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Steph, December 11, 15:01 – “As far as I’ve noticed, the only person who has mentioned anything ‘natural’ was you SA…”

Steph, December 8, 16:41“Might the virus not just be ‘natures’ way of controlling the human population? As far as nature is concerned the more folk that get wiped out the better surely? Just like every other plant or animal, a successful species will eventually succumb to some limiting device of nature that restores balance.”


“And you accuse others of being conspiracy theorists?”

Yes, but only if they come out with a load of conspiracy theory, eg. here: “any fool can see that the covid figures are being inflated by a factor of eight and yet the media and politicians studiously ignore this glaring inconsistency. We are led to believe that our supposedly high death rate is attributable to lax measures and we demand stricter ones, like Christmas turkeys demanding the abattoir lorry gets a move on”, ie. it’s not a pandemic, it’s a conspiracy.