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SA, 06:54, #62912

“That U.K. is a theocracy is not openly admitted.”

I think it’s a bit of an embarrassment now that the story of Jesus is common knowledge – give up all ownership, attest the power of love and truth to public crowds, trek to the capital city and there engage in civil disobedience, get arrested and stitched up on false charges.

“…the monarch has to be blessed by the head of the church in the ceremony of coronation, and that Bishops retain their status bestowed by the same monarch…”

Similar arrangement to Saudi Arabia. I expect the UK’s monarchical connection to Saudi Arabia figures strongly in the US-UK “Special Relationship”.

Still, the aristocracy seem less aloof than N_; two of them happen to be my next door neighbours (and my landlords, obviously), but they don’t treat others as if they didn’t exist.