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So this is a caution from the WHO that you can have an increased false positive rate as the number of positive cases, or the incidence, of infection is low. This is not surprising and is nothing new. The WHO caution is just pointing out a very well known fact and asking laboratories to be aware of this problem and to make sure that they do not get false positives. Many labs carrying out this tests have a high degree of stringency and would already be doing the procedure according to the caution. So Steph, if you have a point to make, then please make it directly.
Whilst I have your attention, I think that trying to prove that there may be problems with diagnosis at this level and also trying in other ways to reduce confidence that the problem is a real one by this constant attitude of micro criticism is what is upsetting. The general point for discussion is, do you believe that SARS COV2 is a serious threat or not? The minutiae then of saying that the figures are inaccurate because of this or that is a very separate matter. So let me ask you again: do you think the virus is a real threat or not? This is irrespective of whether you think that the response to the virus, and the measures taken are appropriate or not.