Media. It is unfair to blame a Whistleblower for not exposing the truth if they know they will not be believed, their revelations will not correct serious injustice, they will be severely persecuted for daring to speak out and it could even put their life at risk. This might sound melodramatic, but it is a sad reality and why the progressive Left push-back, nationwide protest campaigns and robust opposition is so vitally important. I continue to write every day because I am driven by the prospect of a knowledgeable Whistleblower coming forward and I want to be there for them.

It has been a truly momentous day today with Dominic Cummings gone an aggressive cancer was excised from the heart of the UK government. The really exciting thing is that in the next week investigative reporters will be on exceptionally high alert and supper receptive to anyone ready to spill the beans. The hyper attention on Cummings makes the big shake up at Number 10 the number one story right now. Massive exposure demonstrating that the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was engineered through the industrial scale fraud of the Tory Party would totally delegitimize Boris Johnson at a critical time when the EU could legitimately say this is a deal breaker, but in everyone’s best interests an extension is possible. If Trump had remained in office Johnson could have had an ally to help him fudge through the scandal, but with Biden as President there will be pressure exerted on the UK to fully Investigate the Election results if corruption is exposed. Cummings is the grenade; they ousted him so the pin has been pulled! DO NOT MOVE ON!