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We need job-swap schemes so that people can work as near as possible to where they live, and accommodation swap schemes so that other people can stay near where they work. We need accommodation-swap schemes so that people with compatible risk profiles can share company and living space.

We need food distribution to local outdoor distribution points, and stop people going to those indoor virus-exchange centres called supermarkets.

We need citizens’ incomes so people can stop working when they feel ill, and four-day-on-ten-day-off work cycles so that symptoms have time to manifest between work periods; with non-essential work shut down we have the person-hours for this.

These are all types of compartmentalisation.

None of this is rocket science; it just contradicts the dominant ideology. But then so does rationing, commandeering, evacuation of urban children to rural locations, and re-purposing of industry, as in WWII; are we saying that such measures were wrong?