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N_ – “What are the rulers playing at, shouting “Everyone get vaccinated!” and “Watch out – there’s a new strain about!” simultaneously?”

They can shout “Everyone get vaccinated!” all they wish but it doesn’t make it so; actually making, delivering and administering over a hundred million of doses of vaccine (two shots per person) that has to be stored at around minus seventy centigrade is a major logistical challenge, and enough doses to make much difference are unlikely to be administered before coronavirus season declines of its own accord in spring.

They have to shout “there’s a new strain about!” because they can’t suppress this news – and because the new strain looks likely to be a big problem. Probably a descendant of the strain that overran the entire Danish mink farming industry – now also in the US mink industry, and the wild US mink population – the new wonder vaccine may be only 25% effective against it, and it can yield false negatives in PCR test.

“…the virus that everybody has been talking about for almost a year is a strain of SARS…”

Yes, and so we very much hope that SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t mutate to become more like its older cousin SARS-CoV, which has a 10% to 20% fatality rate.