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Inhaling tobacco smoke increases the severity of SARSCoV2 infection. But is there any talk whatsoever of banning smoking whether of paper-covered cigarettes or of “vape” liquid? (The next time I hear that it was the British kingdom’s “pioneer epidemiologist” “Sir Richard Doll” who “discovered the link” between tobacco and lung cancer in the 1950s I am going to throw up. Smoking was heavily discouraged in Nazi Germany because of known links to both heart disease and lung cancer. Meanwhile the US army bought cigarettes in large quantities and distributed them for free to its soldiers.)

Keeping your immune system strong by consuming vitamin C, iron, zinc, etc., helps your body resist infection by harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You would have thought this fact was easy enough for almost everyone to understand, but in this time of omnipresent “public health” proclamations by the public authorities is it ever even mentioned?