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Craig? Craig hasn’t commented.

I can’t comment on SAGE since their deliberations are shrouded in secrecy. SAGE stands for Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, so the S should be replaced with O for occult since science is meant to be conducted publicly such that methods can be checked and results replicated, whereas occult means ‘hidden’.

There probably are conflicts of interest – the government appointed the SAGE members, and governments, especially this one, are rife with conflicts of interest.

But whatever, I can’t imagine that any group with scientists on it would actually advise a government to act as negligently, incompetently and inconsistently as this one has.

But I’m obviously being overly optimistic; Harcombe does have a scientific qualification, yet argues against all measures to restrict SARS-CoV_2, and seems to believe, as Trump does did, that it’ll just spontaneously go away before it has infected a majority of the population. Remarkable to find a PhD with less scientific literacy than Trump.

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