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Thanks for exposing the raving meanderings of N_. He also keeps repeating extremely odd invented suggestions, like Johnson being vaccinated in public. You wouldn’t start by vaccinating someone who has had the virus already, this would be scientifically illogical.

I am a strong advocate of vaccines and their importance in combatting the virus, but the government is making a total mess out of this also. HMG in the shape of BJ and Mattcock have seriously politicised the vaccine for party political purposes with very little consideration for what this rush to be ‘the first in the world’ to start mass vaccination. Moreover there is a clear Brexit subtext here, the vaccine was approved by MHRA which, until Brexit would not approve a drug without co-ordination with the European Medicines agency. The not so subtle message here is that “look at us here, our breaking away from the shackles of the EU and setting ourselves to control our borders and our health system, we managed to be the first in the world to start mass vaccination, something we would not have been able to do under the EU”.
The roll out is also ill thought and does not seem to be co-ordinated or led by the medical profession. The priorities of who gets the vaccine first appear to be rather ill thought through, the vaccine being given to the most vulnerable, a group that has not featured in the trials, and who may be more likely to suffer from side effects.
I am also still not convinced about the robustness of the safety data, given that the vaccine was first given to human volunteers about two to three months ago. Also when there are many competing vaccines with still incomplete data, it would be in the best interest to wait a bit longer to have comparative balance as to which vaccine might be best in terms of efficacy, cost effectiveness, ease of transport and so on. The fact that the Pfizer-Moderna vaccine needs to be kept and transported at minus 70 degrees is a major potential problem. The logistics are nightmarish, and having failed previously with the simple tasks of procuring PPE and rolling out a test and trace system, there is little hope that this government with the ideologically driven profit for chums of BJ, Mattcock et al, will be able to deliver. The blame will of course be directed on everyone else. This is a political stunt, I am afraid to say.