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The (Tory) British government is introducing the population to the idea of being “given” “helpy freedom cards” if they consent to opening up their bodies to Big Pharma’s “scientific breakthrough” vaccine.

They are saying they’re not planning such a policy at the moment – oh perish the thought! – and at the same time they are telling their media to observe that “the government hasn’t ruled it out”. Those who think they’re good at understanding propaganda, please note the structure of this.

Meanwhile they are getting the (Labour) Welsh government to “promise” to introduce such “I’ve been vaccinated” cards in Wales. Unfortunately this is unlikely to end the same way as the poll tax, which was introduced in Scotland a year before it was imposed in the rest of Great Britain. Wales may be the testing ground for the policy.

Notice too the successful campaign to associate schools with “food for the poor” – just so long as the children eat it in the school buildings and don’t share any with their parents. If that is not preparation for widespread food shortages, I don’t know what is.

In that campaign, the rulers used a famous football player, so I’m told. Now they are talking about Boris Johnson acting as some kind of “Jesus Christ” figure and getting personally vaccinated live on television. (Shades of Mao Zedong swimming in the Yangtse river!)

It can’t be long before people get split off from their children rather as they got split off from care home-resident parents, and from undergraduate-age sons and daughters, and rather as “don’t hug your grandchildren” became the official national doctrine. The rulers are basically dividing us, snmashing us, and preparing to kill us on what in this country is an unprecedented scale. It was always clear that British fascism would smell like Thomas Malthus.

So…which out of the following two do we think will happen first?

1) Deaths by vaccine in Britain first exceed 1 million.

2) Vaccine refusers are banned from a wide range of activities, such as

* public transport (and probably altogether from travelling between different areas of the country)
* educational institutions (including schools – nothing like killing the children after they killed so many elderly people in care homes)
* supermarkets and wherever else the “obedient vaccinated” will be allowed to buy food on ration, at least so long as any food is for sale
* different kinds of access to bank accounts (the authorities won’t want us leper types touching money, right?)
* leaving their homes