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You talk regularly about symbolism, but seem to have no problems with the obvious symbol of this overplayed hysteria.

The mask(made of anything you like according to official advice, which does kind of give the game away).

Why do you go along with this unscientific, but very emotional approach?

This appears to be the best study of the insanity currently infecting people.

Industry sponsored fact checkers(sic) have obviously been doing what they are paid to do(making fools of themselves?).

“A Danish study found the Covid-19 infection rate was lower among mask-wearers than non-mask wearers but not significantly so. However this is not proof that masks don’t have a significant effect, as the study didn’t look at whether mask-wearing protects others by stopping wearers from exhaling the virus.”

That last sentence gives their fraudulent game away. There is and never has been any real science that goes along with this and if, as they claim,they check facts, they’re rather inept in their chosen career.

You know the kind of idiot that would parrot the media led idiocy with things like “super spreader” without even realising the unscientific TV language they are engaging in.

How anyone can still think the devastating consequences placed on people are proportionate to the tiny risk involved is a staggering insight into the world of industry led propaganda.