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But if the bodies are nitrogen-cooled and then stacked vertically one on top of the other then the pile will look big to the guy as he peers through the mortuary’s windows while he processes linen next door. He’s probably looking through a vertical crack and assuming that he’s only seeing one column in a huge pile that has a footprint as larger as the entire floor. Or the roof might be broken by the top one’s head. Put that together with him inhaling whatever chemicals are used in the linen room, and you’ve got a recipe for him foaming at the mouth when he speaks to the local rag’s finest superhack. Or…maybe he’s just pressing for playing Yahtzee at work all day again as he and most of the hospital’s nurses probably did from March to June. I wonder if he could mention even one food that’s good for the immune system or tell us why having a strong immune system might be relevant when there’s a pandemic. One thing is for sure: the controllers of how this virus is covered in the media are deliberately scaring the cr*p out of people. Some people I meet have real fear in their voices when they parrot a phrase such as “panic buying”. Then when they get to the supermarket everyone does exactly what the staff order them to do. It’s very interesting how the idea of “panic” functions in the culture. Of course he is right when he says you have to be an idiot to wear a mask and leave your nostrils uncovered. But I suspect if it wasn’t that, he’d find some other reason to be scared. Cloth masks are rubbish anyway. Many manual workers, car mechanics, etc., are pulling scarves up around their faces, which probably assists rather than hinders the spread of disease. I don’t think it’s passive aggression, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Maybe they think they’d look gay in a surgical mask. Meanwhile the number of people I’ve seen wipe the trolley handles in a supermarket is one – me.

In a culture in which most people pick their phones all day, have we got much to lose anyway? 🙂 LOL

C’mon, fellow blog commenters. Gotta have a laugh sometimes, even if it’s only at Beelzebub coming out of Number 10 with his cardboard box.