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My apologies if you think my tone was patronising. My aim at starting this thread was to open fruitful discussion and perhaps some of what others write here have made my ‘tolerance’ threshold lower. I sort of agree in general terms, and without upsetting anybody that all of these discussions have to maintain a certain standard of respect for others in order to be fruitful. It applies to both sides. But it also applies in observing a certain standard of evidence, and not expecting to counter a scientific argument with personal beliefs.
What I think people like me find frustrating is that I can immediately see through the arguments of people like Mike Yeadon and perhaps as a personal failing I may then overreact when through my own fault, I find that others still believes in what he says. The reason why this is the case has to do with hope perhaps, everyone wants to believe that things are not as bad as they are and therefore look for alternative explanations. In general terms, I guess E.T. and dr Edd (although he/she has not commented recently) do so from a more dispassionate and evidence based approach.