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Kim Sanders-Fisher

This Tory Government has been painfully aware of the sheer insanity of creating a five day ‘mix and match’ over Christmas, with the public at first openly encouraged to travel freely throughout the UK in order that families could get together for the holiday, then strongly advised not to do so as the PM sought to deflect blame for the inevitable consequences. Was this such a crucial holiday requiring a really special exception to be made? With little notice Muslims were forced to sacrifice Eid; Hindus and Sikhs showed restraint and ditched Diwali; Hanukkah fell on the 10th to 18th of December this year, similarly compromised, but surely Christmas must be sacrosanct? Well no; the last minute cancellation of our long promised five days of Christmas cavorting would provide the perfect distraction as another ominous Brexit deadline loomed: yes, the Tories just tossed out the manchiest of dead cats! The final Marr Show of 2020 managed to almost totally avoid mentioning the single most critical decision the UK will take in decades: Brexit!

The new strain of Coronavirus was the fall guy, magically appearing to gain relevance between Boris Johnson’s mocking response to Keir Starmer at Prime Minister’s Questions and late Friday just two days later when the disruptive Government wrecking ball swung into action to put on the brakes. It was reminiscent of similar con tricks earlier in the year, with that desperate push to get Brits facing redundancy to splurge on a European holiday only to revert to quarantines that should have been strictly maintained throughout. Why was there such urgency over vacations? Why was gathering for Christmas such a priority? We are being played by this Tory Government as Boris Johnson continues fiddling while Rome burns! Get the children back into unprepared schools and Universities, but keep them there under pain of prosecution; Why? Young students provide the perfect vector and those BAME multigenerational households where the frontline working poor cannot self-isolate or afford to work from home will be hit the hardest!

Meandering well behind the science, Johnson’s corrupt Tory cabal have managed to maximize the damage and the death toll while exploiting every possible opportunity to use their power to squander public money on vanity projects and dysfunctional schemes as core public priorities were ignored. Abysmal Tory Government decision making, compounded by the grinding poverty that was in place long before the Pandemic hit, have conspired to make the UK a prime example of how not to deal with a national emergency. Discovery of a magic money forest did not persuade Chancellor Rishi Sunak to allocate the funds where they were needed most. No, private sector contractors were the big winners while the working poor faced growing unemployment under Universal Credit, our ‘not fit for purpose’ benefit system. Millions of zero-hour contractors, including carers and the self-employed simply fell through the cracks, forced to continue working while they were sick, they spread the virus during this lengthy ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple.’

We knew the virus was spreading into Europe, but despite the advantage of our island status, the UK failed to impose quarantine restrictions when we could have halted the virus in its tracks as they did in New Zealand. The vanishing small supply of Personal Protective Equipment left Hospital staff constantly anxious over their safety, while Care Home staff were excluded from the PPE supply chain. Hospitalized elderly were sent to Care Homes without bothering to obtain a negative test first; making room for Covid patients came at a preventable cost as the most vulnerable got sick and died in the ‘Holocaust in Care!’ The Tory Government then squandered billions creating ‘Nightingale’ Hospitals that they must have known they lacked the staff to man; most of these facilities were barely used and still remain empty today. Expanded morgue facilities were constructed to handle the increased body count as the Tory Government sought new ways to mismanage the inevitable failure of their ‘Herd Immunity’ containment strategy.

Instead of investing in additional support for local Public Health test, track and trace resources it was almost completely shut down at the worst possible time when containment could have been achieved. It was another profiteering bonanza for the wealthy Tory elite as they brought in private contractors, with zero experience in the field, to set up a dysfunctional centralized system with Boris Johnson’s chum, serial loser Dido ‘Tallyho’ Harding placed in charge. The Government decided that a tracing App that worked well in other countries wasn’t good enough at stealing personal data for the Tories, so they created a ‘world beating App’ that didn’t really work. At least after wasting millions it was junked, but despite Dido’s defunct test and trace operations chronic record of consistent failure the Tories cannot let go of this cash cow and expect local authorities to play catch-up doing all the heavy lifting.

Who is to blame for the multiple shambolic testaments to Tory folly and obscene greed? The worst insult was when Matt Hancock suggested NHS staff were being reckless with limited PPE supplies! Oh please do not blame Boris Johnson, his corrupt Ministers trousering the profits or his Tory Government for their sycophantic support of all this lunacy. Did the PM actually contract Covid and was his life in jeopardy or was that just a PR stunt? Obviously the Tory elite aren’t immune to the virus, but their selfish conduct has destroyed public trust, with the worst offence committed by Dominic Cummings without reprimand or consequences. Various sectors are being blamed for spreading Covid by not obeying strict lockdown restrictions, including young people, students and protesters, while the privileged never suffer the slightest sanction. Johnson has found multiple innocent victims to blame, the obese BAME communities and other vulnerable groups for enduring the most severe impact of Covid and suffering the worse outcome.

I feel no shame: I’m not to blame; tis everyone else but me.
This Covid bug – the killer thug, but danger we couldn’t see,
So many died, don’t knock my pride, I need you to agree,
It’s not a crime, I won’t do time, yes… i’ll get off Scot free!

The Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Johnson’s ‘schools open’ lockdown is another sham, as NI figures show,” exposes the evidence that children are being deliberately exploited as vectors to drive up Covid infection rates in vulnerable communities. Posted a couple of weeks ago, they said that, “Northern Ireland’s data show clear timing link between closure of schools and falling infection rates. Boris Johnson is, typically, extremely late for his 4pm press conference at which he is expected to announce a new, month-long ‘lockdown’ across England. However, this new measure is said to exclude schools and universities, which will remain open. This makes Johnson’s announcement yet another scam and sham, because schools and universities between them are known to be driving almost 40% of new infections.”

The Skwawkbox reported that, “By contrast, pubs and clubs – which will close – account for only around 4% of new cases. This reality is demonstrated in the latest numbers from Northern Ireland, which did close schools as part of its ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown: The change from red to blue marks the closure of schools – and a week later, in line with the incubation period of the virus, cases had begun to fall sharply. A ‘lockdown’ in which the biggest driver of the second wave is left running is a con. Johnson is too late – and definitely doing too little, having squandered the opportunity to incorporate the now-finished half-term holiday into a 2-week fire-break that would have had far more impact than, and reduced the need for, the half-baked measure he now proposes. His arrogance and shoddiness will put thousands more needless deaths on his already guilt-stained hands.”

The Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Video: UK now ‘only nation sending kids to school as normal in pandemic’ – while nations like NZ have virus ‘in rearview mirror’” demonstrates that the UK is alone in refusing to ‘follow the science’. Also posted a few days ago, the article’s “>Accompanying Video shows, “Health adviser Adam Hamdy contrasts misleading government/media narrative and global reality, as Education Secretary Williamson threatens council for closing schools a few days early. The UK yesterday became ‘pretty much the only country in the world’ to keep sending its children to school almost as normal in the midst of a pandemic, and is not even doing ‘the bare minimum’ recommended by the world’s leading health experts. While the Tories and their media allies have neglected to mention it, Sweden and the Netherlands, the only nations to be ‘keeping us company’ yesterday announced new school closures in response to the coronavirus pandemic.” They said, “Health adviser Adam Hamdy explained the situation and its consequences during an interview with the Skwawkbox on Socialist Telly last night: Meanwhile, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has just issued a legal threat to Greenwich council in London for closing schools a few days early for Christmas, even though London is going into the highest ‘Tier 3’ lockdown and schools in the borough have been hit by multiple outbreaks: Schools will also remain open during the new, nationwide ‘severe’ lockdown planned to begin 28/29 December.” Despite staff shortages with both teachers and children self-isolating some schools felt bullied into the meaningless two day compliance to avoid vindictive legal action. They said that, “The Tories continue to throw the lives of the UK’s people under the bus, in spite of global examples and overwhelming scientific evidence.”

Yet another incriminating piece of evidence is documented un the Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Video: WHO – ‘no information to suggest’ ‘new’ (not really) variant spreads faster. Is Boris Johnson trying to shift blame for his lack of action and cancelled Christmas onto ‘mutant’?” The say that there is, “No evidence that ‘new’ UK variant transmits any more easily or spreads any faster, and it’s not ‘new’, WHO has been studying it for a while. Boris Johnson has blamed his Christmas u-turn on a ‘new’ ‘mutant strain’ of the coronavirus, claiming that it spreads more rapidly than the previous variants present in the UK. But according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) this week, there is nothing to suggest it actually does spread faster – and it isn’t new either: Not only is there no indication, as far as the WHO is concerned, that the new variant of the coronavirus can transmit more easily – and the WHO has been studying it for a while, so it is best-placed to know.” Check out the Video Clip.

The Skwawkbox explain how, “Boris Johnson delayed the second England-wide lockdown, and by insisting that schools must stay open during it (making the UK the last nation in the world not to admit that schools are driving the pandemic) he ensured that its success was reduced to nothing more than a small downturn.” They say, “now, with the lockdown lifted, the virus is spreading rapidly. Is the WHO misleading the world, or is Boris Johnson trying to cover his Tory backside again? Phew, that’s a tough call…” On BBC News 3:00 PM Sunday, Dr. Katherine Henderson, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine was the first to let slip the well kept secret regarding the reduced incidence of both regular Winter Flu and Norovirus the winter vomiting virus, both of which are serious to life threatening in the elderly. This was predictable, so why isn’t Johnson trumpeting this scrap of good news? Because the pathological liar who is our current PM needs a secure way to fudge the truth about allarming Covid statistics.

In the London Eye Article entitled, “No-deal Brexit ‘increasingly likely’ as talks continue through the weekend” Henry Goodwin reports on the pressing issue being deliberately buried in Christmas trivia and the minutia of the latest scares and adjustments to this Tory Government’s last ditch lockdown restrictions. Crash-out Brexit will dramatically change our lives for decades to come as the Tories impose their Sovereign Dictatorship on the UK, but it was barely mentioned on the Marr Show or News bulletins in a concerted efforts to suppress the bad news that has been in the planning for over a year. Goodwin says, “It is looking increasingly likely that the UK will be leaving on Australian terms,’ a source said. Brexit talks are set to continue through the weekend, as a deadline set by the European Parliament looms. MEPs have said they need to see the terms of any agreement by Sunday evening if they are going to be able to ratify it before the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31.”

There are indications that the EU could be conned into believing that the UK negotiating team are acting in good faith, still serious about reaching a deal, they might be fooled into letting Boris Johnson take it right down to the wire before crashing out. According to Goodwin, “it is thought EU leaders could provisionally sign off on a deal if the talks go on beyond that point, with formal ratification taking place in the new year. But there is still clear daylight between the two negotiating teams – with UK sources telling the Telegraph that ‘it is looking increasingly likely’ that Britain will sever ties with Brussels without a deal. A source said: ‘As talks enter the final days and hours, it is looking increasingly likely that the UK will be leaving on Australian terms’.” This term is as deliberately deceitful as telling British orphans Australia was all ‘Sun and Oranges’ as they were set out to cruel exploitation and abuse. The so called deal is a WTO terms crash out ultimate betrayal that will pave the way for Tory exploitation on an industrial scale.

The Tories have been briefing for the past two weeks with claims that the EU has suddenly changed the goalposts and issued new demands, when in reality nothing has significantly changed. This is part of the necessary staging for the Tories to blame the EU for the long planned breakdown in negotiations that they require to crash-out without a deal. The Torygraph cannot be trusted with honest reporting as they are dedicated to covering for Johnson and his Tory cabal, but Goodwin says,“Talks have become stuck due to unreasonable EU demands on areas such as subsidies and fisheries.” The emphasis on fisheries is little more than a ‘red herring’ to distract from the important issue of giving the Tories the ability to strip us of our rights and protective safety standards in their race to the bottom. They can sell this snake oil to the general public with bold pronouncements over sovereignty, but I believe the EU have cottoned onto their game and will determinedly hold their ground.

Goodwin reports on UK demands where they say, “’We need to get any deal right and based on terms which respect what the British people voted for. The EU is still struggling to get the flexibility needed from Member States and are continuing to make demands that are incompatible with our independence. ‘We cannot accept a deal that doesn’t leave us in control of our own laws or waters. We’re continuing to try every possible path to an agreement, but without a substantial shift from the Commission we will be leaving on WTO terms on December 31’.” The EU is an exclusive private club and we do not get to make the rules or cherry pick which regulations and obligations we are prepared to adhere to. This is a lose, lose game for the UK in a very poor position to stand up to the united strength of the EU 27, but once we are out any future negotiations will be even tougher or totally impossible.

Considering the EU had set a Sunday deadline it was absolutely astounding to see all broadcasters studiously avoid any mention of the subject of Brexit as if we were not facing an imminent crash-out crisis. Fear of a new strain of Covid 19 and a sudden shift in policy to impose tougher lockdown restrictions over the Christmas and New Year were planned weeks if not months ago as part of the strategy of anesthetizing the public at the Brexit crisis point: a mangy dead cat! We are all being played including the EU team. Goodwin says, “France’s European affairs minister, Clement Beaune, suggested on Saturday that Sunday was unlikely to prove to be a hard deadline. “It would be normal not to say ‘Well it’s Sunday evening so let’s wrap it and sacrifice everything’,” he was quoted as saying by the Guardian website. “It may be hard and sometimes tough to understand, but it’s necessary to take the time and, at any rate, not to sacrifice our interests under the pressure of a calendar.”

Meanwhile, Goodwin says, “in the UK, MPs are on standby to return to Westminster from their Christmas break if an agreement can be struck in the final days of the year.” This is another smoke screen to convince opposition MP and the public that Johbson and the UK negotiating team are still in earnest talks despite having decided months ago. He says, “Both sides have acknowledged that significant differences still have to be overcome if there is to be a breakthrough. After months of sparring over the ‘level playing field’ rules on fair competition the final hurdle to be overcome appears to be fisheries.” So we are being led to believe, because if the British public started to realize the most important goal for this Tory Government is eviscerating workers rights and manipulating the self-imposed crash-out Brexit crisis to break the power of UK Unions, they would fight tooth and nail to stop it. We are already seeing a number of companies force employees into punishing compromises through fire and rehire.

Trust me it’s not about the fish! We do not have enough fishing vessels or crew to drastically increase the size of UK fishing fleets and if we do not get a deal with the EU we will lose the largest market for our catch. A gradual shift over time buying out the fishing quotas from big EU vessels and investing in UK boats would be feasible, but it doesn’t fit the rhetoric. Goodwin points out that, “While the fishing industry accounts for only a tiny proportion of the EU and UK economies it carries huge political resonance on both sides of the Channel. While the UK says that it is entitled as an independent sovereign nation to take control of its waters, countries like France are determined to defend their fishermen who would lose their livelihoods if they could no longer fish in British waters. If there is no deal by December 31, the UK will leave the single market and customs union and begin trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation terms – with the imposition of tariffs potentially leading to higher prices in the shops.”

Ignore the dead cat! No matter how great a stink the BBC and Mainstream Media put up to distract us with Covid fear mongering and the stolen Christmas cheer, we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball, not the glitter ball hanging on the tree the crash-out Brexit hard ball we are being conditioned to ignore. The shambolic handling of Covid to drive up infection rates rather than get the virus under control was carefully crafted to serve an important purpose: fear, distraction and confinement. If lockdown can keep protesters off the streets for the first few critical weeks while ports are in gridlock, critical supplies dwindle and the full extent of the hardship kicks in, then the Tories will have consolidated their Sovereign Dictatorship for decades to come. We must challenge their authority, Investigate the legitimacy of the incredulous Tory ‘landslide victory’ in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and the relentless squandering of public funds. This Tory Government is riddled with corruption; we just need to fully expose it to Get The Tories Out! DO NOT MOVE ON!