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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The BBC are still committed to using trusted ‘Auntie’ status to cover for this Tory Government in their shambolic mishandling of the Covid crisis by feeding us a carefully choreographed UK review that conveniently excludes reporting the massive failures, as if they simply never happened. The BBC News Compilation was entitled, “The Coronavirus Pandemic Review 2020;” yes it featured a number of heartbreaking stories, but it was the news they omitted that was so conspicuous in its absence. They reported on how, “Covid-19 dominated our experience of 2020. The BBC’s health editor, Hugh Pym, tells the story of the pandemic across the year and its impact on the many different aspects of people’s lives.” There was no mention of the distressing shortages of Personal Protective Equipment, the ‘profits over people’ Tory priorities, the disgraceful scandal when Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown he helped design, but still remained in post. A few test provision anomalies were mentioned; the failed ‘world beating’ App was not.

Tory opportunists are tenaciously clinging to their top money spinners: a totally dysfunctional centralized privately contracted test and trace service placed in the incompetent hands of serial loser, ‘Talyho’ Harding; enormously costly Nightingale Hospitals that are barely used due to lack of staff and billions in public money being squandered on dodgy private contracts with no competitive tendering or scritiny. They’re still shooting for the moon! Who will dare expose the truth to write an honest history of this appalling national disaster of gross negligence and rapacious greed? To the winner go the spoils and ultimate control of the narrative. The Covert 2019 Rugged Election gifted the Tories a fake ‘landslide victory’ with unstoppable power to wreck the future destiny of the UK at a critical time: we must Challenge the Legitimacy of this result or suffer dire consequences. If this Tory Government isn’t promptly derailed to avert the crash-out Brexit disaster they will solidify their Sovereign Dictatorship to remain in power for decades to come.

The Byline Times Article entitled, “Mainstreaming Fringe Science on COVID-19 Puts Lives At Risk,” highlights the dangers of our passive acceptance of Tory Government manipulated data and fake news PR spin. They say, “Epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani and neuroscientist Hisham Ziauddeen warn against the false narrative of the ‘two views’ on how to tackle a second Coronavirus wave, which undermines the almost unanimous consensus that does exist on the most serious pandemic in living memory. As the UK enters its second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become evident that a clear public health strategy is required in response. At this crucial point, when clarity is urgently needed, a troubling narrative has emerged: that there is a ‘schism’ within the scientific community, with two very divergent scientific views about how the second wave should be handled.”

Byline Times report that, “On 21 September, a group of scientists, led by Professor Trisha Greenhalgh of Oxford University, published an open letter to the UK’s four regional Chief Medical Officers and the Chief Scientific Advisor, in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The letter advocated for a strategy of continued suppression of the Coronavirus, through multiple interventions. The group warned against pursuing ‘herd immunity’, given that there is no evidence of long-term immunity with COVID-19. The letter also argued that it was practically impossible to separate a group of ‘vulnerable’ people from the ‘non-vulnerable’ and that such a strategy had not worked in any country so far. It seems unusual that a group of scientists should argue against taking measures that would save lives during the most serious global pandemic in living memory.”

The Byline Times say that, “Professor Greenhalgh is well known for her extensive work on synthesising current evidence on face coverings and COVID-19 transmission and has co-authored 14 papers on the disease this year. The letter was co-signed by 23 experts in this area, including 15 in public health or epidemiology, three in social and behavioural sciences, and several members of the Independent SAGE group.” This was a highly credible, well informed cohort of scientists. But the say, “On the same day, another group of scientists led by Professor Sunetra Gupta and Professor Carl Heneghan, both of Oxford University; Professor Karol Sikora, of the University of Buckingham; and Sam Williams, of the consultancy Economic Insight also wrote to the four UK Chief Medical Officers, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor suggesting that the Government’s current strategy of suppression of the Coronavirus was ‘infeasible’ and was ‘leading to significant harm across all age groups, which likely offsets any benefits’.”

Byline Times report that, “In the letter, which was published in the Spectator magazine, the authors essentially argued against general restrictions, suggesting that these be limited to older and vulnerable members of society, to minimise the impact on society. In the footnotes, they appeared to deny that lockdown had any impact on reducing cases or deaths and suggested that deaths from COVID-19 would have decreased anyway, meaning that the restrictions had been unnecessary. Of the letter’s 32 co-signatories, only six appear to be epidemiologists or public health scientists, with one sociologist and several economists. None of the four lead authors of the letter have any peer-reviewed publications on COVID-19.” Authors Gurdasani and Ziauddeen warn that, “The narrative that these two views reflect a rift within the scientific community provides a false sense of legitimacy to what is a fringe view among scientists, espoused largely by individuals who do not work in this area.”

According to Gurdasani and Ziauddeen, “In the public health community, there is an almost unanimous consensus: that COVID-19 is a serious illness with high infectivity and mortality. Certain groups are more at risk from it (such as older people) but none are spared by it.” The point out that, “A significant subset of people develop chronic complications of the infection and it is still unclear if it confers long-term immunity in most people. Managing this pandemic requires either a suppression strategy, with restrictions and mitigation measures, or an elimination strategy. Every country is implementing at least one of these strategies in some measure. Any strategy involving infection of vast swathes of the population in the hope that this will confer immunity and bring an end to the pandemic, ‘herd immunity,’ is deemed unacceptable given the high mortality rate, the poorly understood long-term effects of the disease, and the lack of evidence for long-term immunity with COVID-19.”

Byline Times say, “The fringe view is that COVID-19 is not as serious as we have been made to believe, that ‘herd immunity’ is possible without huge costs, and that only the elderly and vulnerable get seriously ill. Such arguments appear to rely on discredited narratives about increases in cases being false positives, or due to increased testing, and that deaths due to COVID-19 are low relative to other causes. Sweden is repeatedly held up as an example of a country that controlled COVID-19 without the need for major restrictions, despite this being demonstrably untrue. Sweden has the highest mortality rate among the Nordic countries, with cases now rising again. The proponents of this fringe view argue that the Coronavirus cannot be suppressed or eliminated, despite clear evidence from the successes of several south-east Asian countries that have started to return to near-normal life.”

Byline Times further analysis of their views reveals that, “They also treat controlling COVID-19 and its economic impact as dichotomous, when the evidence broadly suggests that countries that controlled the virus are doing better economically, even when restrictions are imposed. They point to long NHS waiting lists and patients being unable to access care, ignoring the fact that the best way to normalise health service capacity is to control the virus so that it is not overwhelmed (and reverse over a decade of underfunding that has contributed to this). It seems unusual that a group of scientists should argue against taking measures that would save lives during the most serious global pandemic in living memory that has resulted in almost a million deaths to date.”

Byline Times make a well founded claim that, “There has clearly been a concerted effort to promulgate this view and bring it into the media spotlight and it is now appears to being considered seriously by the Government, with Professors Heneghan and Gupta recently invited to brief Boris Johnson personally ahead of the press briefing on the UK response to the second wave. It has also recently emerged that some of the major proponents of this view in the UK may have ties with Government contractors, the ‘Nudge Unit’ and funding links to organisations with ties to the inner circle of US President Donald Trump.”

Byline Times emphasize the fact that, “The risk that COVID-19 poses is not a matter of opinion or perspective. It is a reality grounded in overwhelmingly clear evidence. The presentation of these as opposing views by the media feels increasingly reminiscent of ‘balance’ in the climate change ‘debate’. Indeed, like climate change deniers, the proponents of the fringe view do not provide alternative models or explanations for the real world data. Instead, they selectively misinterpret the data to support their view and dismiss, criticise and question the legitimacy of any data that contradicts their position. Including these views in the mainstream media without critical analysis risks making them mainstream and polarising the public at a point where we need collective action to control infection.”

According to Byline Times, “The inconsistent messaging by the Government and the lack of evidence-driven policy has created a ripe environment for such fringe views to thrive and gain traction in the UK. Unsurprisingly, we are now seeing vocal factions in the UK, and other countries, protesting against the very measures that have been demonstrated to be necessary to control the pandemic. We are now in grave danger of repeating history and making the same mistakes that led to one of the highest mortality rates in Europe during the first wave. Our Government, the mainstream media and the scientific community must act responsibly to avert this. Divisive rhetoric may attract public attention but can also cost lives.”

Of the authors Byline Times say, “Deepti Gurdasani is an epidemiologist and Senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London. Her research focuses on epidemiological and genetic factors that influence global health. Hisham Ziauddeen is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge.” The authors do not delve into the political motivations for the Tory support of such an ill-conceived strategy, but they are likely to be predominantly commercial and profiteering. Sadly, the fact that in reality ‘Herd Immunity’ is a legitimate scientifically recognized phenomenon in populations where a significant percentage have been successfully vaccinated, serves to muddy the waters and cause public confusion. This allowed the Tories to reinvent an earlier statement of whole-hearted support to divert media attention from their warped underlying intentions as they drove the agenda forward in less obvious ways. Dominic ‘Herd Nerd’ Cummings even tried to rewrite sections of his monolithic blog to keep the agenda discreetly hidden.

The Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Video: the Tories are still pursuing herd immunity – just using a new graph,” shows how they planned to, “surpress and release the virus … on and off like a tap,” now seems eerily prophetic. ‘Suppress and release’ plan still means letting virus spread, with huge loss of life – just in a series of peaks instead of one. Earlier this week, spooked by public outcry and a university report telling them that their plan would kill hundreds of thousands of people, something the Skwawkbox warned weeks ago, the Tories claimed that achieving ‘herd immunity‘ was not their policy. Herd immunity would mean simply managing the spread of the virus but allowing it to continue until almost everyone has been infected and those who recover have antibodies against the virus. At current mortality rates, vast numbers of people in this country would die.”

Skwawkbox say that, “The Tories and their advisers have not abandoned their plan. As a BBC presentation of the government’s strategy made absolutely clear last night, all that has changed is the chart and language they are using to describe it: Even the new language used still makes clear that the plan is to allow the virus to infect people – to ‘suppress and release’ it. To “turn it on and off like a tap”. The Tories claim they can do this with enough control to prevent NHS intensive care units being overwhelmed. But even if they were right, the death rate of the virus even under ideal treatment circumstances would mean a strategy of deliberately allowing huge numbers of people to die each time they ‘turn on the tap’. They’d just do it over a longer period – instead of ‘taking it on the chin’ all at once, as Boris Johnson described it originally.” Back then they said, “A vaccine is at least a year away, the total numbers involved will still be huge. The Tory ‘herd immunity’ plan has not gone away. Anything but. It has just changed its clothes!”

This Tory Government is leading us by the nosem but we cannot afford to continue falling fir their shallow con tricks because it is costing too many lives. First there was the selective cull of the elderly with the ‘Holicaust in Care.’ Then there were Super Spreader events that could have been halted. There was the drive to get the working poor taking risks returning to their minimum wage jobs on overcrowded public transport while the Government dithered over the need to wear masks. They promoted a weird obsession with going on holiday only to force last ditch cancelations and hit people with quarantine penalties when they returned: what did they expect? We were indoctrinated into thinking it was our duty to eat out to help out, but after pubs spent thousands making their premises ‘Covid compliant’ the Tories pulled the plug initiating new restrictions. University students were fed a line about ‘blended learning’ only ro find themselves confined and trapped in costly halls accomodation paying full tuition and racking up student debt.

Pubs were forced to close at 10PM for no apparent reason, but the crusade to get children back to school was so aggressive it trampled on Teachers Union requests for test and trace to be up and running; the battle for safe sanity was lost when the Captain of Capitulation ‘New Leadership’ Keir Starmer got behind the Tories. He threw Rebecca Long-Bailey under the bus and ramped up a ruthless purge of progressive Socialists. Robust Labour opposution was slaughtered by this Tory Zionist Trojan horse decimating the Party by weaponizing fantisemitism to remove competitors in true Stalinist style. The numbers, graphs, genuine statistics and data are all being manipulated to match the Tory agenda: ignore the high infection rate in schools and the poorest children will spread Covid to the susceptible people they are forced to cohabit with in cramped multigenerational households. Many will die in this ‘Slaughter if the Sheeple’ the survivors will become the subservient, desperate slave labour of the new Tory post Brexit normal!

But now are we seeing yet another round of highly suspicious ‘Bollocks from Bellingcat?’ The highly dubious investigative company was started by former underwear salesman Eliot Higgins and credited with conveniently uncovering multiple ‘Dead Cat’ revelations in timely targeting of the Russian Government. Back on June 12th 2018, in a Twitter response to an earlier incredulous revelation of Bellingcat Bollocks, Sharmine Narwani @snarwani commented, “What happens when mainstream media manufactures ‘experts’ to support their narratives. False confidence eventually reveals a ‘novice’ bug and the whole project implodes. This guy now thinks a major power needs to answer to him, lol. #Russia.” What prompted her to respond to Eliot Higgins? He had Tweeted, “Just so I’m clear the Russian Federation and their representatives can either put up the evidence we’re using fake #MI17, or they can ‘suck my big Bellingcat balls’ is my official statement as the founder of Bellingcat, so feel free to report that RT, Sputnik, etc.”

Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins, who undoubtedly has really impressive credentials in… ‘smalls,’ just revealed that the Novichok that failed to successfully ‘take out’ Russian opposition politician Alexi Navalni was planted in, drum roll… his underpants! There is no explanation of how the murderous team managed to gain intimate access to Navaln’s underwear, but we are invited to believe this far-fetched tale. You couldn’t make this up without top level support from our duplicitous neocon global Leaders directing the fabrication of fake news in parallel with their secret service operatives, in order to fool gullible individuals in our ‘free western democracies.’ With this ‘dead’ kinky deed you have to ask, does this guy have a serious lingerie fetish or is he too moronic and myopic to come up with a more credible plot? A call set up between Navalni, posing as a top Russian agent, and an alleged suspect claims to have captured his full confession; how amazingly convenient or too much of a stretch for your mental elastic?

Despite it’s vintage the witty Article on RT entitled “‘Suck my balls’: NATO-funded blogger Eliot Higgins checkmates critics with watertight argument,” is a classic takedown of this arrogant dick! RT report that, “Eliot Higgins, praised by Western media as a bulwark against sinister Russian disinformation, has a persuasive, Atlantic Council-fellow retort for those who take issue with his Google Earth investigations: ‘Suck my balls.’ Higgins gave up his lucrative career as a payments officer at a women’s underwear company to create Bellingcat, a celebrated internet blog that specializes in using open-source information to blame Russia for every crime against humanity – real or imagined – committed so far this century. Now a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and a self-declared specialist in ‘social media & digital forensic research,’ Higgins recently teamed up with NATO-funded compatriots to create DisinfoPortal, ‘an interactive online guide to track the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns abroad’.”

RT’s cynical, but well deserved dig at Higgins credibility continues by describing his online exchanges. “Valiantly fighting on the frontlines in the information war with Russia, Higgins has already shown himself to be a persuasive wordsmith with razor-sharp wit: Indeed, an invitation to moisten his scrotum has become Higgins’ go-to argument for those who dare to question his ironclad Instagram investigations. For example, his expertise on MH17 shines in the following Twitter exchanges: Yes, suck my balls.- Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) June 11, 2018 lol – Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) June 13, 2018. No wonder Higgins refused to debate Theodore Postol, professor emeritus of Science, Technology and International Security at MIT regarding Syrian chemical weapons attacks, Postol would have withered under Higgins’ underwear salesman oratory skills.” How many times do we need to blow this panty peddler’s hype wide open as totally fake news? No Higgins, we’re not going for your gonad lolly!

While yes, we certainly do have bigger fish to fry here in the UK, we still need to debunk such ‘pants on fire’ bollocks as the real ‘Fake News.’ I still maintain the Brexit deadlock is not about the fish, but, the British public are being fed a steady diet of toxic Tory lies, unobtainable pledges of prosperity and we are literally choking on the Governments outlandish propaganda. Tory squandering of public money to support the devious clandestine undercover work of fake Charity ‘Integrity Initiative’ (II) for the express purpose of fabricating defamatory propaganda discrediting Jereny Corbyn and the Labour Party in the run up to an election was criminal. This high level of serious political corruption would have seen the protagonists jailed in any credible democracy, but despite fully exposing this illegal use of public funds to swing the Covert 2019 Rigged Election the Tories remain in office. Both II and Bellingcat are fake news generating tools of this corrupt Tory Government. We have enough evidence we just need to: Get The Tories Out! DO NOT MOVE ON!