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And so our latest conspiracy theorist arrives calling itself “Duck”, and Steph wastes no time in reinforcing its message of December 9, 12:20:

Perhaps those Asian countries didn’t have such an all-encompassing definition of a covid-death. Obviously, if you include in the death toll all those who died with rather than of covid, you will record higher mortality rates than those countries which are more discriminating. That this factor is never included in comparisons of national covid death statistics smacks of deliberate obfuscation.”

No need for “perhaps”; just go and look at the general mortality curves, you know, the ones of death from all causes; they either have huge great humps in them, or they don’t, making the entire “of or with” meme nonsense. Obviously, misclassification of certain sorts of death cannot produce a hump in “death from all causes”.

Duck, this completely negates the argument you presented, and if you present it again I will have to assume you’re dishonest.

Steph, if you reinforce it again, I will have to assume that you are dishonest too.